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"Bare Faced 100% Natural..."

lush angels on bare skin

lush angels on bare skin

Everyone who reads my reviews will know by now what a huge fan I am of Lush products, in fact of the whole company as well as their wonderful array of gorgeous smelling products, I love their morals and ethics in general.

Lush's beliefs are at the heart of everything they do, they only use the best of fresh ingredients and the finest of essential oils buying only from other companies that do not commission animal testing, they make highly effective products from soap to perfume all which are invented by themselves and individually handmade using safe synthetics with the bare minimal recycled packaging or none at all in most cases selling their products naked, this encourages recycling and helps to protect our planet.

All the morals of only using fresh natural and safe products combined with a determination to make a difference to change the way we use and buy products in the way they are produced and packaged, products that cater for every need and are mostly unisex and are safe and gentle enough to use on children, their determination and strict rules on animal testing and recycling make them a company in which I trust and adore in all that they do and stand for, to add the shop's staff knowledge and expertise on all the products they sell makes Lush a company I will always go back to...

Angels on Bare skin is a product I absolutely love, I have used this product for a number of years now so I think I am able to review the product thoroughly, honestly and balanced with extensive experience, I think those reading this will have guessed which direction I am going with this product as I have already stated how much I love it, however I assure you that I didn't instantly warm to this product the first time I tried it, if I am totally honest I was not at all keen at first and it took me a month or so of trial and error to really get to grips with it and slowly I learnt to love it as the essential 'must have' facial product I regard it as today.



PRICED at £5.95 For an 100g Pot

Angels on bare skin is one of lush's best sellers which says a lot rally and it is easy to see why after prolonged use, I have a suspicion that it is a best seller partly to do with this being a preservative free product and a dual effect cleanser and exfoliator that smells wonderful and is suitable for all skin types and also for vegans.

Originally named Miriam, a name taken from the bible that over time in the early days turned into Angels on bare skin during production, it is basically a solid that transforms into a cleansing milk when warm water is added, by taking the water content out of this product Lush have removed the need to add preservatives which means that Angels on bare skin is 100% naturally produced and contains no nasties and only the safest of ingredients combined with essential oils to make an effective cleanser that is kind to the skin and does not upset the skins naturally occurring delicate balance of oils.

It is made by rolling Kaolin just like you would roll dough using a rolling pin, mixing all the essential oils and ingredients together to form a slab and is rolled flat, then it is sprinkled generously with Lavender flowers and finally folded and rolled together just like you would a Swiss roll! This is then cut into 100g portions and potted into recycled plastic pots, the date the product was made, where and whom made it is placed on the product using a sticker that is also recycled allowing the buyer to see that it is fresh.

The Lush description of this product is...

" As gentle and beautiful as being kissed by angels, made from 100% natural ingredients because when nature is this good you don't want to mess with her balance!"


Ground Almonds
Lavender Oil
Rose Absolute
Chamomile Blue Oil
Tagetes Oil
Benzoin Resinoid
Lavender Flowers

Ground Almonds-
Ancient Egyptians used and valued the almond for centuries for its skin polishing purposes, its exfoliating and softening effect, this ingredient aides the skins tone and colour, the almond is a fruit and is part of the plum family and the nuts are coarsely ground down to a soft floury texture to be used as a raw natural ingredient.

A clear liquid that completely dissolves in water, it occurs widely in nature, the vegetable oil involved in Lush glycerine is rapeseed oil grown in the UK, glycerine is a traditional cosmetic material that has been widely used for many years because it is so safe and effective, it is very mild and will not irritate in any way and Lush makes sure the glycerine they use is palm-free.

Also knows as soft clay, it is a naturally occurring soft clay first discovered in the Kao-ling mountains in China, It is a white hydrated aluminium silicate mined from mountains and gathered from tropical riverbeds, Kaolin is used in intestinal medicines for its ability to absorb water, Kaolin cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and also adds absorbency and texture as an ingredient.

Lavender Oil-
Is obtained from the flowering tops of the lavender plant by steam distillation, this oil is often used by aromatherapists to calm the mind, aid a restful sleep and for relaxing purposes, Lavender oil has a fantastic anti-bacterial and deodorising property and may also be beneficial in helping repair damaged skin and encourage healing.

Rose Absolute-
Comes from the flower petals of the Damask rose plant and is obtained by solvent extraction, the Damask rose is grown in Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, India and China, it is a very popular oil in perfumery and aromatherapy and is thought to have a balancing effect on emotions, the scent of rose is considered an aphrodisiac and an ancient symbol of love and innocence, it is a great ingredient for moisturising products and an excellent choice for mature, rough or irritated skins as it helps improve the skins appearance and also perfumes the skin.

Chamomile Blue Oil-
Is sourced from a sweetly scented annual blennial which has delicate leaves and daisy like flowers, the oil is extracted from the fully opened flowers by steam distillation and is a striking blue colour, Chamomile is one of the most gentlest essential oils, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, used to treat bruises, allergies, and stress and is very beneficial to those with sensitive skins. It also may help to balance hormone fluctuations, a popular soothing oil widely referred to as the oil for everything.

Tagetes Oil-
Comes from a plant belonging to the same family as the Dahlia and the Daisy, the oil comes from the tiny pale white and yellow flowers, it is a popular ingredient in perfumery, this oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties making it useful for products containing no preservatives.

Benzoin Resinoid-
Comes from a tree belonging to the styraceae plant family and extracted from tender evergreen trees of at least 25 feet in height and found in the rich woodland and swamps of Sumatra, Thailand, and Java, the collected hardened gum is stored in pieces then pressed, refined and extracted to produce resiniod used in perfumery, benzoic's two main chemical constitutions are coniferyl innamate (an ester) and sumaresionoic acid, esters are said to have powerful relaxing properties on the skin and benzoic is commonly used to calm irritated, cracked, sore and very dry skin conditions, it has many beneficial components and has been used for many years in various products from incense and oil to shampoo and perfume.

Lavender Flowers-
Cultivated from Provence in France, the flowers are picked as they begin to open and they are strongly scented violet coloured flowers that are used fresh, dried or distilled, used fresh as an ingredient for the skin it acts as a natural exfoliant removing dirt and dead skin.

Is basically a naturally sourced freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Is a colourless liquid with a sweet odour, it occurs naturally in many essential oils including Lavender, Rose Absolute, and Chamomile which are all listed as ingredients in this product, some people have allergic reactions to specific fragrance materials and companies are required by law to list them enabling consumers to identify which products they can use safely. Commonly used in floral fragrances.

Angels on Bare skin looks very much like a khaki coloured couscous with lavender petals sprinkled amongst it, it feels cool, slightly moist and doughy to touch and is very easily broken up into small chunks, it has a very prominent lavender scent that fills the room but at the same time is not too over powering, once added to water the solid form transforms into an almond milk and the scent of lavender is lessened when wet, it becomes runny with a few solid but soft lumps depending on how much is used and feels just like it would had you just been making a model clay pot, it turns a pale grey mauve colour and feels very smooth.


To use this product is easy so it seems, you dampen the face with warm water then place a pea sized amount of product into the palm of the hand, add some water to create a milky paste then smooth across the face gently massaging using the fingertips.

As I said earlier I did not warm to this product straight away and I struggled for the first few weeks to use angels on bare skin, this is because it felt odd and rather uncomfortable to get the hang of, as well as a tad messy, I seemed to waste a lot of the product and I found it quite time consuming to use, I felt I was doing something wrong and became frustrated at not being able to get the consistency right to get the best out of it so it did the job I wanted and expected it to do, however I did instantly love the lavender scent and the added lavender flowers integrated into the product looked lovely.

I am not entirely sure if my initial issues using Angels on bare skin was down to me never using anything like it ever before and it being completely different to anything I had ever used before and comparing to the usual products on the market I was definitely not used to using a 'naked' product, I wondered if I was using it correctly as I realised their must be a knack to using this product for the desired benefits but the truth is as I found out through a couple of weeks trial an error that there is no right or wrong way to using this product, it is hugely dependant on the user and what effects the user requires at each cleanse.

Through perseverance I gave this product a chance to impress as I continued to use it, I didn't want to waste the whole pot, I was new to using raw products and because I bought this via the online store I only had the product write up to refer to at the time, which I learnt was quite inaccurate, it recommended to use a 'pea sized amount' of product and this was no where near enough of the product even when added to water to do the job it promised or even be enough to use on the whole of the face and neck, using the recommended amount I didn't feel I was getting a good cleanse or exfoliate or even a quick wash to be honest, there was no difference and my face did not 'feel' like I had just cleansed, I could smell the scent but that was about the extent of it.

I found with a method of trial and error experimentation on applying Angels on bare skin I had found what worked for me personally with surprising results and grew to love this product the more I discovered how versatile and beneficial it was, I found that the design of the product put me in control of what I wanted to use it for, if I want a quick light cleanse I use the pea sized amount and spread it out across just the face before rinsing, this method also worked for removing surface make up and before moisturiser or primer application, for a deeper cleanse I use warmer water and more product allowing the steam from the bowl of run water to help open and clean the pores and gently massage the product across the skin in small circular movements, and to exfoliate I decide if to do a light scrub or a more heavy scrub and adjust the amount of product accordingly, the Lavender flowers are visible enough to control how much is added to each use and I can also adjust the benefits of the product by how long I leave it on my skin and how long I massage it in.

== DOES IT WORK ? ==

As a facial product it is versatile enough to be used as a cleanser and an exfoliator where you chose the thickness and texture to adapt it to suit your own personal requirements, I have adapted this product to suit my skin and lifestyle accordingly and I use it on a daily basis as a general cleanser and three to four times a week as a deep exfoliator, when using this product the scent is the most noticeable effect and I have found it is relaxing and soothing to use, it uses just the right amount of scent which lingers both on the skin and in the room used in.

I have found this to be an effective cleanser and moisturiser that does its job pleasantly, it always leaves my skin feeling clean and baby soft and the longer I used this the more I noticed the difference to my eczema prone dry skin, this became more prominent when I had once run out of Angels on bare skin and used an alternative product instead for a week my skin definitely missed this product and I noticed just how beneficial using an all natural product like this was for my skin, it has worked miles better than the more expensive chemical laden products I have tried in the past, it no longer feels odd or uncomfortable as I am now used to it and I now love the way it feels when using it on my face and the way my skin feels after.

It leaves no residue and after a good cleanse or exfoliate it leaves a slight tightening effect on my skin which feels really refreshing, I have also noticed a vast reduction in the size of my pores since using this ingenious natural product, the name makes more sense to me now and I can see why Lush chose to call this product the name they did, it feels luxurious and pampering.


This is a perfect everyday product and because unfortunately our skin is never exactly the same every single day this is a unique adaptable product that can be adjusted and adapted to suit the daily changes in the balance of your skin, I totally love how I can control the effect I want from this and its ability as a multi -use beneficial and effective facial product, it's a huge bonus knowing that it contains no nasty chemicals or harmful additives, it definitely was not love at first sight with Angels on bare skin but was something I learnt to love as I learnt to use it to suit myself.

I think that Angels on bare skin is excellent value for money considering I only have to re purchase every 10 to 12 weeks, and sometimes even longer, for daily use of a 100g pot costing under £6 this is amazing affordable value for a product of this standard, I am extremely pleased and happy with this product that I now consider an essential part of my daily routine and one that I now would never be without.
I highly recommend this product for anyone to use both young and aged, male and female, I would urge that if like me you find you are not impressed after the first few uses to further persevere and trust in the product, find your feet with it and experiment with varying amounts and techniques and you will not be let down, I am very glad I gave this product the chance it deserved and is one of my favourite best buys.

I rate Angels on bare skin a flawless full house of 5 out of 5
I have used updated photo's on this product as the ciao picture is an old version.

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    All one needs to know! It sounds a useful product to know about, especially as it is dual purpose, and I like lavender scents.
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