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... Macleans Freshmint toothpaste is accredited by the BDA as one that has a normal fluoride content. Brands such as Colgate Triple Cool Stripe and Crest Complete have a high content and are not recommended particularly for children under the age of six. Too much fluoride can cause flourosis ... Read review

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Community Level 8tange


Its white and creamy, but you shouldn't swallow..

AdvantagesDoes its job well.

DisadvantagesBoring white coloured paste.

"...of toothpaste on their brush. Although Macleans Freshmint contains some fluoride it is still a good choice in your oral hygiene regime. So when I discovered that it was also being sold for 55p for a 50ml tube I was very impressed that something so reasonably priced could be good for you too. Freshmint also comes in 150ml tubes and also in pump dispensers; very good if you are annoyed with people who leave the tops off of part squeezed tubes! Prices ..." Read review

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Community Level 2victoriahc


Fresh oral care

Advantagesexcellent oral care!


"...my life I have used Macleans Freshmint toothpaste, the sole reason is that it's what my mum always bought! Now that I have to buy my own toothpaste, I still make it Macleans. I may be quite biased in this review, because Macleans is the only toothpaste that I ever use, but if you want to take a look inside my mouth, you will see that this toothpaste is an excellent product...no fillings, and perfect sparkling teeth! Macleans is produced by SmithKline ..." Read review

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Get Fresh! Invigorating Mint Explosion!?!

AdvantagesBasic formula, quite cheap

Disadvantagesnot sure there are any!

"...protects and cleans and freshens! Macleans is the name that has been associated with good oral care products for a very long time, along with Aquafresh, Colgate and all the other toothpastes we see on the supermarket shelves. The first Macleans was created in 1919 by a Alex Maclean, a New Zealander. In 1927 he formulated Macleans Peroxide Toothpaste - it was the launch of the very first whitening toothpaste. Things have a changed a bit since then! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1julielou2


Macleans Freshmint - Kiss with Confidence

AdvantagesClean teeth, fresh breath

DisadvantagesNone that I'm aware of.

"...mouth feel funny like the Macleans Whitening Toothpaste (foul!). As a smoker, I'm aware of having offensive breath and probably brush at least 4 or 5 times a day. I always get such fresh breath without the nasty stinging sensation of some pastes and the fresh breath lasts. The packaging has improved recently and there is a large or medium size option in a pump mechanism. This is slightly more dear that the squeeze tube but everyone is entitled ..." Read review

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Community Level 1granniecharl


Freshmint for fresh breath

Advantagesgood all round family toothpate


" Macleans toothpaste does the job of cleaning teeth without the need for fancy extras or pretty stripes. It effectively fights plaque acids that cause decay and strenghtens tooth enamel for strong healthy teeth. Its white paste has a fresh minty taste and leaves you with minty fresh breath and clean, plaque free gleaming teeth. I've tried many different toothpastes over the years such as whitening, baking soda and kiddies fruit flavoured pastes ..." Read review

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Long Name Fresh Mint
Manufacturer Macleans
Type for Subname Toothpaste


Listed on Ciao since 13/07/2000

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