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Lush Gorilla Perfumes The Smell of Weather Turning

Lush Gorilla Perfumes The Smell of Weather Turning

The Smell of Weather Turning is a Lush perfume that I bought many, many, many moons ago. Tried it. Disliked it. Stuck it in the drawer. Forgot about it. Then my fiancé ran out of aftershave and was poking through my samples trying to find something suitably manly. Having decided he could cope with the sample, he has now run off with my 10ml bottle as well as let’s face it, I’m never going to use it. So, this is a somewhat schizophrenic review from two opposing points of view.


Notes: Oakwood, Hay, Beeswax, Nettle, English Peppermint, Mint, Roman Chamomile

A walk in the fields after a storm, raindrops drying on grass. Fresh English mint develops into sweet smoky hay on the skin. A fragrance from times past: warm, natural and unique.
My Thoughts

The notes are definitely unusual, there is no way around that. How often do you see hay in a perfume?? Lush apparently made this perfume from scents that would have available five thousand years ago and this therefore gives rise to this very natural, earthy and green scent profile. Oakwood is known as a very woody, earthy scent and so if I knew this was going to be a deep and heavy scent, perhaps more masculine than many of my collection. But then, I quite enjoy woody and earthy scents, so this wouldn’t put me off. I would have anticipated the mint and chamomile lightening and perhaps sweetening the fragrance a little, but keeping a very natural and green scent throughout.

One of the things I do love about Lush’s perfumes is that you can tell from the ingredients what the notes are; there’s few long complex chemicals and you know what you are getting. Here you have Oakwood Absolute, Bay Oil, Beeswax Absolute, Mint Absolute, Peppermint Oil and Roman Chamomile Flowers along with some essential oils and then a few less natural ingredients. But by and large you can see what you are getting from looking at the ingredients list and that is a novelty in the world of perfume I have found.

On The Skin

Now, this is where this review becomes schizophrenic, because on my skin I really disliked this. I got none of the subtle scents of nettle, beeswax, mint or for that matter chamomile. I got hit by the earthiness which I could cope with, but then under that I got a strange soapiness which just didn’t work on my skin. That may perhaps be the beeswax but it certainly didn’t say bees to me… It is certainly an unusual perfume, in fact I would go as far as to call it pretty darn unique, however the uniqueness just didn’t work for me. But unlike one of the other scents I had from Lush that I immediately clocked as simply being too masculine for me, this one I just didn’t like. Unlike Devil’s Nightcap I didn’t even think to give it to the husband, I just chucked it to the back of the drawer.

Until now.

Because having tried my small sample in the bathroom drawer, the husband decided he quite liked this. It was therefore the work of a moment to locate the container I’d whacked the full sized bottle into and hand it over. And when he’s wearing it there’s no doubt that this is a more masculine fragrance. Is it going to become my favourite of his aftershaves? Not likely, but I can cope with it on him whereas I really didn’t like it on me. I still can’t smell much beyond the woody scent but my husband seems to pick up the hay and mint at least and things that the scent that I am calling soapy, may well be the chamomile. Who knows. Either way, it works reasonably well as an aftershave and he likes it!

As with many Lush scents it also has a really good longevity, to the point where I could smell it on me hours after and was still getting unwelcome whiffs at the end of the working day. On my husband, it’s not as overwhelming when he first puts it on as Devil’s Nightcap (but then again, I don’t like it as much so that’s a damn good thing!) but it is most definitely strong. I can’t smell my own perfume in the car unless I’ve used an equally strong Lush perfume and then it’s just a cacophony of scents! Throughout the day it settles down more but I can just about still make it out at the end of the day, so there is definite longevity.

Lush tend to keep things simple and unadorned with their packaging and their perfumes are not overly fancy or eye grabbing. Simple clear bottles with labels on them with the name and a graphic of some description tends to be the base standard here, and this one is no different. The 10ml comes in a little dropper bottle and the 30ml comes in a spray bottle, but both are clear glass and have a label image of stormy weather above an island. It wouldn’t grab your attention from afar, but I have to admit that personally I quite like the fact that Lush are so clearly saying; the scent is what is important.
Suitable For Whom?

Now, this is a difficult one and for a couple of reasons. I deliberately didn’t review this initially because I felt it was personal preference that I didn’t like it and that wasn’t fair to give a negative rating to. I should know better than to blind buy Lush perfumes, particularly when they are scents that can and should be tested in store first. Other reviews on here really like this scent although it is generally agreed that is unusual, unique and probably not for everyone… I personally can testify to that last criteria.

It is a more masculine fragrance; as shown by the fact that my husband is happy to wear it as an aftershave. But equally, it isn’t so overly masculine that I wouldn’t be happy to wear it. It was quite simply that I didn’t like the scent on me. So, who is it suitable for? Women who like earthy, woody scents and aren’t looking for an overly complex scent profile perhaps? I wouldn’t say it’s a young girls scent; it isn’t floral or sweet for a start and it certainly isn’t ‘sexy’. I wouldn’t call it an elderly scent either though. I think it’s a scent that needs to be worn with confidence, but that can be any age. I also think it’s a scent for either gender, providing you like the basic smell.

Work, home, evening? I’m not sure it’s a work wear for most females; it’s strong and overpowering so it depends on what you are after. As an aftershave, probably. It depends on what aftershave you like; light and fresh or woody and earthy. Personally, I wouldn’t wear this on an evening, but it’s strong enough to carry through the night. It really is going to depend on what you are looking for in a perfume because this is strong and brash and utterly unique… it just wasn’t for me.
Do We Recommend?

Did I mention that this was a schizophrenic review? The answer is yes-no-maybe. At £40 for 30ml or £20 for 10ml though, this isn’t something you want to be making a mistake with. This is definitely a try before you buy recommendation and it isn’t a perfume I’d be buying as a present without a specific request.

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  • Soho_Black published 15/01/2018
    I don't much like the sound of this, but it's a perfectly balanced review.
  • anonymili published 06/01/2018
    Ooh I don't like the sound of those ingredients!
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 26/12/2017
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