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Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

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published 08/10/2016 | thisoldman65
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Pro No pairing needed, uses iPad to power it, great typing experience
Cons Add significant weight and thickness to iPad Pro

"Logitech CREATEd this beaut!"

Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro - Red

Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro - Red

“Why is it red?”

I hold up this iPad Pro case that appears to have been from red canvas.

“That is so I could use it as well as you, and red is now a universal colour so you don’t have to worry about it being too feminine”

I only have one iPad Pro, the 12.9” one that is big enough to provide significant heft to tire my arms after 5 minutes of use, and her reason to buy it for me was so that we could both use my iPad Pro. I know what she was doing, she wanted to tell me she wanted to use my device indirectly by doing this.

Insidious, but that was one of her character traits I enjoyed figuring out and later point out to her, much to her chargrin.

It’s just an iPad Pro case

And you would be right, except that my wife and I had a conversation a few weeks ago where I expressed my frustration at how I was unable to type properly on the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro was more than adequate for my daily digital needs as long as I could rest it somewhere, but I couldn’t type on it properly because the digital keyboard was detrimental to my sanity. Typing on a digital keyboard lacks that tactile feel I so enjoy; I need to feel the keys depress and bounce back up after I press them, otherwise I would be unsure if my typing the characters would have registered. As a result, I have made many a typo typing furiously in my usual manner before looking up to see that what I had typed ended up looking as if a child had farted onto the digital keyboard. Oh, and don’t get me started on how the digital keyboard takes up half the screen and at times obfuscates the area I am typing on, not giving me a chance to review what I had typed without scrolling around.

“Damn and blast it!” I said once, startling my wife.

“Is it the keyboard problem again, dear?” she inquired.

And I knew at that moment she had the idea of buying a keyboard case for me to slip my iPad Pro into and use it instead of the awful onscreen keyboard, I just didn’t expect the part about sharing it with her.

What sort of keyboard case is it?

My wife wouldn’t buy me any old nonsense that was for sure. She wouldn’t hear the end of my complaints if she had purchased one of those Made in China Bluetooth keyboards to synchronised with the iPad. I hate those with a passion because they never work reliably and require frequent recharging. In the past, I actually placed one of them at the back of my car and reversed over it because it annoyed me that much.

Luckily, my wife had done her research (and by research I mean she visited the Apple website to look for keyboard cases), and found two of them recommended by Apple. One was the Smart Keyboard made by Apple, and the other was the CREATE keyboard by Logitech. When I asked her on her buying decisions, she flat out told me she bought the Logitech one because it was a full body case, protecting the whole body of the iPad, as opposed to the smart keyboard that only protected the front of the iPad. This made me smile as it was the exact same thing I would have done if I was to choose between the two of them.

Then she told me she really only chose it because it was cheaper and came in the Apple exclusive colour of red. Well, £109.95 is cheaper than £149.99.
What is the packaging like?

A simple box like you were holding a box of high quality A4 100 inkjet photo paper, except that it opens like a book to reveal the case inside. The case itself sits snugly in there and is easily lifted out for an iPad Pro 12.9” to be installed inside it.

How is the case?

The case is swathed in this bright red canvas feeling material. The red really makes it stand out as it is more red than the chapped buttocks of an army ant marching through a heatwave in the Sahara. Opening it up reveals the keyboard, this metal keyboard – most likely aluminium – coloured in gold and sporting a complete set of US Apple Keyboard keys. I have checked it and the keys on it have the exact same layout as the Apple Keyboard I use on my iMac. At the top of this keyboard is a thin magnetic strip with 3 prongs. These 3 prongs serve a purpose as I will explain later.

On the other side of the case is the section where you slide the iPad Pro into so that it is attached to the case. It bends in the middle to allow the iPad Pro to connect to the keyboard for immediate use and allow it to stand up like a laptop.

The case feels stiff and strong where the bends are not required, so it is able to protect the iPad Pro from drops and falls. The material used outside has been given a special coating so it is resistant to water.
Is it any good?

Amazingly so. Despite the clash of the red canvas, the gold keyboard and the space grey of my iPad Pro, the keyboard works amazingly well. The case fully protects the iPad when it is closed with the canvas-like material outside providing a better grip on the device when carrying it.

When opening the case, you can fold the entire keyboard to the back to hold it up in portrait mode for use as normal tablet. In landscape mode, the iPad Pro has 3 contact points that connects to the 3 prongs on the keyboard magnetically. This allows the iPad to stand up like a laptop on a desk whilst allow the keyboard to work with the iPad without all the annoying Bluetooth pairing.

When in… “laptop” mode I suppose, the keyboard works straight away without any issues or delays at all. Typing on it is the same experience as typing on an Apple Keyboard or Macbook so I became accustomed to it very quickly. Each key has very good travel providing good feedback when depressing and releasing the keys. The keyboard has a backlight to make typing in low-light very easy, and that coupled to an included area for resting my palms, it works great when typing for a lengthy period of time, such as this review.

Despite the keyboard drawing power directly from the iPad Pro, the battery life of the tablet is still excellent with hardly any hit to the standard running time. I love the fact that this accessory works very well and doesn’t hamper the iPad in any noticeable way.

Finally, I can actually use this keyboard with the iPad Pro whilst resting it on my lap, allowing me to treat it like a laptop. This lets me sit in bed and type, something I could only do with a laptop in the past, and it doesn't heat up my lap because all the computer whizzbangery is going on in the iPad.

Any minor gripes?

There are a few tiny things that I found a little annoying, although they do not really remove from the overall experience.

The keys are the same as those found on an Apple Keyboard so there are a full set of brightness controls, volume controls, etc. However, the keyboard backlight keys only allow for 2 levels of backlight intensity, so it is either off, on or very on; you do not get the full array of levels you would get on a Macbook.

Speaking of the keyboard, as I am so accustomed to using an Apple Keyboard, I kept reaching below the spacebar looking for the trackpad because I thought I was using a Macbook. This is usually followed by me swearing at the keyboard before using my fingers to use the iPad’s touchscreen.

The case adds a significant weight to the iPad Pro along with a noticeable increase in thickness for carrying around. Despite the improved grip provided by the canvas-like material, the weight of the device makes my arm tire sooner, and trying to put it away after use is trickier now due to the thickness. It isn’t that bad as I use it in laptop mode often so it rests on a desk, but if I have to carry it upstairs to my study, it becomes a bother.

Finally, I wish there was a holder for the Apple Pencil. I have an Apple Pencil that I use because the iPad is not compatible with mice. The 9.7” case has a holder for the pencil, but this 12.9” case doesn’t have it at all, meaning I have to carry it around in my pocket or hold it in my hand whilst in transit.
But does it transform the iPad Pro into a laptop replacement device?

No way does it create a laptop replacement. A laptop can do so much more because the operating systems on them allow you to install and use fully featured programs that can do a whole lot more than the apps found on iPads. This is for the user who likes the speed and flexibility of the iOS environment with the lite apps, but with the extra convenience provided by a keyboard to aid in typing. I use my iPad a lot because it powers up very quickly when I need it and I can use the keyboard to fill in forms rapidly whilst performing other tasks I would otherwise need to use a laptop for. I rarely use my laptop because I feel that booting into Windows or Mac OS to load up Chrome purely to pay for something is rather silly when I can do it in a fraction of the time using my iPad, so the keyboard works for me.


I love this device a lot. It gives me a full qwerty keyboard to type with along with the tactile feeling of the keys physically bouncing up and down as my fingers type on them. It has made many form filling and email writing on the iPad Pro a much more pleasant experience.

This isn’t an item for everybody, though. If you need access to full programs to perform certain tasks then this is not going to transform your iPad Pro into a laptop replacing machine, but for certain requirements, this keyboard will serve you well for typing and using your iPad Pro for more than just a tablet for watching videos. Highly recommended.

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