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published 27/11/2015 | ryeb
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Good luck in your future projects all. Hope you all got to £5, GB quick if not and I will try and rate this eve
Pro Removes make up without additional products, re-usable, soft on skin, gentle
Cons Harder to remove the make up from the mitt
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"Is Magit a magic mitt?"

MAGIT Make Up Remover- a micro fibre mitt. It is very pale yellow but my phone camera does not do it justice.

MAGIT Make Up Remover- a micro fibre mitt. It is very pale yellow but my phone camera does not do it justice.

I am always looking for ways to simplify my skin care routine. In particular I want to use fewer and/ or more natural products, rather than those with artificial ingredients if I am unsure as to their long term effect on my skin. Of course there are plenty of natural products that may not be good to use long term as well so I take a flexible approach. However products that can be used to remove make up with the help of nothing but water appeal to me. Some make up comes off just with water anyway, but I tend to use a number of long wear products that don't remove easily, that being the point of them. I had a list of make up removers to try, and the one whose turn it is to be reviewed today is the Magit make up remover. Not a lotion or cream, this turned out to be a make up remover mitt that slides over your fingers. I paid £3.00 for one on Amazon, and the price seems to hover around £3-5 in general. I thought this sounded a good deal as the mitts are reusable and not something that needs to be thrown after one use.


The Magit Mitt is a mitt made of "special microfibre fabric" which is supposed to represent an especially thorough way of removing make up, with the help of nothing but water. We are told that it is hygienic as it does not absorb oils and dirt and that it can be sterilised and machine washed. It is an Italian product, and Magit also make other facial care cloths intended to exfoliate for example.


The mitt I have is pale lemon yellow. It came in a basic plastic bag with no particular usage tips or guidelines. I suppose the product is simple enough to not need detailed instructions so that is fair enough but I would have liked some care instructions to help me maximise the life of the product. I know it is supposed to be machine washable but I wondered if there was a particular temperature that would be best to use to help keep the fibres working as they should.

It looks small in the packet, but once on it covers my fingers and comes down about an inch further below. So it doesn't cover the whole palm but I have never felt it was too small for the job in hand, and the entire mitt is made of the microfibre so you don't just get one usable side. The wrist opening is elasticated so it should fit most people.


When I first saw the Magit mitt and noticed how it looked like it was made of an especially soft towel like material, I did wonder if I had brought something that was effectively an ordinary face cloth rebranded as a special kind of make up remover. That is not really a fair assessment though. The mitt removes far more make up than my face cloth can, and no rubbing is needed. It feels very soft on the skin and it is a pleasure to use as a result. I dampen it with warm water as I don't use really hot water on my face. When we had a boiler break down I used it with cold water and it worked just as well except it was a lot less pleasant feeling to apply something cold and damp!

As it was so gentle feeling at first, I didn't expect it to being much to budge the likes of my long wear foundation or cheek stain which do not come completely off with water alone usually. So I was amazed at how much make up came off with just a casual wipe across the skin. I have found this useful when removing make up around the delicate eye area although for the reasons below I don't recommend it for mascara removal. I was pleased to find that the foundation removed was not just shifted to another area of my face, as it seems held in the cloth. Again there is a downside to this, which I will come to in a minute. But it does do what it says on the tin, and removes make up easily, including cream and liquid foundation, pressed powder, blusher, cheek tint, eyeshadow and highlighter. I like to sweep each part of my face twice to ensure thorough removal, but it is still quick. I soon know if any make up remover isn't working as I have some large pores near my nose and they quickly get blocked. Using the mitt didn't cause them any trouble. I also took the precaution of following up my first few uses with a conventional cleansing lotion, and I was delighted that a cotton wool pad of that revealed no lurking product on my skin. I think part of the success is the soft material is easy to manipulate into areas like around your nose.

Afterwards my skin feels really clean and refreshed, and not at all harshly treated. The mitt is made from polyester micro fibre, and it feels velvety soft. I suspect it would feel good to use if you have sensitive skin, unless you have a polyester sensitivity of course.


So all goes very well when it comes to getting the make up off your skin. Getting the make up off your mitt is another thing. I know that it can be machine washed but as we don't use our machine everyday, I was hoping to be able to wash it out by hand some days and then put it in the wash for a deeper clean on a regular basis. I found foundation very hard to budge off the mitt during a hand wash, even with a lot of scrubbing. Initially quite a lot will rinse away but there is a stubborn discolouration that is reluctant to disappear. The same was true when the mitt is used to be rid of mascara, non waterproof, but things like blush and eye shadow tend to rinse off much easier. Obviously this varies by product and shade but it isn't always easy to predict what will be hard to remove as some of the stronger pigments don't cause trouble at all. Thankfully a machine wash at either 30 or 40 degrees does bring the mitts up clean, but only after a handwash has removed at least some of the make up. So they are not totally hassle free. If you can put them in your machine daily then they are not much trouble but I have decided to keep mine for more occasion use, when otherwise I might be tempted to use a facial wipe for quickness. If you used an eye make up remover to deal with mascara and used a less high coverage/longlasting foundation than I do, you may get away with a thorough rinse and periodic disinfection.


Despite my doubts, this really does work. It removes make up quickly and without the need to buy a make up remover lotion. But this speed needs to be balanced by the time it takes to get the products off the mitt so you have a clean surface to use next time. It will no doubt depend on the products you use. I can't say the machine washes I have put my mitt through seem to have done it any harm or done any harm to the "pile". I use mine as an alternative to face wipes now, if I am too tired to want to go through my normal routine. I think as the mitt is re-usable, it is a greener choice than disposable single use wipes in terms of adding to landfill. I would recommend them at the price as £3 is cheap enough to give them a go.

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