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published 03/06/2013 | ChemicalRomance
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"Maclean is whitening my teeth!"

My current tube of paste :)

My current tube of paste :)

I haven’t got perfect teeth by any stretch of the imagination, and well when it comes to keeping my teeth nice and white as an adult I’m always looking for the next perfect toothpaste that keeps my teeth clean and fresh. I’ve been through a fair amount of toothpastes since I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like the one my mum was buying – even though we live in the same house I now buy my own toothpaste and since I’m the only one using it I’m not going through it anywhere near as fast as we used to, so I’m not trying so many anymore.


Macleans are a dental company owned by GlaxoSmithKline that provide the consuming public with toothpaste, mouth washes and mouth sprays. They are a widely available brand of products, in supermarkets, and drug stores alike – the fact that they are quite cheap also makes them quite an attractive looking brand. Compared to way brands like Colgate make their tubes of toothpaste look, there is something about these tubes of toothpaste that just make them look so much better than others. I used to be a Macleans fan a few years ago, but I’ve been trying other brands of toothpaste but a few months ago I’ve come back to the brand and I’m back with more than just the toothpaste!

Ice Whitening Gel

‘This gel formula helps give visibly whiter teeth* as well as leaving you with icy fresh breath. It gently removes stains without damaging the enamel, leaving behind an invisible barrier to help prevent discoloration’
This is the claim that Macleans have on their website, and it was part of the attraction for me really because, I’m not a fan of normal toothpastes, I’ve always much preferred a gel toothpaste – much to my mum’s dismay actually. Well I always like to try and get my teeth whiter, and well not all toothpastes really pick up that whitening effect as well as they advertise, but because I have had good experience with Macleans I picked this whitening gel up in Tesco and decided to give it a good go!

Look and Taste

The tube itself is a little bit different to the picture provided it’s still essentially the same but you don’t have the 2X bit on it anymore, now it’s just got the oval Macleans symbol on it in a nice shiny packet with all the benefits offered on it. The back of the packaging has all the technical details on it, the barcode and just items in general that you might want to know about the toothpaste, including its part per million of fluoride which we all know is important for our teeth, but that’s something I’ll get back to later on. The toothpaste itself when it comes out is nice turquoise colour, it looks to have little white bits in it, so it’s not a totally smooth turquoise toothpaste but it’s not offensive and well I prefer the look of it to a normal white toothpaste that looks really boring. It comes out nice and easily onto my toothbrush can safely say the packaging is really good for that even coming to the end of its life it’s not too difficult to get out of the tube. It’s got a very strong minty scent to it as you might have expected from a mint toothpaste, which the first time I used it I have to say I put far too much on the tooth brush and well I found myself completely overpowered by the taste and felt a bit overwhelmed and my eyes were watering and all sorts. So that reminded me that in future I needed to make sure I used a little bit less toothpaste, because initially I used a bit more than a pea sized amount. The taste of it is quite minty when you use it in moderation, it’s a nice mint and it feels quite nice on your teeth actually. It doesn’t feel like there is lots of cleansing beads in it so you don’t feel like you’re brushing your teeth with grit – it just feels like a nice smooth toothpaste that has its sights set on the dirty bits on your teeth. The taste after you’ve used it isn’t overly strong, you can feel that you’ve brushed your teeth and someone would be able to tell you’ve just brushed your teeth but you won’t blow them away with minty scent. The scent sticks around for a good couple of hours, so you won’t feel like you need to brush your teeth again or take a mint or chewing gum for a while either but after food the minty fresh breath is gone unfortunately.

Effect on teeth

I can safely say this toothpaste is pretty good on your teeth, the claims that this toothpaste gives us as consumers isn’t too far away from what it has given my teeth if I’m honest. The first time I used it, I felt an immediate difference in my teeth purely from just using it once – all toothpastes in combination with a toothbrush will make your teeth feel a lot cleaner, but this one feels like something different I felt like my teeth were maybe a bit more protected from anything I ate after brushing my teeth – which fits nicely with its protective barrier they advertise. Initially though you won’t really notice any difference in colour, but using it twice a day and after about a week I did notice a slight change in the colour of my teeth. Now I’m not going to say that my teeth were yellow and seriously discoloured but after using various toothpastes they had changed from a nice natural colour tooth to ones with a bit of discolouration on them. So using this toothpaste really showed a nice change in my teeth, they didn’t go bright sparkling white in a week, but the colour certainly improved and it was noticed by my family and friends which impressed me. After about a month of using this, I noticed my teeth had gone back to the nice natural white that they had before I stopped using Macleans last time – since then they haven’t changed colour they seem to have retained this whiteness, I am a little bit concerned if I stopped using it that I’d get a slight discolouration on my teeth, but unless it stops working or they change the formula I’ll be keeping this toothpaste on my shelf. Now I have one tiny issue with this toothpaste, it’s not so good for sensitive teeth – I’m not someone with overly sensitive teeth, but occasionally I get a hit of it and I find that even if I use this toothpaste it doesn’t really help and I have to use a Sensodyne paste when it happens. I do believe the claim that it doesn’t damage the enamel because I get these spells on sensitivity regardless of what toothpaste I’m using. I’ve not experienced any problems with my teeth or gums as a result of using this toothpaste any more than I would using any other toothpaste if I’m honest, my advice is though if you’ve got a sensitive tongue to minty tastes, try and avoid getting too much of the raw paste on your tongue, once it’s nicely foamed up – which it will beautifully as you start brushing then allow your tongue to wander but before then you’ll struggle to let it sit on your tongue because it made my tongue numb for a little while not totally sure why though!


This toothpaste is only 1450 parts per million of fluoride, which from my experience isn’t probably the highest rate you can buy in the shops at minute. As fluoride is part of the helping mechanism to prevent cavities and decay it’s important to get a high ppm of it. I’ve tried a 2000ppm toothpaste, but didn’t particularly like the taste of it, however around 1500 is average for toothpastes in the UK now as there is some fluoride in the water supply, however it’s always good to check it out especially if you have children in the house!


A nice foamy toothpaste that with a good brush on your teeth gets in the gaps of your teeth making your breath feel really fresh and minty. Brushing twice a day, every day and if you’re like me you’ll see a big difference in your teeth – a tube will last you about a month of twice daily brushing which is more than acceptable to me. Combined with a good mouthwash your teeth will feel clean for hours. The tube is so well made you don’t need to worry too much about getting the last bits out either, because they come out easily. Only thing you might need to worry about is the state of your sink once you’ve finished using it, I always end up with turquoise bits in my sink that I need to wash away – but other than that you’ve got a lovely minty toothpaste that lives up to what it says on the packaging!

Price and Availability

I most recently bought mine from Tesco for around £2 a tube on buy one get one free so I’m stocked up nicely for a couple of months now. You can buy this in all the usual outlets, or if you’re one that buys this kind of thing online there are many outlets that sell it for a little bit less, but I like to have a tube in my hand so I can know what I’m buying basically.

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