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published 02/11/2011 | doriee.jay
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"Lush Bath Ballistic Sex Bomb"

Lush Bath Ballistic Sex Bomb

Lush Bath Ballistic Sex Bomb

I don't leave a very stressed life but I let little things get to me and they build up slowly throughout the day and nights until the end of the week I just want to scream and go off on one until I explode, but I thought that was a bit to extreme so I started having 'me time' every week once or twice in an evening I had free or on Sundays when I like to dedicate the full day to myself, I found Lush products really soothing and helpful in my time of need.

I can't say enough how good Lush are and i'd like to try and inspire people with my reviews about them to get and try products by them, they're everything you could ask for, eco friendly in every way possible, they trade in certain containers from Lush products to re use themselves and for a reward you get money off your next purchase and I don't think enough companies encourage recycling like Lush do as they re use their own packaging themselves. All items sent through the mail are packaged up with popcorn! Admittedly popcorn sometimes isn't enough and you don't get the full effects of a ballistic, but that happens once every 50 purchases as I've only had this happen to me once. Lush are completely against animal testing and will only use natural ingredients making every one of their products suitable for all vegetarians a some Vegans.

Ballistic bath bombs are titled like that because they're usually int he shape of a ball, they're for baths and they fizz and crackle like bombs. This is solely for the bath and will not work in the shower at all, of course es it will dissolve like in the bath, but it will just go down the plug and then you've wasted your money before you get none of the effects your supposed to so please only use this when you are planning a long relaxing bath.

The 'sex bomb' is one of the heavier bombs weighing 200g for just £2.99 which I think is a bargain considering the effects it has I would of thought it had been a higher priced bomb so I'm really glad about that. This is in Lush's new up to date range meaning you can get this in a local Lush store, online, phone or mail order, I recommend buying in store or direct from the website for free.

To enjoy this sexy 'sex bomb' ballistic, run your bath full of wonderfully hot water and drop this in, the ingredient Sodium Bicarbonate is what makes the ballistics fizz and dance joyously in the bath water and is quite entertaining to watch as you get ready for a dip. Wait for this to fully dissolve before climbing in a getting ready for a long relaxing soak. This 'sex bomb' contains soya milk which softens the water making your muscles feel like they can relax a little bit more than in normal water.

The 'sex bomb' is a typical round ball shape you'd expect a bath bomb to look like but not a typical shape you'd expect to see come out of Lush, it does however have a unique design on half and half colours pink and purple splattered on to it with w hole in the center which inside there is a pink rose carved out of the bomb.

The smell has an overpowering floral scent which reminds me of an older ladies skin. quite worried about this is solid form because i'm not to much a fan of smelling of flower-y scents as I much prefer sweet or citrus scents like strawberries or chocolate, but to my surprise it didn't really seem to bad and I grew quite fond of it's flower-y goodness. I actually feel asleep in the bath with this one as it was so relaxing.

This did send the water a light pink colour which was quite nice and looked good although did leave a bit of a stain on the bath afterwards, but I was so relaxed I left it until morning to clean which was a bit of a mistake because it was really hard to scrub off so it's best to rinse this as soon as you can. This loosened all my muscles so if your feeling a bit of tension in your back or legs pop one of these in your bath and you'll soon feel it fading away.

Ingredients:Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Perfume, Soya Milk (Glycine soja), Synthetic Musk, Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum), Clary Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Titanium Dioxide, *Limonene, *Linalool, Methyl Ionone, Colour 18050, Colour 61585, Rice Paper Flower

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    ooh pink water! x
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    I like this one too
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