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published 15/11/2009 | danielleg1989
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Thanks for the reads and rates :) Not got much time for reviewing at the moment as I am currently in the process of training my beautiful cocker spaniel puppy but will return any rates, as always, asap. xx
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"Why This Site Is In My Opinion Better Than Ann Summers!"


Well I found this site by accident really because I stumbled upon it on a day when I had some extra money to waste and couldn't see a thing that I wanted to buy anywhere else. I was surfing all different types of shopping sites one after the other until I discovered this. My first impressions of the site were of how much it seemed to have to offer. There is probably nothing that you will not find here in terms of "sexy" things because they have thought of absolutely everything. They even have seasonal sex toys (death by vibrator is one example) I got a email at Halloween from them informing me about a item named this and although I did not want to buy it. I found it to be very amusing when I opened the email and was greeted with a picture of one inside a box shaped like a coffin! The next thing that came to my attention was how well priced everything was. The word "bargain" will more than likely spring to mind quite often as you browse through all of the many different products available on this site and the different categories. You will discover that almost everything on it is "more" than reasonably priced. I was not sure of writing a review about this sort of site lol!

I had a good shopping experience when using it though and that made me want to tell others how good it really is. This site in my opinion is sort of like Ann Summers and until I discovered Love Honey. I really thought that Ann Summers was the best shop of its kind and that it was basically the "bees knees" when it comes to sexy shops! I have to say though that I have now been converted and become somewhat of a traitor to Ann Summers because this site is so much better. It just has so much more to offer and there is even perks to being a member of it. This has made me more than willing to swap sites and my loyalty now lies with them. What exactly is it that I like about it? Well, where do I begin?

How about the fact that there is so many different things available and some even quite unusual ones as well and yes! Maybe, I am not looking unusual things as such but it adds to the fun of the site and as a result it is anything but dull or what about the fact that I am someone who loves freebies and with my first purchase I was delighted when I got to the page telling me what I had bought and seen that I was going to receive a free gift as well. This site has so many different parts and it is entertaining to visit as well as being a joy to shop from. I remember getting a email from LoveHoney saying that some men had complained because they felt left out and that there was more items for all of us women than them. There is still a great deal of stuff on the site for men though and it is worth it for them as well to have a look if they like the sounds of the website. There is lots of freebies to be gotten by simply participating in opportunities that arise such as surveys that appear on their blog. I have yet to do one of these surveys but one thing I can say is sometimes there is quite a lot of prizes to be won of one certain type and I imagine that means you have quite a reasonable chance of winning!


This is fast and really easy to do as well. All that you have to do is go to the Love Honey website and fill in the usual details. Email address, username, delivery details etc and then when the email comes click the link to confirm and that's you!


This is located at the top left hand side of the homepage. When you hover your mouse over it a list will pop up and on that list you will see the things listed below. This section is one were some people may like the stuff on it and others will not because everyone has varying opinions on what is good and what isnt but the good thing is that if your like me and most of the things on that list although they may make you curious enough to have a look end up creeping you out. Then you can easily avoid them and just click into the category that is of specific interest to you because each of them has their very own section. The things in this section range from being rather bizarre to relatively normal. With some of the stuff although I would never buy it. I still find myself looking because it is rather humorous or just really out of the ordinary, be it the bright coloured things, the seasonally inspired types, the funnily named ones or the shapes of them. The popular section listed below is just a round up of the most popular and most bought items. When hovering your mouse over this category you will also see the special offers sections and the buying help sections. There you can find the answer to any of your questions and useful guides which will help you when deciding what to buy.


  • Vibrators
  • Dildos
  • Sex Toys for Men
  • Sex Toys for Couples
  • Anal Sex Toys
  • Bondage and BDSM


  • Best Sellers
  • What's New
  • Rabbit Vibrators
  • Bullet Vibrators
  • Clitoral Vibrators
  • Complete Fleshlights
  • Vibrating Cock Rings


  • Deal of the Day
  • 3 for the price of 2
  • Rabbit Amnesty


  • Sex toys for beginners
  • Top 10 sex toys of all time
  • See all sex toys guides…


In this section you just hover your mouse over it the same way you did with the previous one. When you do this a list will pop up again only this list is full of lingerie and clothing sections. The first thing that you will see is the options below in the shop by category part. There is lots of nice things in this part and then also things that I do not like but other people will. Again there is so much variety that I am sure if you if are looking anything in particular there is a good chance that you will indeed find it. The prices in this section are also as reasonable as the rest. The help with buying part is very useful in this section. Here there is a detailed guide by a man for men who want to buy their partners lingerie. This is named A Blokes Guide to Buying Sexy Lingerie and I imagine this section will be very useful for any men who haven't a clue about it. The What if it doesn't fit? What lingerie shape am I? And the Corset buyers guide are all also very detailed, useful sections which will be of great help to anyone looking to purchase any type of clothing.


  • Sexy Lingerie
  • Sexy Plus Size 18+
  • Stockings & Hosiery
  • Sexy Costumes
  • Fetish Clothing
  • Underwear For Men
  • Sexy Shoes & Boots


  • What's New
  • Basques & Corsets
  • Bodystockings
  • Thongs & G-Strings
  • Baby Dolls & Chemises
  • Nurse Costumes
  • Schoolgirl Costumes


  • What if it doesn't fit?
  • What lingerie shape am I?
  • Corset buyers guide
  • Men! Start here!


This category has lots of different things such as a detailed write up for men explaining all about the little blue pills This is named Little Blue Pills - Erection Enhancers Explained and there is also a section for women named How Female Orgasm Boosters Can Help Your Sex Life and then there is a section named Choose The Right Personal Lubricant For Better Sex. Then of course all of the items that are available in this section. Again there is a wide variety of things to choose from and everything is reasonably priced.


  • Lubricants
  • Condoms
  • Better Sex For Her
  • Better Sex For him


  • Durex Condoms
  • Durex Play Lubes
  • Water Based Lubes
  • Kegel Exercisers
  • Boost His Sex Drive
  • Delay Spray & Cream

  • Mates 3-for-2
  • Durex Play Melts 2-for-1


  • Choosing the right lube
  • Female orgasm boosters
  • Little blue pills explained


This category is full of gifts and games that can be good for singletons but it is more aimed at couples. There is all sorts of things in this section and again the prices are really reasonable.


  • Sexy Gifts
  • Sex Games
  • Erotic Books
  • Adult DVDs


  • Erotic Massage
  • Better Sex Books
  • Body Paint & Rude Food
  • Clone-A-Willy Kits
  • Sexy Board Games


  • Free Erotic Stories
  • Sexy Gifts Sale


Well, when I signed up to this site to purchase stuff from it. I seen that you could get rewarded good free stuff for reviewing things. You can do this anonymously so that noone has to know what you have bought as well. I think it a good idea and that was another thing that encouraged me to buy from them. After all who doesn't like freebies? If the offer still stands which I can not see sight nor tail off because I am on their website while reviewing it and there is no mention of it any more. If you still can review on it though it is simple enough. You just find the item you want to review sort of like on Ciao and Dooyoo and then choose to review it.. This requires you to sign up.


Your Love Honey account can also be used on a site called Hen Night HQ.


This is a great area that you can use to add all of your favourite Love Honey products to. Then you can come back to see them again at another time. To do this you just find the wand picture that is located under each product and when you want to add a certain item to your wish-list just click the button next to it. You can also send this wish-list to someone if you want to send a cheeky and unsubtle hint as to what you want them to buy you.


This is connected to Ipoints, so every time that you shop with LoveHoney you will be awarded loyalty points. They turn into Ipoints that you can use to buy yourself even more stuff. To benefit from this you must sign up but if you are going to shop on the site you will need to do that anyway.


In this part you will read about recycling and LoveHoneys view on how important it is to look after the environment. You will read a part telling you that new recycling regulations mean that all electrical equipment including sex toys! Must be disposed of at a designated electrical waste collection centre. It says that means that you shouldn't just throw your dead vibrator in the bin! It then says this - more than 1,000 electrical waste centres have been set up around the UK. But who wants the hassle and embarrassment of taking their dog- eared sex toy down to the tip? Nobody! That's where the LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty can help. If you take the pledge and recycle your rabbit. You will get a new one for half the price and they will also donate £1 to a green charity, carefully dispose of your old one and ensure that as much of it is recycled as possible.


This is very entertaining to read although there was a few things that I have read on it and wished that I hadn't in the facts part! One particular story was rather well....disgusting in regards to what a woman is selling to get money and there is also a part about what fruit bats can do and what they discovered before humans ever did. The good parts in my opinion are the parts like the one that informs you of the top 10 sexy Christmas gifts under £10 and I also stumbled upon something saying Christmas is only 45 days away. Wow! Didn't think it was quite that close yet. lol! I found this on a link from their blog and it was very funny - They said that it is about a man who pretends to be a hot woman on a dating site and it is called no first date. I found it quite funny because I have used one of those sites before and can see how easily this sort of thing could happen. Although I never met anyone special on it they are not all bad either as some may believe lol! Well I thought that I would add this part so that people reading this can see an idea of what the blog has to offer.


I was very pleased with the delivery on this site and cant fault it at all. At the time that I last ordered from it. I had stuff coming from Ebay and from Love Honey and I expected the LoveHoney stuff would arrive the latest but it didn't and it actually got here first. The delivery was very speedy and took only two out of the said three days by first class delivery and better still it was free because first class delivery is free on orders over £30 -.It usually costs £2.95. They do everything possible to ensure that your stuff not only comes on time but also in plain, discreet packaging. They use Royal Mail First Class Delivery, Royal Mail Special Delivery and Interlink courier services. There is also a super saver option were anything you buy can be delivered free in a span of two or four working days and then the special delivery service that is free on orders over £50 otherwise it costs £4.95. I felt very confident in making my purchase that I would receive my stuff because on their homepage you can find all of their contact details. There is also no minimum order either on fast, free delivery and there is a free returns police for 365 days of the year.


This was hassle free you can pay via Paypal, Visa Debit Maestro, Visa Mastecard and Visa Electron. There is also a sign to let you know that they are McAfee Secured and that internet shopping is safe there. Once you decide what items you want, the quantity that you require and where you need your items delivered to. You choose your time and delivery day and then hit the green button that says "go to secure checkout." When you get to this part you will see a "delivery summary" this tells you the overall price of your order, how many LoveHoney loyalty scheme points you will receive and you will see on the right hand side of the screen the exact day that your order will be dispatched and the time and date it should be delivered by. It is worth mentioning that below every thing that you can order, there is suitable things that you may require for example "batteries" and on the page of the item of your choice, there is boxes below it and if you tick them you will have any little extras that you tick automatically added on for you.


This part is dedicated to all things christmasy. This is located near the top right hand side of the homepage under the heading "its Christmas." You will find four sections. These are as follows - raunchy gifts for men, sexy gifts for women,kinky gifts for couples and saucy stocking fillers.


I highly recommend this site the prices are unbelievably low at times and there is such a wide variety of things available on it. I am sure that there will be something for everyone. I really enjoyed using this site. I will be using it again because their delivery was brilliant and I was very happy with the items that I bought. I also like the blog part of this site and I think that the review part is still there because there is nothing indicating otherwise. This is the sort of site that is good to visit even if you are not looking to buy anything there is videos on it and then there great blog. This site got a five star rating from shopzilla which claims to be number 1 for customer service and it gets a five star rating from me too. I really have no negatives or bad points that I can think to add here because this site is just brilliant in every single aspect.

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  • arnoldhenryrufus published 29/11/2009
    sounds a good site, Ann Summers has some competition - nicely reviewed as well - lyn x
  • Cookie-Crumbled published 23/11/2009
    Ann Summers are a little stale these days I reckon. Overpriced on many items too. I will have to have a look at this site! Great review! ;o)
  • torr published 21/11/2009
    Whatever turns you on, I guess. Nice, thorough and engaging review.
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