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"Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask by Lush"

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

Love Lettuce
Love Lettuce is a fresh face mask from Lush. It is aimed towards normal to oily skin and not only moisturises, softens and generally brightens the skin up a bit, but it also exfoliates and can be used solely as an exfoliating facial scrub if desired. This face mask has been around for ages now, in fact I think this is more than likely one of Lush's most well known products and I personally have been a fan of it since the first time I tried it and it's a regular in my Lush basket! This is a nice alternative to Lush's 'sea salt' exfoliating mask too as it's much more gentle.

Product Claims
Lush make many claims with this product, the main one that stands out to me is the claim that it is able to help control oily skin. I (thankfully) don't suffer with oily skin, however I do have normal to slightly dry skin and I find that this face mask acts as a brilliant moisturiser and it is also a very thorough, somewhat gentle exfoliator. Lush state on their website that the product clears away dead skin to brighten the face, whilst also treating it with softening ingredients which contain lots of minerals and oils. Another bold claim is that the mask can help to tighten and firm up the skin thanks to one of its main ingredients, which I will now move on to.

The Ingredients
This face mask, like all other Lush products contains 100% natural ingredients, some of the ingredients in this particular product include honey, which along with the almond oil acts as a moisturiser and softener, kaolin, which aids in firming up the skin and also absorbs grease and other impurities. A main factor of the ingredients is the ground almond shells, which are what makes the product an exfoliating face mask. Ground almond shells may sound a bit intimidating, however they really are ground up well and aren't in huge chunks so don't worry! Fullers earth, one of the more unusual ingredients in the mask apparently is a deep cleanser. The face mask also contains perfume and lavendar oil ensuring that it smells gorgeous.

Price, Value For Money and Availability
I think that this is a really good value for money product, as it's priced at a reasonable £5.75 per 75 gram tub. I usually only use a face mask around twice a week, so a pot of normal face mask can last me anywhere between a month and three months, however because of the use-by date on this (use within 4 weeks) I always make sure that I use it all up before it has gone off. I suppose this is a plus side as it makes me pamper my self that bit often though and I would say that I get 4 or 5 uses out of each pot, which doesn't seem alot but considering how thick it goes on and how effective/good quality it is, I think it's definetly worth it. This face mask is available from Lush either in store or via their website.

There's not a huge amount to say about the packaging really, it comes in a run of the mill black Lush pot which is made of sturdy plastic. The lid screws on and off and the pot should be stored in the refrigirator to keep it fresh due to it not having any preservatives. As far as I know it's not possible to freeze this face mask although i've never tried it myself. There's plenty of information on the tub written in white writing, it has the ingredients on the bottom, the product name on the sides as well as a brief product description and directions for use on the lid, which reads "Polishing almond shell is balanced by the skin softening qualities of almond oil and seaweed gel. With soothing lavendar essential oil and the magical cleansing, tightening action of Fullers earth. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water massaging gently. Keep chilled." The packaging overall is really simple, and I always keep the empty pots once i've used a face mask as if you keep five then take them back to Lush you are given a free fresh face mask.

Smell and Texture
I actually expected this to smell like lettuce when I first tried it! I assure you it doesn't though and I absolutely love the smell, it's a very strong scent which I find instantly recgoniseable and it's relaxing too. It's quite floral but not at all grassy or sweet. The lavendar oil is definely the more prominant scent and is very soothing and natural. Although the smell is very strong, it's not overpowering and it doesn't linger for too long once it's been washed off. The texture of this is quite unusual, it's certianly not lightweight and the consistency is thick and gooey, although it isn't lumpy at all, it's nice and smooth with slight 'grains' in it which aren't noticeable unless you literally rub the face mask onto your face with some force - if you simply apply a thin layer onto your face, the grains (which are almond shells) are barely noticeable. This is quite a 'wet' feeling face mask, however it doesn't feel greasy and the texture is thick enough to stay in place rather than run off of my face.

My Opinion
I've used this mask very regulary over the past few years and I can't think of one negative experience. Using this is extremely easy, the texture is easy to smooth onto my skin and it only takes 10 minutes or so before it's dry (it dries relatively hard but not to the point of not being able to move my face) and ready to be washed off to expose my newly deep cleansed, soft and silky skin. The removal isn't difficult either, however it does stain if removing it with a flannel or loofah. My skin always looks fresh, cleansed and smooth with a healthy glow after using this and i've been complimented on my clear complextion many times after using it. I love the fact that it is a multipurpose and versatile product which is essentially an oil balancing treatment, exfoliator, clay mask, moisturiser and cleanser all in one. It's a gentle but effective exfoliator which I think is much more pleasant to use than the sea salt fresh face mask by Lush. I have never had any nasty reactions to this mask and trust me, my skin is extremely temperamental! Using this face mask is always a pleasant experience and I am always thrilled with the overall result.

I would highly reccomend this face mask, it's affordable and the quality is outstanding, it does everything it claims to do and it will remain a favourite of mine for many years to come!

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