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published 15/10/2011 | daisyleex
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"Lush Sex Bomb"

What Is It?

I nipped into Lush mid-week as I was in need of something to cheer me up and I ended up getting the Sex Bomb bath ballistic (for anyone who doesn't know, a bath ballistic is a bath bomb). I have heard of it before but it's never been something that has appealed to me - it sounds quite tacky to be honest but as soon as I spotted it in my local Lush store and smelt it I could see why my friends like it so much. The bath bomb is designed to get you in the mood for sex, hence the name. I wasn't sure at first how on earth a bath bomb could make me feel frisky, however after a bit of research online I am now an expert on how this thing works, lol. Basically the bath bomb's ingredients are packed full with sensual and relaxing oils that stimulate you and make you feel 'sensual' (or so Lush claim) due to the romantic smell they produce, but ofcourse it can be used as just a nice, relaxing bath bomb - it's not strictly just for couples or anything!

Price and Appearence

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I have a perfectly healthy sex life and so didn't buy this to spice things up or anything like that, I just adored the scent and though it would be a fun idea for me and Jack (or me by myself) to have a bath in this and see if it did what it claims to. Also, weirdly enough, as soon as I saw the name, I thought "this'd be a good product to review!" lol. I'm definetly addicted to this site! Anyway, the bath bomb is 200 grams and costs £2.99. Pretty expensive considering how long it lasts (5mins at the most), however I decided to buy it anyway as it's not too extorionate and I was curious to know if it works and what it actually smells like in the bath. The physical appearence of the ballistic is very feminine, I can simply not imagine a man buying this which I think is quite ironic as it's as much of a man's product as a woman's right? Or am I wrong? That's just my opinion anyway. It's round, pretty large and bright pink. It has a sort of purple 'topping' on the top that doesn't quite cover one half of the ballistic, so it has quite a patchy appearence. On the purple bit it has a flower (a cute little pink rose) embedded in the middle - you will be hearing more about this later.

Using the Bath Ballistic - My Experience

Packaging is minimal - the usual yellow Lush paper bag. I used this the day I bought it. I used the whole thing as I found it too hard to break in half, although all of the Lush ballistics I have tried previously have broken in half easily so I didn't get 2 uses out of this meaning that it already let itself down before i'd used it - 1 bath for £2.99 is not good value at all, atleast with 2 baths you get the most for your money. Anyway, I ran my bath as usual and once it was full I dropped the ballistic in. You do not hold this under the tap and you don't need to do anything special like you do with other Lush products, simply drop it straight in. It started fizzing violentlly the second it hit the bath water, i'm glad I dropped it in before I my self got into the bath as it is quite a hefty bath bomb and it was bobbing around like mad! Definetly not one to use if you don't like the ballistics that cause alot of fizzing and noise. A few bubbles also appeared but they didn't last long. No glitter appeared which was a downer as there are tiny speckles of glitter in the bath bomb when it is in solid form but nope, no glitter in the water which seems bizzare but anyway. The bath bomb dissolves within 4-5 minutes - very quickly, so if you're wanting a long lasting bath bomb then this isn't for you. I suppose it's so that couples don't have to wait around before getting into the bath which is a good idea but for singletons who want to savouir the fizziness it is not ideal. The water turns a lovely, vibrant pink colour with patches of purple, a kind of light, girly purple which looks really pretty. The little flower that was once embedded into the bath bomb floats about the water. On closer inspection I found it to be quite oily with a strange, jelly-like texture which kept brushing past my leg and I didn't like it however after a bit it did break up into smaller pieces and dissapear.


Now, onto the smell.. the most important part, me thinks. It smells feminine. I highly doubt if you are a man/you bathe in this with a man, that the man will find it nice to bathe in, Jack kept wanting to get out of the bath in case the smell stayed on his skin as he had work the same day, unfortunetly it did linger and so he now refuses to have joint baths whenever I have a Lush bath ballistic - not great. So, it's feminine, but what does it actually smell like? I'd definetly say very floral with strong aromatherapy type smells. Rose is the most noticeable and then Jasmine, with a strange undertone and a slight hint of musk. The smell is extremely strong and fills the room which I imagine alot of people will find overpowering as it has the kind of 'too much perfume' type of smell if that makes sense.

Effects On Our Skin and The Aftermath

The ballistic does not make the water soft but the soya milk that the ballistic contains causes it to have a slight milky texture. It is not drying, neither is it hydrating - to be blunt it just makes the water look pretty (in my opinion, not jacks!) and smell nice. I have sensetive skin and found that my skin looked quite red and irritated, and Jack's skin was quite dry the next day which is very unusual as his skin is usually as soft as silk! Me and Jack bathed in this for 20 minutes and by the end of the bath I felt very relaxed and quite sleepy - not frisky at all! Jack was too pre-occupied trying to get the smell off of him with a towel (which was impossible, and even after a shower he did smell slightly like roses and jasmine!) to be bothered about sex and I went straight to bed. When I woke up in the morning I could still smell the jasmine. The smell was on my pyjamas, in my room, everywhere. Even the dog smelt vaguely like rose petals. I wandered to the bathroom to brush my teeth and was greeted with the aftermath of this bath bomb. It was not a pretty sight. Jack had rinsed it out before he'd gone to work, so I was confused why it was so dirty - their were bits of purple dotted around, a thick ring of purple bits around the plug hole and Jack's once shiny clean bath was hideously dirty and also slippy - slippery to the point of bein a danger. I couldn't face the cleaning (morning sickness, the smell also made me feel quite ill due to how long it lingered!) so I made my little servant (I wish!) Jack do it, which he found quite hard as the bits were stuck onto the bath but 20 or so J cloths later and multiple arguments about "why did I buy that stupid bath bomb, anyway?" the bath was finally clean.


It smelt nice and looked pretty, but the smell is a little too strong and lingers for far too long. This thing causes more trouble than it is worth however if you do use it be sure to clean your bath straight afterwards!

Thanks for reading!
Daisy x

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  • sandemp published 20/02/2015
    I'd be very concerned about using something containing clary sage in pregnancy
  • KathEv published 02/11/2011
    E review
  • MrBrightside1987 published 17/10/2011
    Fantastic review you certainly know your stuff :) x
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