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published 02/01/2004 | kazziebears
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"No pit stop in this road test!!"

It’s taken me quite some time to write and tell you about this product, (I don’t mean that I am a slow typist!) What I mean is that I first tried this product at the end of the Summer and because of the uniqueness of it I thought I would give it a real good testing!

I first came across Lush solid deodorant bars after the Birmingham Ciao get together in September 2002 (gosh, was it really that long ago?).On that particular occasion I did not buy any (many many other things but the solid deo bar didn’t rock my boat at the time!)

A browse of their web site several months later saw me drawn towards the selection of them that Lush sells.

Lush don’t sell anti perspirants, they don’t believe that they are a very good idea. After all the human body was designed to sweat in order to regulate our body temperature, and if you are going to prevent the sweat escaping from your pits, you’d have to ask yourself where else it might emerge from then?

Ewww…ok, that’s enough of that train of thought for now!

Lush do sell solid deodorant bars though, which, to borrow a phrase from their web site;

“deodorise by neutralising the bacteria that cause the body to pong”.

Now I am not by nature a terribly sweaty bod, (ok ‘glowing’ then if you want to be a real lady!) but, like the majority of the population, I do use an anti perspirant on a daily basis.

I tend to stick to one or two brands as I have very sensitive skin and by trial and error over the years I have found a couple that do not irritate my skin at all. But by and large, they are all anti perspirants and not plain and simple deo’s.

Initially I admit to cringing at the thought of a deodorant that allows you to still perspire, but not smell. I didn’t relish at all, the thought of damp pits, smell or no smell, and it took some serious consideration before I took the plunge and clicked onto one of them to add to my on-line basket.

That, my dear Cioaers is very nearly the end of my story (oh you wish!!) as the ‘flavour’ I opted for was, for want of a better description, bloody awful! I wasn’t really thinking straight when I opted for the Aromaco bar, with added Patchouli Oil.

I might be a bit of a hippy chick but this smell triggers off serious migraines!!) one sniff of it as I opened the bag and straight into the bin it went!

But, you’ll be glad to know that several months later, when my nostrils had recovered and the memory was but a distant one, I decided to give the bars another go, cos I really liked the idea of something so natural.

It just so happened that this coincided with a wonderful day in history when Lush opened a shop up in my town!

There are six other deo bars to choose from, apart from the one mentioned above, they are,(with a very brief description)

Furawi – Especially for sensitive skins
Aromarant – General use
Oxeo – The only non-vegan one
T’eo – Suitable for girls and guys
Krysztal – The toughie of the lot, not for the sensitive!
Lavender – Girlie one

This time I had a good old sniff of each one and opted for the Lavender one, cos I’m a girlie and well, I like Lavender! I have been using this bar since September and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with it.

As well as the Lavender, it also contains; Grapeseed oil (to help the microfne particles adhere to your skin), Ylang Ylang and Rose (for perfume) and Tomatoes (for their deodorising qualities)

It comes as a flat egg shaped bar, with a waxy kind of base to it, to make it easier to apply. You just rub it in your pits and away you go! It has little sprigs of the plant on the top of it. The first time I used it was whilst I was at home so there was no one around to tell me if I whiffed!

The following day I was back at work and no one said anything to me then. So, I have either have crappy friends who wouldn’t tell me anyway (and gossip behind my back) or I really did not hum!!

Any in any case, I know I didn’t smell cos I was frequently seen to disappear under my t shirt (via the neck, you’ll be relieved to know!) to just check things out!!

I confess to telling my workmates about my new found discovery, so they knew why I was exhibiting such odd behaviour at the time, mind you, they are well used to my odd behaviour by now!

I went the whole day without a whiff to be noticed, and the nice knowledge that no alien products had been administered to my sensitive skin that day.

I now use the same product every day, the same bar in fact, so well worth the £2.90 it cost for a 100g bar, applying it in the morning and then a quick top up at lunchtime.

Although to be honest I don’t think this fix is really needed, it’s just a security thing in my mind. I think that the longer I use it the more confident I will get and eventually forget all about topping it up.

As I said at the start of the op, I am not a naturally very sweaty person so don’t really find the fact that I don’t have bone dry pits all day a particular problem, it’s almost just a very slight dampness, to be fair though it has taken me this long to get used to that feeling

But it is reassuring to know that what I am using is totally natural and better for my body than artificial and unnatural anti perspirants.

I have not shown any sign of tell tale damp patches under my arms, and when I wear darker clothes I have not noticed any white powdery marks either. you don’t have to wait for the stuff to dry after you use it either just rub and go, as it were!

I carry mine with me in my make up bag, wrapped in a small piece of cling film, more so to protect it from the other contents than anything else. But it would be nice if it were to come in some kind of a wrapper for the above protection.

But then again I guess that would push costs up. It’s a small inconvenience to pay for a quality product!

Just before I go, you will have no doubt noticed that it was in September that I started using this, therefore by and large I missed out the hottest month of the year, and what a test that would have been for this product.

But September was reasonably warm in my part of the world and Lavender Deo Bar coped wonderfully with it.

I return to the gym next week (along no doubt with a cast of many!) and when the smells that emanate from my gym are less than pleasant I know for a fact that they will not be coming from me!!

A product I seriously recommend. For the good of your body, and the noses of those around you!

Thanks for reading!!


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Comments on this review

  • shoppingpuss published 01/09/2004
    Loved your review! Have just bought this and boy does it smell strong of lavender! Not complaining as I am a lavender fan. But can you tell me do you use the waxy side or the dry side when applying? Thanks. Andie x
  • amyturtle published 07/01/2004
    I can hardly think of anything less appealing to me but I'm glad you like it ;o)
  • miniloopie published 05/01/2004
    You know i'm a huge Lush fan but i'm really still not convinced by these... despite your wonderful review I still think my money is better spent in Lush on all their lovely soap!
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