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published 22/08/2011 | angelboouk123
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Pro natural, rich lather, soft skin
Cons the overpowering, sickly smell! price
Does it smell good?
Value for money

"Honey - I Feel Sick!"

Lush is a company who offer a wide range of Handmade cosmetic products such as bath, body and perfume goodies. Their products aren't tested on animals and are often full of natural ingredients.

It's Raining Men

When it comes to showering, Lush offer a few different range of goodies including jellies, soaps, gels, scrubs and emotibombs. The shower gel range includes 14 different shower gels with one being named "It's Raining Men".

This shower gel can be used to cleanse the body and also the hair. This shower gel has some quirky oneliners relating to the famous Weather Girls song of the same name. It claims to offer the same scent as the best selling Lush soap "Honey I Washed The Kids". Lush claim this shower gel is ideal for those with dry skin due to its moisturising abilities.

It's Raining Men is enriched with honey from Wales which adds a cleansing, moisturising aspect to the soap. It also contains lotus flowers for their soothing abilities. The scent is supposed to resemble toffee-fudge thanks to the blend of honey, sweet orange and bergamot oils.

The shower gel is housed within a small, clear plastic bottle with a screw top lid. The shower gel is dispensed through a small hole inside the lid. A label runs around the bottle with some product information, ingredients etc. Often, the bottle will have a sticker with an image of who prepared your shower gel, the date it was made on and when it should be used up by.

Ingredients (For those interested)

Honey, Rosehip, Lotus Flowers and Tiger Lily Infusion (Rosa canina, Nelumbo nucifera and Lilium tigrinum), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Water (Aqua), Perfume, Propylene Glycol, Sweet Wild Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), Bergamot Oil (Citrus Aurantium bergamia), Titanium Dioxide, *Limonene, *Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate, Methylparaben

Available through or in Lush stores, this shower gel is available in 100g, 250g and 500g sized bottles. Expect to pay £4.25, £8.50 and £14.95.

It is worth noting that It's Raining Men was original released as a Limited Edition shower gel and was discontinued. It is now back by popular demand.
My Thoughts

I quite like Lush products but find some are a hit and a miss really. My sister presented me with a 100g bottle of It's Raining Men shortly after purchasing it in February this year (with an expiry of sometime next year). After using it a few times, I planned on reviewing it but found it had been discontinued! It wasn't until I entered the Lush website this weekend that I noticed it had been brought back for sale so decided to review it!

The bottle was initially purchased by my sister for her own use but she wasn't keen on the smell so I was given it. She knows I love all things sweet so she assumed it would suit me perfectly! Strangely enough, 6months down the line, I still have the same 100g bottle. My limited use of this shower gel is really based on me having lots of shower gels to be used up though I will say that the smell does play some part in it.
Looks Aren't Everything You Know..

The bottle isn't bad, it does the job nicely and is easy to grip whilst allowing a small amount of flexibility to squeeze the shower gel out. The shower gel certainly isn't the most attractive in terms of appearance. If you want something bright and beautiful this isn't the one for you. It is reasonably thick and when the bottle is half full, a tip upside down reveals its sticky toffee like consistency. It looks like toffee too..melted toffee! The shower gel gloops out the bottle and my preferrence is to apply with a body puff once my skin is soaking wet.

Lather Me Up

The thick, smooth consistency of the shower gel, feels incredibly soft against my dry, sensitive skin, Despite appearing like sticky toffee, the shower gel is not sticky on the skin and simply feels divine. A tiny blob of this shower gel on my puff, is sufficient so coat my entire body in a fluffy, rich lather which feels very cleansing and soothing. The lather develops well and my skin feels nourished and comforting as I spread it across my skin.

From the moment I dispense this shower gel, the scent is highly scented. I am so glad that a little bit goes a long way as really, I couldn't handle too much of this scent. Whilst the lather develops, the scent is equally as rich. I love the smell of toffee-fudge but from the first use, I found this to be a little too much. The honey was the prominent scent and had a sickly sweet scent which wasn't more than I could handle in the enclosed space that is my shower! I wish the orange and bergamot had came through a little stronger as they could have taken the sickly edge of the overall sweetness.

I could handle the sweetness a little more by showering in slightly cooler water as it seemed to react strongly to really hot skin! Another alternative was to open my bathroom window and also the curtain around our shower to settle how much of the scent I was actually being subject too. The rich lather stays bubble on my skin for a short while and a quick rinse under the shower effectively removes all the lather. The shower gel doesn't leave any residue on my skin.
Soft, Smooth and Scented

Once I step out the shower and dry off my skin, I am impressed with the results. The shower gel is very gentle yet effective on my skin. My skin feels cleansed and moisturised. I am happy that the shower gel doesn't dry out my skin but does leave it with a soft, smooth texture. The smell does linger which is a rarity with many shower gels these days. I found that if I applied too much around my chest area or tops of my arms, the smell does overpower and not one I can use before going to bed as my fiance can smell it. He finds it far too sickly sweet and so do I. I can't wear an additional perfume if I use this in the morning as nothing would mix well with the lasting smell of It's Raining Men.

My skin feels smooth for several hours after using this shower gel and I don't feel the need to slather body lotion on. The smell is quite strong on my skin for 3 or 4 hours before settling to a sweet, creamy fudge aroma which makes this more appealing and the reason I continue to use this shower gel.
Let Your Hair Getting Soaking Wet...

As a rule, I'm not keen on products which claim to cleanse my body and also my hair. I have used certain Lush products on my hair and not been very happy with the results. To put this shower gel through its paces, I decided to try it out as a shampoo on once occasion. I won't be doing that again in a hurry! My hair is dry, thick and difficult to manage.

Despite soaking my hair with hot water, I found I needed quite a big blob of this to create any sort of lather. Taking into consideration that more gel means more sickly sweet scent, I found my hair washing experience to be a nauseating 10minutes! Once I had a lather, I rinsed it all out and I was disappointed but not surprised. My hair felt dry and brittle. There was no chance to the dryness of my scalp and my hair didn't really feel cleansed enough to be acceptable. The smell clings to every strand of hair even after applying a hefty amount of conditioner. It made me heave for several hours before I gave in and washed my hair with another shampoo..twice!

Whilst I appreciate how soft and cleansed my skin is post shower, I cannot abide by the scent too much. There is just too much honey concentrated into a small amount of liquid and even for a sweet lover like myself, it is too much to even lingers on my hands if I apply it over my skin with my hands. I do feel it is of a high quality and the scent is perhaps a little too natural. A little bottle lasts very well so the price is a little more acceptable.

Overall not one I personally favour when compared to the other Lush shower gels available. I do use it when I crave something extra sweet to avoid the calories of chocolate!

Thanks for reading :)

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  • dawnymarie published 06/09/2011
    Excellent! x
  • greenierexyboy published 29/08/2011
    Dear lord, there can be few things more certain to make a bloke run a mile than discovering something called 'It's Raining Men' in his beloved's shower...
  • Coloneljohn published 28/08/2011
    Excellent review. John
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