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"Comic book movies just grew up....."

Logan (DVD)

Logan (DVD)

Star – Hugh Jackman
Genre – Action > Comic Book
Run Time – 2 hrs 17 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – U.S.A
Awards – 2 Wins & 6 Nominations
Amazon – £6.99 DVD £9.99 Blue Ray
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The Comic book movies grip on Hollywood is as tight as the Hulks around Abominations throat right now and there is no sign of either letting up, the 17- year X-men Marvel franchise a big contributor to that rise. It doesn’t even matter how many times DC Comics bungle their films (The Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman etc…) it just keeps growing. The Wolverine character played by Mr Perfect himself Hugh Jackman has been the backbone narrative of that X - Men success story and The Wolverine the only one of the named X - Men to get a spin off so far, this the final film in the Wolverine trilogy.

After a truly awful camp 1970-80s comic book movie era Batman Begins started the resurgence in the late 1990s, Christopher Nolan getting the ever improving CGI technology exactly right in his films, and then the excellent Spiderman trilogy with Toby Maguire taken it on for the Marvel Universe to smash it with Captain American and The Avengers stuff, near perfection with the right amount of humor, plot, action and special effects as that campness of the 80s was flushed away. The key to the genres success was that CGI digital software settling down and maturing but the films also attracted the best directors. Spiderman had to look like he was swinging through those skyscrapers for real. When that clicked we were ready to be wowed for the next three decades as those comics we grew up with came to life.

On its opening at 4,071 theaters in the United States, Logan became the widest opening R-rated release in cinema history. It was recently passed by the extremely unneeded ‘It’ (2017) remake, which opened in 4,103 theaters. With Logan and last years Deadpool being X rated I guess this wont be the last comic book movie to get all adult. Deadpool (2016) and Logan were also the first and only comic book movies to show naked ladies. The F word is delivered 35 times here.

The Franchise

X - Men Origins: Wolverine – ($150 million budget) $373 million gross
Wolverine – ($120million budget) $418 million gross
Logan ($97 million budget) $618 million gross


Hugh Jackman ... Logan / X-24
Patrick Stewart ... Charles
Dafne Keen ... Laura
Boyd Holbrook ... Pierce
Stephen Merchant ... Caliban
Elizabeth Rodriguez ... Gabriela
Richard E. Grant ... Dr. Rice
Eriq La Salle ... Will Munson
Elise Neal ... Kathryn Munson
Quincy Fouse ... Nate Munson
Al Coronel ... Federale Commander
Frank Gallegos ... Federale Lieutenant
Anthony Escobar ... Federale
Reynaldo Gallegos ... Rey (as Rey Gallegos)
Krzysztof Soszynski ... Mohawk



Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

Its 2029 and no mutants have been born on Earth in 25 years and the X-men school and set up long since dust. They have either been genetically sterilized; living amongst human’s incognito or driven underground. Logan, the de facto leader of the X-Men, is losing his healing ability and has weakened and aged, spending his days boozing and working as a limo driver in dusty El Paso, Texas.
He lives in an abandoned rusting sunbaked factory in northern Mexico, where he and mutant - and mutant tracker - Caliban (Stephan Merchant) care for Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who suffers from a form of dementia that causes his super psychic brain to have destructive seizures, unless controlled with medication that Logan hustles, begs and steels. The seizures cause seismic sonic events for miles around. The last big one killed mutants, including several X-Men, leaving Logan, Caliban and Xavier as the last of the X-Men to be still alive.

At a downtown motel a desperate Gabriela Lopez (Elizabeth Rodriguez), a former nurse for biotechnology corporation Alkali-Transigen, tries to hire Logan to escort her and an 11-year-old girl, Laura (Dafne Keen), to the seemingly mythical Eden, a refuge in North Dakota that appears in the kids old X - Men comic. Logan has given up his superhero days but when Lopez is murdered and the girl shows up at his, he has no choice but to help her.

The killer tracks her to Logan’s hideout, a heavily armed man called Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) Transigen's cyborg chief of security, who is looking for Laura. He is looking for her as she is no ordinary girl, Logan, Laura and Charles managing to escape at the last but Caliban captured and tortured by Pierce into tracking them. Logan learns from video on Gabriela's cellphone just why the kid is fleeing Transigen and he doesn’t like what he sees, reason enough to get the kid to her Eden.


Its good stuff and maybe the start of a long line of more adult comic book movies to come. It’s bloody and violent with some comic book kapow splatter gore and the Wolverine particularly grumpy throughout. People get properly killed here as Hugo Scissorhands shanks them up. It’s also a movie with pathos in the story and addresses the end years of life with feeling. One in four of us will get dementia so nice to see a superhero can get it to.

Unlike most comic book movies it’s not action packed and very much a closure story for the main characters and very much setting up a new Eden story for the young mutants. It’s more of chase story and the only end of the world stuff here is for a handful of characters in a world that no longer wants them. The writing is more grown up and a great performance by Hugh Jackman. There is a section with a black farming family that doesn’t quite make sense and seems a box ticking exercise but apart from that its almost the complete movie.

Director James Mangold is not a prolific movie maker and has made just 10 films in his 20-year directing career but you will recognize all of them and some good ones in there, including this and the second Wolverine film. Gavin Hood directed the first film: X Men Origins: Wolverine. He is a director who will only do film if it’s worth doing and this worth it, the Oscar winning Walk the Line his biggest hit. There is more than a whiff of Johnny Cash about The Wolverine. He makes films look good and never clutters them with unneeded characters and special effects.

It’s a good watch although nowhere near as good as its 8.2 IMDB rating, taking comfortably into their all time top 200 movies. Its better than Dead Pool though.

RATINGS – 8.2 /10.0 (404, 634votes) – 93% critic’s approval – 77 % critic’s approval

Special Features

-Audio Commentary-

Director and writer talk about their movie.

-Deleted Scenes-

Quite a few


Rolling Stone –‘Make no mistake, Logan earns its tears. If Jackman and Stewart are serious about this being their mutual X-Men swan song, they could not have crafted a more heartfelt valedictory’.

Newsweek –‘The despair is compensated with certain optimism by a new generation with retractable claws’

The Times –‘ "Logan" is not only the most violent Marvel movie ever made, but also one of the very best’.

BBC.COM –‘Logan does go defiantly against the grain by favoring melancholic mood and themes of mortality and deterioration over inflated, end-of-the-world stakes or grandiose action pyrotechnics’.

NY Post –‘The film does have a generous amount of gore and splatter. But the whole blood soaked approach is what makes this movie such a dark and fascinating experience’.

The Mail –‘Jackman is, once more, superb, holding down the whole film: no matter how battered, gnarled and shrubby he looks, you always root for him. A bit of a beast - but our beast’.

G;lobe & Mail - ‘Jackman twists the pain at the centre of the hero's struggle into remarkably uncomfortable places for a blockbuster’.


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