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published 23/12/2002 | rishibave
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"33 percent longer-33 percent more expensive"

Lucozade sport isotonic energy drink. As I write a bottle of this human petrol stands before me. Now if you’re like me when I first came across it, I’m guessing you think it’s like ambrosia for athletes. The reason I began drinking it was not because I saw Michael Owen sprinting on my television and then claiming it was all due to Lucozade sport, however it was slightly influential. However the reason I began drinking it was because a lot of my badminton peers were doing so and suggested that I do the same. Not afraid to try new things I did and now I’m going to tell you about my experience.

**What is it?**

Lucozade isotonic energy drink is a creation from the same company who make the Lucozade fizzy drink. It is a still drink but it is ‘isotonic’ and is claimed to replenish energy (using carbohydrate) and salts (lost through sweat during exercise) quickly and effectively. Since it is ‘isotonic’ the idea is that it can diffuse straight into the cells rather than there being a concentration gradient.

**What varieties are there?**

This beverage tends to come in four main varieties.

1. Orange (this is the most common)
2. mixed berry
3. pink grapefruit
4. lemon


The supposed wonder drink comes in a 500ml clear plastic bottle (it’s also available in a pouch but I haven’t had too much experience with the pouches). The bottle is not anything special, however there is the traditional symbol of the Lucozade runner embedded into it. There is a label on the bottle which has ‘Lucozade sport’ written on it in large letters, with the ‘Lucozade’ being in yellow and the ‘sport’ in white. Above this it says ‘Orange body fuel’, however this is only on the orange variety (each variety has its own corresponding version to this depending on which variety it is). Clearly at the top of the label written in dark blue, upon an orange background, are the words ‘BEFORE-DURING-AFTER SPORT’. There is also a picture of the ‘Lucozade runner’ and the words ‘keep going 33% longer are written around it.’ On the other side of the label are all the ingredients and manufacturers information. The bottle also has a blue top.

**When to drink it?**

As stated on the bottle it is meant to be drunk, before, during or after sport (so you can really drink it anytime!). I tend to drink a small amount before sport. Most of my intake is during sport and then I finish with a little more after sport. However when you drink it is up to you.

BEFORE- To provide your body with an energy boost before you begin.

DURING- To replace salts and replenish carbohydrate levels.

AFTER- To ensure your body has a speedy recovery after sport.

**How effective is it?**

Does it really provide you with the promised energy? This is of course an important factor as it is one of the key selling points of the drink and the main reason I bought it in the first place! Well I can simply offer you my own personal experiences. Lucozade seem to have mountains of faith in its effectiveness. Before I began to experiment with this isotonic diesel I used to consume water, occasionally with cordial. Since I began drinking Lucozade I did not feel much different, however I have more confidence and it seemed to help my endurance quite significantly. Now whether this is simply all psychological I am not sure, but as long as it helps my performance to be honest I do not care. Personally I do believe that it is more than just psychological as sometimes when I just take water I find myself tiring more quickly. Every time I drink it I feel adrenaline pump round my body. It’s as if my body is somehow satisfied. It’s like an engine which has been given new ‘premium’ motor oil. For me the results show that it has been extremely effective.

**What does it taste like?**

The drink is thick and syrupy. Each one has its own individual flavour.

1. Orange –The original and my personal favourite. Has an addictive, tantalising taste which grows on you. However sometimes it feels like you’re simply drinking overpriced cordial.

2. mixed berry-I generally don’t drink this one unless I have to. Although it is quite refreshing it tastes excessively watery like a cheap, over diluted cordial.

3. pink grapefruit-This has an interesting taste and is nice for a change sometimes.

4. lemon-This is lovely if you like citrus drinks, however it’s a bit too much for my throat to handle and doesn’t really suit me.

Do not buy this drink if you want to be overawed with taste. If that is your sole desire I suggest you buy a cordial or some other drink.


This is perhaps where the drink is let down. It can be extremely expensive. At most sports centres it costs £1 a bottle (when I saw this price all the compassion I once had for the drink melted into nothing) which is ridiculous really! From Sainsbury’s it is 79p a bottle which is still extremely expensive. If you buy it in bulk from Costco it works out to about 50p a bottle which isn’t too bad.

**It’s still too expensive-what are my alternatives?**

Well if you don’t want to pay the extravagant prices but still want to have an isotonic drink there are a number of alternatives.

1. Buy the Lucozade powder which you dilute yourself (this is slightly cheaper at about 52p for a single but cheaper if bought in bulk).

2. Create your own isotonic drink! Simply buy some cordial and dilute it with water. Now add two teaspoons of sugar (per litre) and a pinch of salt! Voila, your own, home made, cheaper isotonic drink!

3. Simply go without and use water.

**Nutritional Information**

It is suitable for vegetarians. I shall not list the ingredients but will inform you of the main elements. Lucozade isotonic contains selected levels of carbohydrate (glucose) and electrolytes (sodium) which helps replace fluid lost in sweat more quickly, as well as providing energy. Lucozade isotonic also contains 5 main B-vitamins: Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 which all aid the body (for more information on these see during sport.


When I my lips came to touch this ambrosia for athletes there were no electric sparks. I did not feel every one of my muscles evoke energy. The taste didn’t even cause my taste buds to explode. However I did experience an improvement in my endurance and I could indeed go on for longer. Although this may be an overpriced beverage I truly have faith in it and now drink it at all my badminton tournaments. For my body it is like super charged petroleum. It also seems to help me get better quicker when I am ill. I would recommend this drink to anybody who does intensive physical activity because I have had continuous success with the product.

By Rishi

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  • MissTopaz published 08/07/2004
    this stuff is great, i guess you pay for it!
  • magicloudz published 18/02/2003
    Human petrol, I love the analogy:) -Jon
  • gorvifal3 published 16/02/2003
    Great review, I use this product when playing Squash and going to the Gym, it does work, I find it very rejuvenating.
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