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When it comes to bath and beauty products I like to think of myself as something of a connoisseur. When something new comes out I am the ultimate advertiser’s dream as I rush straight out and buy it. But there is one brand of smelly treats that have escaped my clutches and that is Lush. Up until last year, I had never set foot in a Lush store, simply because there wasn’t one near to where I lived. I had been told of the Lush website, but I am one of those people that likes to sniff and feel before I buy.

So, when the Aberdeen store opened its doors I was straight there quicker than a flash just to see what all the fuss was about. As I approached the shop, I could already smell the sweet aroma of the vast array of bath and beauty products and that was before I’d even reached the door. To me, it was like walking in Heaven’s gates, and I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on a few bits and bobs to use in my bathroom.

With my basket under my arm and a determined, look on my face; I browsed around the shop like a kid in a sweet shop. There was so much to choose from and so little time, or should I say too small a bank balance to pay for all my desired items. I decided that I shouldn’t be so extravagant, the shop would be there long enough for me to go back and fill my basket, so I managed to discipline myself into choosing just a couple of items. Ok, four then.

The first thing to catch my eye was the huge range of Bath Ballistics, bath bombs for those not in the know. I had heard so much about these before, but had never been lucky enough to own my very own one, so this was my first impulse buy. There were so many to choose from, and each one had their own fragrance but the one that caught my eye and made my nostrils wave more frantically was the one aptly named the Sex Bomb. Don’t ask me why, It’s not because I’m particularly sex mad or anything, it just had a gorgeous smell that stood out from the crowd. With my nose pressed up hard against the wrapped bath bomb I could pick out the scent of Jasmine, which happens to be one of my favourite flowers, so in the basket it went. The bath ballistics contain real flowers, essential oils and herbs and spices. These ingredients altogether add up to the most amazing bath time experience ever with a gorgeous scent wafting around the whole house. The bombs are also vegan friendly, as they don’t contain any animal products.

After I had ummed and aahed about the rest of my purchases, I finally made my way to the counter and had the shock of my life when the assistant told me how much the total was. Thank god for that money I got for Christmas from Auntie Win, that’s all I can say. Try explaining to Barry the importance of spending that much money on something that’s going to disappear down the plughole, literally.

Anyway, purse now much lighter I head off home and start to look forward to the evening once the kids are tucked up in bed and I can try out my new indulgence. Time passed by so very slowly, but soon it was time to run my bath. I did this with such gusto that I almost forgot to put cold water in. I lit a few candles to give the bathroom a more ambient feeling and peeled off the clear wrapper coating the bath bomb. The Sex Bomb is made up of two colours, hot pink and light lilac. Sitting delicately on the top is a tiny little fake rosebud. This is Barbie’s dream. I like pink and purple myself, so already I was smitten.

The Sex Bomb comes in two halves, but trying to break them is a challenge and a half. No matter how much I pulled and twisted, it wasn’t going to budge, so picking up one of the kid’s bath toys I gave it a quick bash and that seemed to help. A few solitary crumbs broke off, but not too much damage done. I suppose you could put the whole thing if you wish, but I found half of a bomb was plenty. I didn’t want to overdo it on my first date, if you understand. Once the bath water was ready, I plopped one half of the bomb in and immediately there was a volcano like explosion in the bath. This is thanks to the sodium bicarbonate that can be found in the whole bath ballistic range. As soon as the Sex Bomb made contact with the water, a wonderful smell filled the air, a heady aroma of ylang ylang and clary sage teamed with jasmine. A marriage made in heaven. The water also went a cloudy pink colour and as I stepped in I could feel it softening my skin. Because the bath bombs contain essential oils your skin will feel hydrated and smooth, but not greasy.

When I was younger I had a few bad experiences with those awful bath cubes I used to get as gifts for birthdays, Christmas and such-like, so I was a bit dubious about using the sex bomb. This feeling was short lived though, as the itchiness I had experienced as a youngster was not to be had when using the Sex Bomb.

The time finally came for me to get out of the bath. With fingers and toes all prune-like for spending far too long wallowing in the depths of this aromatic elixir, I decided to pull the plug on my bath time. As I emptied the bath, there was a slight residue left around the bath, but this was easily rinsed off and was no worst than bubble bath scum. The bathroom was still full of the strong scent, that in my opinion was heaven scent, but my husband gasped for breath when he walked in. He did actually comment on how nice it smelt after his nose had become accustomed to the smell, so he must’ve liked it. Some might say it’s a bit overpowering, but I loved it. It’s particularly great at nuking all the nasty bathroom smells that your stinky partner leaves behind, so just buy it for that reason.

As I dried off I could still smell the gorgeous scents as they lingered on my skin. I also felt ultra smooth and soft. Even the next morning, after sleeping in bed, there was a faint hint of jasmine just hanging around. Every now and then I would catch myself having a sly sniff in the hope that I wouldn’t get any strange looks from my family.

The bathroom still had a lingering aroma of the sex bomb as if trying to tantalise me into taking another bath, but I was able to resist, making sure that I saved the other half till the weekend. After all as much as I would have loved to jump into another Lush Bath Experience, my wallet wouldn’t allow. The cost of these is something that beggars belief, but I don’t mind shelling a bit more out for an occasional treat. One measly 200g Sex Bomb set me back at £2.20, so over a pound a bath is a bit expensive in my book. For someone like me who strives to get a bargain when shopping, picking up all the 2 for 1’s, I couldn’t even contemplate in making this a regular fixture in my bathroom cabinet. So, as much as it hurts for me to say this, it looks like my sex bomb life is dwindling to a halt, or at least to once a month.

If like me you like to fondle, prod and sniff before you buy then there are loads of stores around the UK and the rest of the world to visit, in fact far too many for me to list. To find your nearest one check out the Lush website, link given below.

As I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, I have had no adverse reactions since using the Sex Bomb, but the same can’t be said for everyone. If you do have sensitive skin, then I would pay caution before buying these bath bombs, because they do contain certain essential oils that could potentially bring you out in a rash. The same applies if you are pregnant, check the ingredients first, however Lush claim that all their products are safe to use. If you are in any doubt, the Lush website lists all the ingredients of each of their products, so you can check this out before buying. Also on the website you can order online, but remember there is a delivery charge from £3.95 depending on how mad you go with your flexible friend. To find out more log on to and let your senses guide you, it’s times like these when I wish smelly vision was in existence.

Having made my first trip to Lush, and survived, I certainly won’t leave it so long the next time. I already have a huge wish list written out and with so much to choose from, I doubt I will get bored too soon. Now, all I need to do is start shopping in all the bargain basements so that I can save up plenty of money to buy more goodies.

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  • h_o_y_f_d published 09/02/2006
    Great review! I love lush's products their so cute and smell amazin. I haven't tried this one but will definately be on the hunt for it this weekend! :)
  • gillsnewgroove published 21/04/2004
    excellent op. even better than the review in lush magazine! I have to struggle past the tempting aroma of Lush every morning, which sits directly opposite my work. I love it too much. My boyfriend thinks so anyway at those prices but isn't it dreamy. Mmmmm.
  • tracey_angel published 25/03/2004
    You have talked me into wanting a sex bomb. ;oP
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