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published 28/04/2002 | Katenray
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Pro Stops the dog from pulling
Cons Stops the dog from pulling by burning it
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"Burn the product not the dog"

I was scrolling through the pet section, which has got to be my favourite, when low and behold I came across the Lupi mentioned. Now this was probably a bad idea to put it in an opinion page, especially when I'm now on the page.

Sorry guys, as you have probably already noticed by my writing so far, I am not a fan of this product and I'm going to give it a really good slating.

As mentioned previously, I have both worked in two different pet shops and also in an animal shelter. During in my time working with animals and advising on various products and method of keeping them, I have come across a few types of harnesses. The Lupi being the worst one ever.

For those who do not know what a Lupi is, it is a brand of dog harness which is designed mainly for the small terrier types. It is made from a cord style of nylon as opposed to the flat nylon and the leather harnesses.

Now a lot of people will recommend the Lupi for dogs such as Westies and Jack Russells. They will recommend it, as it is easy to use by laying it flat on the floor and getting the dog to step into it. Once the dog has stepped inside of it, you can just pull on the lead section and it will automatically adjust round the dog. Bingo, you are now ready to take your pooch for a walk.

"It is a very good harness and comes out top for stopping dogs pulling on the lead”, this is what I heard a member of my staff telling a customer as I was walking past. Bless him, he meant well but had obviously never come accross one before.

After giving him another customer to help, I continued to chat to the original customer. His little Westie was a hyperactive little fellow, at just over 18 months old all he wanted to do was excitedly get into anything and everything nearby. His owner wanted something that was going to be a bit easier on his dog's throat and also a bit easier on his shoulder joint. He had been recommended the Lupi by a breeder and wanted to give it a go.

I took it out of the packaging and showed him the design. We tried it on his dog and demonstrated how it worked. It was indeed easy and quick to put on, but as I showed the gent, there is a patch on the Lupi, which sits at the sternum. This patch and the two straps that go across the shoulders and underneath the arms rub on the dog's hair and skin, which effectively works as rope burn. I explained to the gent that this is why the Lupi works so well and your dog's stops pulling. It's simply because the rubbing turns in to a burn on the skin which is so painful for the dog that he doesn't want hurt himself any further by pressing against the Lupi in an attempt to pull.

I have seen many cases of rope burn caused by these Lupi's, a couple of which were so bad that the hair never fully grew back over the burns. Little dogs (believe it or not) tend to pull on the lead more than their bigger breeds. If any of you have Jack Russells you have probably already notices that your dog doesn't always fully really take it in that they are choking on their collar when just on a lead. They will slow down for a few seconds to get their breath back, and then they’re off again!! Dogs like these are typical cases of rope burn candidates.

After explaining all the details to the gent in the shop, I then showed him another type of harness, which is made from flat nylon as opposed to the corded style of the Lupi. To put this harness on the dog, you need to lay it flat on the floor and get the dog to step into it (unless you have a well behave dog who sits and gives you his paw on command, so you can slide the harness up his legs). Once the dog has stepped into the harness, pull it up over his shoulders and fasten the clasp across his back. Then attach the lead and (providing you have already adjusted it to the right size!!) you are ready to go.

If the dog continues to pull on this harness, because it isn't a cord/rope style, it won't burn the dog's hair and skin.

All in all, the Lupi is a baaaaaaaaaaaad product and please stay well clear of it. If you want to use a harness (which does make it a lot easier on your shoulders when walking the dog), please always use a flat nylon one NOT corded/rope style.

I hope this is of use to some of you, and will stop you from purchasing a Lupi harness.

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  • nnooxx published 17/10/2007
    The problem appears to be the dogs have the wrong size Lupi. With the right size rope burns are just not going to happen, because they are naturally loose on the dog.
  • Squind published 13/11/2005
    I was thinking of getting a Lupi harness for my retriever (currently a lively 8 months old) as her Airedale friend walks well with his. I mentioned it to our dog trainer who explained that Lupis work by hurting the dog and could cut into their skin. She recommended a Kumfi harness which I have ordered today. This review certainly holds up our trainer's impression of the Lupi. My friend with the Airedale would disagree, maybe the dog has tougher skin.
  • tillybaby published 19/03/2004
    Many thanks for such a good review, I was just about to purchase the Lupi for my Jack Russell but not now. I love my little dog and do not, in any way, wish to torture him.
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