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published 16/01/2004 | Christina666
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Pro re-hydrates fast, tasty when chilled
Cons Can leave a strange aftertaste if you let it get warm!
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"My hangover cure."

So I'm young(sih), and when I get older I'll regret it because my liver will be rotten and my skin will be grey, but I just can't seem to help it! I drink far too much. And I don't mean tea and coffee. Wine, yip, I'm in love with a bottle of Vino, which I think would be fine if I left it to the weekends, but I can't resist having a quick tipple after work a few times a week. This I feel, is the main problem with working in London. Not only do I have colleagues who are quite partial to a quick glass of something stronger after work, I also have the temptation of all of my close friends working close by.

So, I wake up at 7am on a Tuesday morning, with a whopping hangover and the prospect of having to travel an hour into London and sit at my desk all day trying to concentrate. Not good.

But I have my savour. A bottle of Orange lucozade Sport, which quite handily, I can buy chilled at my local train station. This is the only drink that works for me.

Intended to 'Improve Endurance by 33%', this drink is designed with Sport and exercise in mind (hence the name Lucozade Sport!) I can't help you on what the effect are when you take this down to the gym with you, but I can tell you that after having a skin full of alcohol the night before, this drink makes me feel human again!

Not only does this drink re-hydrate me faster than water or, my usual preference, cold fizzy coke, but it helps me get back into work and concentrate. Without it I really could drink during the week.

The bottle.

Lucozade sport can be found in a clear plastic bottle with a blue label around the bottle half, bearing the name 'Lucozade Sport' and with the image of a blue silloetted man running in the background. The bottle is fatter that the traditional Lucozade bottles, and has a wide screw top opening, 3.5 cm to be precise. Each bottle contains 500ml, and can be bought in Orange or Lemon flavours

Nutritional Information
(Typical values per 100ml)

Energy 118kj (28kcal)
Protein Trace
Carbohydrate 6.4g
Fat 0
Niacin 0.61mg (3.4%RDA)
Vit B6 0.07MG (3.4% RDA)
Vit B12 0.03 (3.4% RDA)
Pantothenic Acid 0.20mg (3.4% RDA)

Each 500 ml bottle provides 17% RDA oft he vitamins listed.

Tpical Mineral Values per 100ml:

Sodium 50mg
Potassium 8.8mg
Calcium 2.0mg
Magnesium 0.6mg

The taste.

Well what can I say. Orangey!!

This type of drink can be liked to Johnson's Orange Cordial I think, but slightly richer. This variety is still, but I have seen a Fizzy version, that comes in a tall slim, more traditional Lucozade bottle.

When its chilled this drink is really easy to sup on, it’s not too orangey its just pleasant tasting! However, I have sometimes put half finished bottles into my bag to finish at work, and when I've tried to drink them later in the day when its had a chance to warm up, its left a rather gritty aftertaste, and to me, its was undrinkable.

A bottle of this costs me £1.10 at my local Station kiosk, where as usual, the prices are totally over inflated! If you’re smarter than me and remember things such as these on your shopping trip, they cost about 75p in Tesco, and are even cheaper if you buy the multi packs.

All in all, I can't praise their ability to help with my hangovers enough! I swear by them!!

Thanks for reading

Christina x

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  • gaz_close published 16/03/2004
    hair of the dog is the only realy hangover cure but you can't exactly go into work half cut in the morning lol, gd review.
  • rosillew published 22/01/2004
    Great review............... but I think I will stick to drinking water
  • ElizaF published 21/01/2004
    I lived ion this stuff every Sat. morning when I was in college. (Out on tear on the night before and in work in bar early the morning) Now I prefer lots of water to flush excesses out of system, it takes longer but means I am less tired as the day goes on. :) xx E.
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