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M/f By Anthony Burgess (paperback, 2004)

M/f By Anthony Burgess (paperback, 2004)

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in 1917 his other works include a clockwork orange
also available as a penguin modern classic inside
mr enderby enderby outside tremor of intent
nothing like the sun and man of

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Kicked out of college and harassed by his lawyer, Miles Faber abandons New York and embarks on a defiant pilgrimage across the Caribbean to find the shrine of Sib Legeru, an obscure poet and painter. But in the streets of Castita's capital, where a wild religious festival is in full swing, a series of bizarre encounters - including his own repulsive doppelganger (the son of a circus bird-woman) - and disturbing family revelations await Miles, who soon finds himself a willing victim of dynastic destiny. A darkly surreal comedy of dazzling linguistic inventiveness, MF is an outrageous tale of blood, lust and the machinations of fate.

Product details

Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title MF.
Author Anthony Burgess
Original Release Year 1971
ISBN 0140035508; 0141187808; 0224618458; 0394436083


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Well written and with some fabulous characters
A couple of weaker stories lacked depth and real purpose (*)
Good plot and excellent characters
Would probably only appeal to a female audience. (*)
A thinking person's novel
A little humdrum in places (*)
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ending left a few questions (*)
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Easy to read style, suitable for holidays and escapism
Ending over quickly and has adult content that may offend some readers (*)
Entertaining and sometimes poignant black comedy of war
Seems a little unfocussed in parts (*)
You read it quick
Over hyped (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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