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Type Non-Fiction
Genre History
Subgenre Local History
Publisher Halsgrove
Release Date 01.04.2006
Author Rodney Legg
Title Lost Dorset
EAN 9781871164497
ISBN 1871164494


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similar by Title (First Letter) (L)
Records social history that would otherwise be forgotten, well organised, informative
A bit repetitive, some dialect hard to read (*)
Excellent insight into London, short and accessible
Selection of photographs could have been better. (*)
A vast amount of good information
Occasionally pretentious, humourless (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (L)
A true story, a detailed yet flowing and easy to understand text, deep insight into a special forces operation
Some detail is graphic and the use of bad language whilst realistic may not be to everyones taste (*)
Flows easily, very informative, interesting subject
May be hard to get into at the beginning (*)
Few and far between
Buyer beware! (*)
Some new places
Some attractions no longer exist, others are very mainstream , articles too breif (*)
Interesting story, chatty style, Lynne comes across as very likeable
Illustrations rather small and dark, no sense of what subjects really looked like (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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