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Longleat Safari Park, Warminster

Zoo/Wildlife Park/Centre, Park - Address: Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7NW

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Review of "Longleat Safari Park, Warminster"

published 06/05/2017 | kiss_me2070
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Pro plenty to see, rides are free, good playgrounds for children
Cons may not see all the animals on the drive through, expensive food
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"A Great Day Out For Everyone."

Longleat Safari Park, Warminster

Longleat Safari Park, Warminster

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Longleat Safari Park is the UK's Number One Safari Park and it's somewhere me and my boyfriend have wanted to visit for a good few years now but we only got around to visiting recently, when our next-door neighbours asked us to join them visiting there with their daughter. We were more than happy to go with them, especially as they were willing to take one of their older cars and go through the drive through in it. Longleat Safari Park is located in Wiltshire in England and was opened in 1966 as the first drive-through safari park outside Africa. As well as the Safari Park, they also have Longleat House and Grounds which you can also visit. There is parking on site and this parking is free to all customers visiting the safari park, house and gardens. To be honest we were only interested in visiting the safari park and the house and gardens didn't really appeal to us; how-ever if we had time we probably would have visited them.

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Ticket prices vary and if you purchase them online in advance you get 15% off, so it's well worth doing this. You can purchase a one day or two-day ticket or you can purchase a ticket just to visit the house and gardens. Prices shown below include: Safari Park & Drive Through, Main Square, Longleat House & Gardens. Please note that the prices shown are the gate prices without the 15% off.
  • Adult (16-59yrs) - £33.95
  • Child (3-15yrs) - £25.45
  • Senior (60+ yrs.) - £30.55
  • Under 3 (0-2yrs) - FREE

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Main Square
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In the main square, there are various things for people of all ages to see. In the main square, you can visit the penguins and see their outside enclosure and their large enclosure inside, where the majority of the penguins were. There is a large pool for them to swim in and the water is very clear so smaller children can look through the glass sides and see the penguins swimming in the water. Jungle Kingdom is where you can see various animals including the Meerkats, Anteaters, Otters and more. The meerkat enclosure is a walk-through enclosure and is the first of its kind in the UK. You may get the meerkats running past you as you walk through their enclosure. The animal adventure area is more suited for children who want to pet or stroke an animals or reptile. When we were there a member of staff had a Royal Python that some children were brave enough to touch but in this area, there are also parrots, guinea pigs, lizards and other reptiles and insects. The Monkey Temple was rather noisy when we entered here but watching the Marmosets and Tamarins run around their enclosure was fun to watch. They also have a red panda in the Monkey Temple, although he/she was quite hidden so they weren't easy to spot. They also have a Ray Bay in the main square where you can see various rays and see them gliding along in the water.

* Jungle Cruise - It's free to go on the Jungle Cruise and whilst on this cruise you should be able to see the sea lions as the member of staff on board tells you about them. You also need to keep an eye out for the residents Hippos as well which aren't as easy to spot. As you are on the Jungle Cruise you will also go past 'Gorilla Colony', On the Jungle Cruise they have a limited supply of fish which you can get from the staff member and feed the sea lions from the boat. As you throw the fish into the water the sea lions jump up from the water to catch the fish; although they don't jump as high as where you are sitting on the boat. This was brilliant and it's something that I would advise you to do whilst you are here. The boat ride can get a little chilly, so on a cold day remember to wrap up warm.

* Lorikeets - You have the choice where you want to hand feed the lorikeets or not. I will cost you £1 for a small pot of food which looks like clear liquid. You have to walk through two gates in order to get into the enclosure and the staff member there does advise you that the lorikeets probably will flock to you as soon as you walk into their enclosure. She wasn't lying! I bought a pot of food for me and another pot for our neighbour and as soon as we walked in the birds flocked over to us. They were on our shoulders, arms, hands and on our heads as well. This was a little scary at first but I actually really enjoyed it. Needless to say, that the food had gone within a matter of a few minutes but this was well worth doing. I think the only thing I was worried about was the birds pooing in my head!

* Jungle Express - This train takes about 15mins and whilst on here you go past Monkey Temple and Half Mile Lake. You may catch another glimpse of the Gorillas and the Hippos. The train is very small and the carriages are very small so large people may find it uncomfortable sitting on this ride as the carriages have a roof to them as well. There are two or three carriages made suitable for disabled users. All buggies need to be left by the entrance to the ride. This ride goes every 30mins, but we found that you need to be there around 10/15mins before otherwise you won't get on it and will then have to wait for the next one.

They have a few different play areas called 'Adventure Castle' and 'Little Explorer's Garden'. There is also a 'Rockin Rhino' ride and the UK's largest Hedge Maze. Me and my boyfriend wanted to go into the hedge maze but we read that the average time to complete the maze takes about 45mins and the least amount of time it was done in was 25mins, so we decided to give this a miss and would do it another time when we had a little more time. They also have a Bat Cave in the main square although somehow, we missed this.

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There are various places to eat and drink in the main square, the majority of which are outside but there are some indoor places to sit and eat as well. We got a burger and chips from a stand in the main square and sat on the seats provided to eat our food. As with the majority of places, the food was very expensive and I personally didn't enjoy it. The burger was tasteless and was over-cooked and the burger bun was very dry. I didn't think the chips were very nice either! There are various toilets located around in the main square and to be honest the two times I visited the toilets they were very clean and well stocked with toilet tissue and soap. There are various gift shops in the main square as well which sell a range of different items including soft toys, magnets and other gifts.

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Safari Drive Through
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You don’t have to drive your car through the safari drive through and you can take a bus through this instead. Our neighbours how-ever were more than happy to drive through it so we got back in the car and made our way to the drive through which was a few minutes’ drive from the main square and longleat house. Whilst you are making your way through the drive through, the majority of the time you must keep your windows closed, although some areas you are allowed them open and you know this as there is plenty of signs telling you whether you can have the windows open or closed. During the drive through you will see Anne the Elephant, Wolf Wood, Tiger Territory, Lion Country, Cheetah Kingdom, Deer Park and the Big Game Park which has Rhino’s and other animals in. During the drive through you must remain in your car. When going through the drive through there are manned gates on each section and they will allow a certain number of cars through at a time. We were lucky enough to see all the animals during the drive through and managed to get a good view of them. There are small jeeps in each section which has a member of staff in and they keep an eye on things and ensure that no-one is getting out of their car or doing things they shouldn’t be. Also, if you stop for too long they do tell you to move on, how-ever you can stop for a couple of minutes in the car to take pictures and have a look at the animals.

The Monkey Mayhem section was very busy and this took quite a while to get around. You have to be very careful when driving through here as the monkeys jump from car to car and they also make a habit of sitting in the road. A lot of the cars here were stopped, one in particular which had at least 6 monkeys on. Surprisingly we didn’t see any damaged done to any of the cars when we were in here. We had a couple of monkeys on our car but they didn’t stay on there for long. My neighbour’s daughter found this highly amusing though. We did have to report a car as they had their window open slightly and they were feeding the monkeys something which is not allowed. There are plenty of signs telling you this as well. This made me and my boyfriend very angry, as we think they were feeding them just so that the monkeys would come to their car! The African Village and Walking Safari is where you can park up and have a walk around this area to see the giraffes, wallaby’s, pygmy goats and to also enter the lemur walk-through. This was good and there were lots of giraffes to see. Overall I think we were in the safari drive-through for around 2hrs, although we could have gone through quicker if we hadn’t of stopped so much or spent so long in the Monkey Mayhem.

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Overall Opinion
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We all enjoyed the time that we spent here right from the moment we entered the park. It took is about an hour and a half to get there as we were driving from Hampshire, but we got there around 10:30am which was 30mins after they opened. We spent a good 3hrs in the Main Square, ensuring that we looked at everything. We weren’t in a great rush so we wanted to take our time and get the most out of the day, which we did. There is a fair bit of walking to do around the main square but disabled users and families with buggies will find it easy as most of the terrain is fairly flat apart from a few small hills here and there. There was a reasonable choice in terms of food, although the place where we chose to ate wasn’t very nice and it was expensive considering it didn’t taste of much and everything was a little over-cooked, so I would strongly advise taking a picnic with you to save costs. The safari drive through was great and we were all glad that we managed to see everything, even though the Lions were all laying down together, we could still see them a little. In terms of value I think the price of the ticket is very reasonable for what you get. Me and my boyfriend want to go here again but we are thinking of going towards the end of the year when they have something called ‘The Festival of Light’ on, which they have every year from the beginning of December until mid-January. I would definitely recommend a visit here and no doubt we will go back towards the end of the year.

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Other Information
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Address: Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW
Website: www.longleat.co.uk
Opening time: Please see their website as opening/closing times vary during the year.

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