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published 09/06/2009 | Violet1278
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Pro Very pretty and controls odours well.
Cons Will not stop perspiration.
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"A Natural Deodorant Which Looks like A Field Of Cornflowers."

I have used a Pit Roc natural crystal deodorant for many years. In case you are not familiar with this it is a paraben free mineral salts stick which you use after showering to stop any odour from developing from naturally produced perspiration. These work very well but I wanted something pretty to use for a change, as these are just a stick which looks like opaque glass, and as I like feminine things they don't really fulfil that criteria particularly well.

A few months ago I noticed something in Lush which really attracted me. It is an oval shaped disc which looks very attractive as it contains dried blue cornflowers. The bar is called T'eo, I must admit this name probably caused me to miss it for months in the store as it would have attracted me more if it was called "Country Cornflowers" or "Wild Flower Meadow" but according to Lush it is a play on word "Tao", which is the universal energy that makes and maintains everything that exists."

Nevertheless the name aside it looks really very pretty and I thought it would look lovely in my bedroom.

This bar is suitable for vegans and it contains tea tree, which personally I am a great fan of as I have used it for a million uses in the home and for treating minor ailments.

Lush explain that it is really good if you play a lot of sport so it certainly claims a lot! It contains not only tea tree, but juniper and lemon too which are all anti bacterial, and it contains sodium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate which absorb the perspiration. You may notice this does not stop perspiration from happening in the first place, but makes sure it does not develop into an odour, and it certainly claims to reduce wetness as the minerals soak up the dampness.

So to my opinion. The product gets 10 out of 10 from me for looks- aesthetically it is an object of pure beauty. The blue base the creamy chalky upper layer and the cornflowers -simply divine.

It smells lovely too; it has a lemony citrus smell which also has a chalky arid desert aroma and feel as well.

I use it daily and so does my husband and we have both found the same results.

If you decide to purchase this instead of a high street deodorant you must understand they are not the same. Antiperspirants which claim to keep you dry have a built in chemical base which actually stops sweating. This is not the same, you will sweat, and you are depending on the minerals to soak it up. With this in mind I would say my advice is to do what I do, I use this everyday as it really works, there are no smelly armpits/stale odours, but on very hot days or days when you are expecting to endure a lot of stress and want to be 100% sure you are not going to have wet patches e.g. interview, wedding, or hour at the dentist (my nightmare) I would use a high street product for sure on those days. I would also be vigilant if you like wearing black, as I have noticed it can leave a powdery residue which can transfer, it does brush off but I wouldn't chance it for a special occasion.

So if the high street products work why buy it? Well as I mentioned in the beginning of this review I was already using the Pitroc most days instead of high street products. The reason is simple because in recent years some studies have highlighted the possibility that deodorants may be dangerous, and may in some cases have a part to pay in the development of breast cancer. Please note these studies are not conclusive and if you check the websites of various cancer organisations you will see that nothing has ever been proved, however it may be prudent to try to cut down on some possible chemicals if another alternative is as good. Also it strikes me that as dogs succumb to these cancers and have never used deodorants in their lives it may all be irrelevant and certainly it is not the only factor in a long line of possible causes.

However I continue to use the Lush product most days, but I do revert to a high street deodorant on the times when I want to be 100% confident I am going to be fresh all day, especially with regard to the wetness. I have found that in very hot weather such as my annual holiday to The Maldives this is not sufficient to cope with the humidity, and my husband who does a lot of presentations at work uses a more conventional product on those days.

A word about storing and using. Never store this in the bathroom as it will not tolerate steamy environments, keep it dry and when you use it make sure you have dried your armpits thoroughly first.

It is great value for money as it costs £3.67 and lasts for months and months, so it really is a credit crunch beater.

In conclusion I would say this is my favourite Lush deodorant and one I use almost every day. It looks beautiful and the scent is unisex so can be enjoyed by both men and women. It is also very kind to the skin and I have never had any reactions to it even when using after shaving. Just maybe have a high street option ready for those really sweaty times!

This review is also posted by myself on Dooyoo under the name Machair1

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  • azana published 06/07/2009
    I'm a Lush virgin but looking for paraben free deoderant.etc - might have to give this a go, thanks!
  • lel1969 published 15/06/2009
    I love Lush but haven't tried their deoderant - must look out for it. Lel xx
  • duskmaiden published 10/06/2009
    I've used a Lush deodorant before. i should use them again as I have loads of lush vouchers to use and this one sounds nice
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