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published 11/10/2017 | CGholy
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"New Hair Drier"

Lush Shampoo Bar New Hair

Lush Shampoo Bar New Hair


What better way to treat me then to have a little spree at Lush? A friend of mine raved about Lush and she said the shampoo bars lasted for ages. This was before I was a fan of Lush. It's now one of my favourite shops. I admire its brave stance against animal testing and I like the advertising and how it considers soap as an art form. This is one of the first shampoo bars I purchased.

I think I am likely to purchase another one of these shampoo bars in the future. It might not be this one though as I think I would like to try some of the other ones Lush have before buying this one again. This isn't because I dislike this product, it's mainly because the other ones sound interesting and I feel like I need to try them all before I chose which one I'll end up using regularly.

It's £6.50 for a 55g bar. If this bar is indeed equivalent to 3 bottles of shampoo, you'll be saving money depending on which shop and brand you go to for your shampoo. It sounds like you're saving money, but when you can get a bottle of shampoo for a £1, it's not as much as a saving as one would think.


When I first bought this bar, I was under the impression that this was a new thing. The previous reviews, some dating years back, soon made me realize that it was called new hair because it promotes hair growth. Sounds like one way to rub it in for bold people.

It's designed to promote hair growth and stimulate blood flow. And can last up to 80 washes, which apparently is equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo. Sounds very ambitious. A worker at Lush said it was one of their most popular and best-selling products, but they seem to say that about all their products.

The shampoo bar has a lot of stuff compressed into Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a controversial ingredient, but its what gives the shampoo products the creamy lather effect. Infusions of nettle and peppermint are what makes the special brew that benefits the scalp and promotes hair growth. It's supported by rosemary and clove bud oil amongst other oils as well. The main ingredient that makes it stand out is the cinnamon.

Older versions of the bar have a cinnamon stick inside, mine didn't come with a cinnamon stick, but what it did come with was a plastic slap with the phrase Be Cruelty-Free with a hashtag at the front.

The smell is pleasant. It's spicy and sweet. It's certainly for an acquired taste. The smell doesn't last for very long though, in my experience. I personally quite like the smell as I like how the peppermint and cinnamon come together.
In Use

This shampoo bar lasted about a month and a half for me. There were times when I forgot it was a shampoo bar and used it as normal soap, and there was the one occasion where I accidentally placed it in the washing machine and it ended up being this pinky mush. I have no idea how or why it happened, but I'll admit it made my clothes smell nice. And it was still usable until it disintegrated a few days later. The fact that it still holds some sort of shape proves that it's quite a sturdy bar and limits waste.

At first I first I found it hard to lather with, but the more I used it, the easier it was to lather and work it. And I think it works quite well for me. My scalp doesn't feel flaky and hair felt clean. The only problem I had with it was that my hair quite dry. Running my fingers through my hair made me feel like I was burying my hands through a heap straw.

This is overall a nice product. It's okay in general. Whilst I don't think I will be buying this product on my next run to Lush, it does give me a lot of thought about shampoo bars and liquid shampoo. It makes me wonder if this bar can be used to shampoo, can normal soap bars be used as a shampoo. Can shampoo be used as soap? I did some research and yes you can, apparently. Found several articles listing several alternative issues for shampoo and I see no reason why a shampoo bar could work just as well.

I like this shampoo bar. I think it's a neat invention that I haven't seen many companies other than Lush utilize. The fusion of herbs, peppermint and cinnamon really give a unique cleaning experience. Even though my hair felt dry, my skin felt nice from it. With that in mind, I think this hair is designed for oily and greasy hair, but I don't think Lush has stated this for being any sort of hair in particular.

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