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gets rid of head lice

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Having 5 young children that are very friendly they are forever coming home with head lice. It really gets on my nerves, as some parents don’t check their children’s hair so their children pass them on to other children. Old wives tales say they only go on to clean hair but that is nonsense they go to any hair they are not fussy.

I went to my local chemist and was told about lyclear crème rinse, so I brought it. You only have to leave it on hair for 10 minutes then wash it out. If your doing a lot of heads like me then wear some plastic gloves. All you do is wash your hair or children’s hair with a mild shampoo then apply the Lyclear starting at your neck saturate your hair with the Lyclear and leave on for 10 minutes then rinse it out. Then use a fine toothed comb to comb your hair and wipe of the head lice that come of after each comb through. It can be time consuming if you have long hair but it needs to be done.

With the Lyclear if the lice are still moving after you have rinsed it off don’t think that it hasn’t worked as the Lyclear carries on working and knocks them out and then you can comb them away. You must leave the lyclear on for the full 10 minutes, leaving it on longer wont do anything as it only needs 10 minutes to work.

Lyclear Crème Rinse is applied like a conditioner and is suitable for asthmatics and children from 6 months. So not only is it tough on head lice, but also kind on kids.

In addition to using the Lyclear you can put conditioner in your hair a couple of days after using it and comb through with a fine-toothed comb or head lice comb. You can buy plastic or metal combs. In the box with the Lyclear there is a plastic comb but I have found that using a metal one is a lot better they cost around £3.50 to buy but they don’t break like the plastic ones do, you can buy an battery operated “Rombi” comb that gives the head lice electric shocks but does not harm humans they cost £25.

I comb my hair and my children’s hair every day with the metal comb and put conditioner in our hair every 3 days and comb through just in case i've missed any.

The Lyclear is really easy to use. It comes in a white box and white bottle. It has an orange colour to the crème rinse. It does have a not so nice smell to it but I think that is worth it if it gets rid of head lice. You can buy it in a single pack for around £3.99 or a double pack for £6.99; all your local chemists will sell it.

After 7 days apply another lot of Lyclear to kill the head lice that may of hatched from the eggs on your hair as it takes 7 days for them to hatch and will not be mature enough to lay eggs yet so it is best to kill them before they do.

Wet comb your hair regularly and if you find them in your children’s hair check and treat the whole family and let relatives and your children’s school know. I would recommend Lyclear to anyone its easy and quick to use and does get rid of the head lice.

Lyclear Crème Rinse* has a good safety record and is effective against head lice. The active ingredient, permethrin, is based on pyrethrins - insecticides originally derived from chrysanthemum flowers. When a louse comes into contact with the permethrin, it over-stimulates its nervous system, which causes it to twitch rapidly. A louse will twitch continuously until it dies from exhaustion. This can take up to twenty-four hours to occur. It will be unable to reproduce or feed during this time.

Some information about head lice;

Head lice are small, six-legged wingless insects, pinhead size when they hatch, less than match-head size when fully grown and grey/brown in colour. They are difficult to detect in dry hair even when the head is closely inspected. They very often cause itching, but this is not always the case, particularly when recently arrived on the head.
Head lice cannot fly, jump or swim, but spread by clambering from head to head. Anyone with hair can catch them, but children who have head to head contact, either at school or during play, are most commonly affected.

Head lice feed by biting and sucking blood through the scalp of their host. The female louse lays eggs in sacs (nits), which are very small, dull in colour, and well camouflaged. These are securely glued to hairs where the warmth of the scalp will hatch them out in 7-10 days. Empty egg sacs are white and shiny and may be found further along the hair shaft as the hair grows out. Lice take 6-14 days to become fully grown, after which they are capable of reproduction.

Head lice are not fussy about hair length or condition. Clean hair is therefore no protection, although regular (e.g. weekly) hair washing and combing sessions offer a good opportunity to detect head lice, and arrange treatment if discovered.
Lice hang on tight to the hair, usually close to the scalp where there is warmth, food and shelter from detection. Full-grown lice take the opportunity to move from head to head during close contact. Younger lice tend to remain for about 6 days on the head where they have hatched.

Head lice need to maintain contact with a host in order to survive. Those lice that leave the host voluntarily, or fall off, are likely to be damaged or approaching death (their life span is about 3 weeks) and so unable to start a new colony. There is no need to wash or fumigate clothing or bedding that comes into contact with head lice.

If you are at all worried about head lice or feel you need more advice on how to cope, then you should consult your school nurse, health visitor, pharmacist or family doctor.

Head lice are well camouflaged and hide when disturbed by combing. They do not always cause itching, particularly when recently arrived on the head. They may also be few in number and a quick inspection is unlikely to detect them. The following method of detection is effective:

· Wash the hair using ordinary shampoo, and then use a wide toothed comb to straighten and untangle the hair. It is easier to do this with wet hair, and using hair conditioner.

· Once the comb moves freely through the hair, without dragging, switch to a fine toothcomb. Make sure the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots and draw down to the ends of the hair with every stroke. The comb must be fine enough to catch the lice - do not confuse lice or their eggs with clumps of dandruff or other debris.

· Check the comb for lice after each stroke as you work through the hair section by section, so that the whole head of hair is combed through, then rinse out the conditioner and repeat the combing procedure in the wet hair.

· This can be undertaken on a regular basis - e.g. at routine hair washing sessions - to detect the presence of lice before they can spread. Check all family members at the same time and arrange treatment when lice are found.

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Bec112233 21.01.2005 11:25


royray 08.11.2002 21:51

some really sensible advice here,take care,pat.

BeeHappy 08.11.2002 08:54

I guess this problem will be faced in the future for me a good product to remember :)

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Lyclear Creme Rinse is used to treat head lice infestations. Included in the pack is a fine toothed comb which can ...

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