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About me: Hello, I'm Nick - 20 years of age from Swansea.... Thanks so much for all of your rates, very much appreciated :) X

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Music to my ears - lot's of bass too ;)


Excellent sound quality, amazing bass and they look OK !

I get shouted at for having the 'bass knob' turned up too far .  .  .  .  .  None !

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Sound quality


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Iím absolutely obsessed with music and I swear that it makes the world go round, obviously it doesnít but it is rather interesting to listen to and it always Ďchills me outí at times. Iím fussy when it comes to music and I really do detest cheap sounding speakers and I must admit that Iím one happy boy for finding this ĎLogitech Z4í speaker system in Tesco one evening, I paid roughly £69.99 but this was about two years ago now and I donít believe that they sell them anymore but these are easily obtained from eBay or other sites, mainly second hand for around £30-£40 Ė Bargain Iíd say!

These were very easy to set up and in the box I found two free standing (Satellite) speakers, a subwoofer and a control panel with a standard audio jack adaptor to plug devices into the system. All I had to do was find a suitable location for the system to live (This should be a hard and stable surface to avoid vibration from the subwoofer); I plugged the speakers into the back of the subwoofer and plugged the system into a normal electric socket, job done! Setup was totally painless and the instruction manual was not at all needed however a quick flick through it confirmed that everything was there to help a user in need of assistance Ė it also had every language known to man in there. The best way to set up these speakers is to have the subwoofer placed under a desk or on the floor with the two satellite speakers placed next to a computer monitor or on a table, this provides a better all-round sound without the music or sound sounding Ďtoo muchí.
*** A bit about the Logitech Z4 system ***

This is a rather nice looking speaker system that can be used with computers, iPods and any other devices with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack output. Most devices around have this output today and if they donít, thereís always an adaptor available to create one. The system has an overall power of 80Watts which is pretty reasonable for a small computer sound system; this is mainly the power from the subwoofer as the free standing speakers are only rated at 8.5Watts each. It has a control panel that attaches to the system which has a large volume knob and a smaller knob to control the power of the bass Ė this subwoofer is pretty large and it is designed to give great bass, just how the user wants it.

*** Using the speakers ***

I first used my speakers with my iPhone and oh boy, did I have a surprise when I started playing some of my banging tunes! The speakers input wire is very long and it was the perfect length to reach from under my desk to the top of it, with me standing with my iPhone dancing around like an idiot. To start the music I simply plugged the cable into my iPhone, turned on the speakers by using the on/off button on the control panel and I pressed play on my iPhone, job done and I was instantly impressed with the quality and volume. To my surprise I had the speakers set to half volume when I first turned it on, I thought it was full until I turned the volume knob and I was greeted with perfect sound at a very loud volume.

I have now owned these speakers for two years and Iím pleased to say that Iím still very impressed with the sound and performance. The volume is easily controlled using the control padís large knob and the volume control is very precise. I have got caught out a few times with the system as it took me a while to figure out that the overall volume is controlled by using both the speakerís volume control and the volume control of the device plugged into the system. For example, if you want full volume while using an iPhone, the volume must be selected to full on the speakers control panel and the volume must also be set to maximum using the volume control on the iPhone Ė this also applies to the volume while using a computer with the system, itís definitely not rocket science and itís easy to get the hang of after a few uses.

The sound from these speakers is absolutely amazing, vocals are crisp, I hear noises in songs that Iíve never heard before and the bass is absolutely amazing! If you like bass, these speakers are for you as they amplify the bass in songs amazingly but itís no big deal if you donít like bass as the bass volume is fully controllable. For such a small set of speakers I must say that Iím absolutely amazed by the quality and the overall volume that they give out, itís simply amazing. I have used these with my laptop on a few occasions for watching movies and the effects work very well with them, you can almost make them a slight surround system with a bit of arranging around the room as the satellite speakers have rather long wires, the bass in movies is just as good as when playing songs and this definitely helps the experience.
*** Design and durability ***

This system is designed very well and even though they are not the prettiest looking speakers around, they are definitely practically designed! I have had these speakers set up in various locations around my bedroom and Iíve never spotted a design fault. The small satellite speakers are nice looking with three speakers on the front, they have very effective legs and it takes a good whack to actually knock them over, I have knocked them off the desk on a few occasions and they have never come to any harm and they still look new after two years of use. The subwoofer speaker could be described as slightly Ďclumbsyí but thatís my opinion and others may think differently, the subwoofer is also quite heavy but this is still not a concern in my eyes as I donít move it very often!

This system makes a fantastic addition to any computer as it can easily become the main audio device as its sound is simply amazing. The speakers are a perfect size to sit next to a PC monitor and I guarantee that the sound will impress, there are obviously better available but for the price Iíd say that this is a very competitive system for any standard user of a computer.
*** Overall sound quality and any problems? ***

The quality, as I mentioned above is absolutely amazing. Songs played through this speaker system are perfect and I hear things in songs that I have never noticed before when using headphones. The sound does not distort at all, even at high volume and believe me, that is high! The bass can be very loud, if you have the bass knob set to full and this can sometimes upset people, my mother often screams up the stairs for me to Ďturn the bass downí Ė her opinion is that the sound is fine but the bass is too loud, even on the medium setting. I donít notice the bass too much when Iím in the room but the rest of the house and even the neighbours can hear it so it must be quite an effective feature.

I have generally not experienced any problems with this speaker system over the two years that I have owned it, it has never let me down and I expect it to last very much longer. My only slight complaint would be that the bass is too much but Iím only complaining as I get shouted at for it! I like the bass and it certainly makes my songs sound that little bit more interesting.
*** Overall opinion ***

I can 100% recommend this system to you as Iím still very happy with it after a whole two years of almost constant use, the sound is crisp, not affected by volume and the bass is amazing. They work fabulously as permanent PC speakers and they also work great with iPods and other devices with the standard 3.5mm jack connection. They have never let me down and they continue to work very well, I believe that I will have another good few years before a replacement is necessary for my lovely Z4 speaker system - they did come with a one year warranty but my time is up now!

Thanks for reading and sorry for the poor photos, my speakers are built into my cabinets so I had to take a few.


Pictures of Logitech Z 4
Logitech Z 4 120508-031740 - Logitech Z 4
Logitech Z 4
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kimwright 17.09.2012 20:56

E from me! great review! Will be looking for a new speaker system. Thanks x

Anti_W 21.06.2012 22:40

A super review. :)

GodfatherOfSoul 15.05.2012 22:57

Back with that E. Again, a super review!

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Product Type Speaker system - for PC - 2.1-channel
Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Details 7.6 cm x 9.5 cm x 22.9 cm ¶ Subwoofer : 22.9 cm x 23.8 cm x 22.9 cm

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System Components 2 speakers, subwoofer
Speaker Type Active
Nominal Output Power (Total) 40 Watt

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