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Pro Reliable connections around different parts of London
Cons Prices for customers might seem high, also the planned engineering works also cause disruptions
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"London Underground"

London Underground

The London Underground is where travellers from around London, use the tube to get to and from work and see different places. The service takes people around London

I tended obviously to travel to work which was located in Bond Street London. Now if you know about London, Bond Street looks somewhat downmarket, although it does actually have good street pavements and a wide range of high class department shops as well as many places to eat and drink. I also used the London Underground to travel to more interesting places in Wimbledon, where I used to umpire some 20 over cricket matches. I therefore travelled on a number of different tube connections and have also used London Underground to get to other shopping destinations around London as well. I live in Ruislip in Zone 5 and have tended to shop in places such as Uxbridge, Harrow on the Hill and also have used the tube network to my advantage in using this as a cheaper alternative to get to London Heathrow. A taxi fare from my house to London Heathrow would cost me around £30 depending on traffic conditions as well as availability. By comparison I would expect to pay around £4 each way to get to Heathrow, but now I am privileged enough to get free concessionary travel paid by my local council.

London Underground

There is a Jubilee, Metropolitan, Bakerloo, Picaddily, Central, Hammersmith and City, District, Circle, Northern line. There are probably a few more, but all of these services I have used recently and in the past. Bakerloo line trains are interesting as the start and in in some unusual places. The start in Harrow and Wealdstone and on the end is the Elephant and Castle in Lambeth. King's Cross is where the naughty women are near places like Soho, but here there is good National rail services from King's Cross which is also on the Northern and Metropolitan line tube links.

The trains are fairly reliable in my view, as they operate from around 5am in the morning in my local area of Ruislip and they also close at quite good times during late times in the evenings as well. I feel that when using an Oyster card to travel with London Underground does make life easier and has definitely made the buying process much straightforward for everyone that uses the London Underground system. I do not use the buses around London because I do not have to go too many times to see places and roads that are not well covered within close proximity of the tube stations. I would say that in most train stations around London, have good high streets, shopping centres and other places to visit. I can also use the Transport for London website, to make my journey easier to plan and therefore I can travel with greater confidence. I have a rough although quite good knowledge of how to get around London based on my learning experience and fairly good memory, and I know from Ruislip I would have to change at Acton Town on the Picadilly line train to change route so I can go to London Heathrow. I also use the stop at Finchley Road, so that I can get a Easybus coach that will take me to London Luton or Stansted airports.

I do find that the stations are straightforward to navigate around, the signs of the main information is quite good as the Line details as well as the entrance and exit signs are conveniently displayed clearly. I also like the general availability and frequency of the trains on the Metropolitan line as they travel very frequently, at most I have waited for around 15 minutes for a train to arrive at my local Ruislip. Picadilly line trains from Ruislip I have noticed that they arrive at slightly longer than 15 minutes, which makes the Metropolitan trains a little more flexible and frequent.

Regarding the station platforms, based on the stations that I use, I have noticed much cleaner and straightforward stations such as Ruislip and Eastcote.When travelling to Acton Town and some other stations they appear to be not so well kept. I also notice that stations such as Baker Street have Jubileee, Metropolitan and Bakerloo lines where as lesser stations have just the single line that operate for the benefit of Londoners and travellers.

This summer, the Wimbledon tennis championships, the train station to get to is Southfields which will require walking 10 or 15 minutes to the Wimbeldon lawn tennis venue. Around Wimbledon main tube station is a high street and a shopping centre. In the summer months I do travel to Wimbledon as also they have nice parks and restaurants. Regarding hotels in London, the only one I would use to be honest is the Travelodge in Uxbridge as it is cheap and close by to where I live. Though I do not like paying top money for superior and luxury hotels.

I do find the easy comparison to make between Jubilee, District, Picadilly and Central line trains are smaller sized train rolling stock, to the bigger sized Metropolitan line services. I also have used Central line services to get to other interesting places such as Tottenham court road, and Camden market. The cleanliness of the trains inside most of the services is nothing more than adequate.

During the times when I recently used the Picaddilly and Metropolitan line services I had no cause to complain as I arrived to Ruislip clean and fresh, but when I had completed the journey I did feel slightly differently afterwards. When I go on longer travels to central London from, I do sometimes raise the question of why bother washing in the first place. I also find the journey times to be quite reasonable as if I was going from Ruislip to Uxbridge, I would be there in about twenty minutes, but if I was going to Central London from Uxbridge my journey time would be between 60-90 minutes. I do find closing my eyes during the journey to be more helpful in alleviating some of the travelling fatigue that can occur during travelling on the London Underground. I also drink a bottle of water on longer journeys to keep my body hydrated.

I feel the Rail Network is comprehensive, although not as much as I would like. There is the long debated and need for Cross Rail which would link up lesser parts of London together which would benefit people in East London as well as commuters from places such as in remote parts of Middlesex. The point I try and make here is that the London Underground is good in terms of the places it serves, but also that getting around different parts of England, Wales and Scotland also is made by some key stations also having National Rail services.

I feel that disabled people are well catered for although wheel chair users would have to be supervised by a carer who would have to move the disabled on and off the tube, as some stations have a fairly steep step on to the train, whereas most platforms are quite flat and friendly towards disabled users.

The on board facilities are basic, people can pick up a copy or find the Metro newspaper. In parts of London their is the London City AM newspaper which is also good to read. I occasionally find the litter people leave along with some other parts to leave a bad impression of the service, although at certain stations there is a responsive cleaning service who litter pick the rubbish. I do not pay much attention to transport advertising of products and services, so I can not comment too much on this part of the experience on London Underground. The main interesting features of London include places to me such as art galleries, museums, restaurants, shopping and different places to see, on this point I would highly recommend the London Underground. To me, this makes travelling worthwhile and interesting.

The ticketing system is good, in that people can use their Oyster Card to go through the ticket barriers and arrive at the platforms of the train. Payment and topping up an Oyster card is easy as the machines at most stations allow people to pay with cash or with Mastercards and Visa cards. I am not of the opinion that London Underground workers should close the ticket sales side of the service, by having the increase of the automated pay terminals. But what I do like about this technology improvement, is that the service and speed of people paying and checking their Oyster card balances is improved.

At times I prefer using the fast National Rail service from Harrow On the Hill to Marylebone station as it is a much faster service, very reliable and a much less strenous travelling to Central London. Faster National rail services to me make the London Underground service to look like second best in my opinion. Wembley Park station is also interesting in that the Stadium is a short walk away from Wembley Park, but the main high street requires a lengthy walk or a bus ride away.

Things that I dislike about the London Underground system in general, is that some trains and platforms, especially during the mornings and during times when there are football matches in London, before and after these matches are being played, the system can become slightly overcrowded on the trains and the platforms as well. The biggest thing I find that I get annoyed by is that planned engineering works on parts of the London Underground system take place, which means that on weekends I am not able to go to Watford. Although in my household there are car drivers who are able to sort me out lifts to Watford shopping centre. The point I make about the planned engineering works, is that from my memory this has been happening from the days I first used the transport system some 25 years ago. Maybe this is not a cause to complain, but when is the transport system going to become a full working service everywhere in London.

To comment on the safety of trains, to be honest, I do not know the operational safety record of London Underground, nor do I particularly care. But the safety on the trains is good as the British Transport police and the CCTV recording on the trains especially is excellent. I also find that it is quite safe to travel during the late evenings and not have to worry so much.

I also find that passenger lifts in some stations make the process of passengers to be more easier than having to walk around and use the escalators which I find daunting.

My own value of using the transport system is excellent as I have a freedom card for the next five years. Even when I had to pay, I feel that this was fairly reasonable for occasional visits to London and in my local area. But to pay around £7-8 on a travelcard to travel to and from London for some travellers is somewhat expensive. This did take1 hour of my wages just to travel everyday, and I only worked 8 hours. I would have to pay about £2 cash for a bus ride, about £1 if using an Oyster Card. Also to travel from Zone 5 to Zone 1, for a return journey it costs about £5. But if you do not have an Oyster Card it will cost 2 single £4 tickets costing a total £8.

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  • TheHairyGodmother published 21/10/2010
    after the last 4 days shenanigans you might want to rephrase "the trains are quite reliable" lol. I also reviewed LU some time ago, think it needs a rewrite
  • paulpry118 published 10/05/2010
    It's over 20 years since I last used the London Underground
  • plipplopfromdooyoo published 10/05/2010
    It's not the tube that irritates me - it's the idiots who (can't) use it. GET OUT OF THE WAY! :o(
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