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Maggot Brain - Funkadelic

1 CD(s) - Funk - Label: Ace, Westbound - Distributor: Plastic Head - Released: 06/08/2007 - 29667029025

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Review of "Maggot Brain - Funkadelic"

published 22/01/2012 | jcneil
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"You're a maggot brain if you don't like this."


I am a massive fan of music and love a wide range of styles and I'm always finding new music via Spotify and other Internet streams as well as all sorts of other ways like word of mouth or just random opportunities. I was at my Brothers house a couple of weeks ago and as we had a bit of time before going off to a regular quiz we go to at our local Cosy Club, he put some music on. He's a big fan of the hit show "House" and one of the tracks he played was "Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic which features in the show. I was aware of Funkadelic mainly due to George Clinton and Bootsy" Collins being in the band. I made a note on my phone and checked the album out on Spotify when I got back home. I also did my usual Google search and found out about the album and after listening a few times I purchased the album on

**Maggot Brain**

The album was released in July 1971 and was the third studio release from the band. At the time of recording the band consisted of George Clinton, Lead Guitar: Eddie Hazel, Rhythm Guitar: Tawl Ross
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Bass: Billy Bass Nelson, Drums: Tiki Fulwood. as well as additional vocals from Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas & Ray Davis. The album has a very strong reputation in Music History and was ranked number 486 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The album incorporated elements of psychedelia, rock, gospel, and soul music which varied on pretty much every track.

1.) Maggot Brain

The album opens with the ten minute guitar track which is the track which brought me to the album. It's a wonderful example of the guitar talent of guitarist Eddie Hazel who combines with Tawl Cross on the other guitar to create a wonderful sound full of beauty and guitar virtuosity. The track has an interesting background with George Clinton asking Eddie Hazel to imagine that he had been told that this mother had died and to later find out it wasn't true. What follows is something very emotive and beautifully crafted. The track ranked no. 60 on the Rolling Stone list of 100 Greatest Guitar Songs. The solo is mostly played in a pentatonic minor scale in the key of E over another guitar track of a simple arpeggio. Hazel's solo was played through a fuzzbox and a Crybaby Wah wah pedal; some sections of the song utilize a delay effect. It my opinion it is a masterpiece.

2.) Can you get to that?

This is a change of style from the opener, It's a lovely acoustic folk rock track with some fine backing vocals. It begins with a descending acoustic guitar line which is joined by piano, bass and drums which support a cast of singers. As well as the acoustic rock feel it also benefits from the Gospel elements. At just 2 minutes 50 seconds it is one of the shortest tracks on the album but gets in enough good stuff to be a very pleasant track which I highly recommend you listen to.

3.) Hit It and Quit It

They change things up with this vibrant up tempo track which features some excellent organ playing from Bernie Worrell as well as his lead vocals. I particularly like the way the track builds and experiments with different sounds with elements of funk and Jimi Hendrix like Rock which culminates with a fine guitar solo from Eddie Hazel which is towards the end of the track. It's an extended solo and really showcases the guitar playing of Hazel. This track really showcases the overall musicianship of the whole band and not just Eddie Hazel and his guitar.

4.) You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks

This is an excellent political track which is a very class-conscious song, with the singer (Billy Bass Nelson) pleading for unity among the poor because without doing so, equality could not be achieved. This is another excellent track musically with several great moments from various members of the band. I like the way the band shared vocal duties and they all proved to be very capable vocalists. This is another excellent track which features some excellent guitar work again from Eddie Hazel towards the end of the track. Great stuff.

5.) Super Stupid

This is an excellent up tempo Rock track which has elements of Jimi Hendrix style, an example of that is The verse of the song which uses a similar combination of rap singing over drum rhythm plus occasional guitar chords as is heard on "Crosstown Traffic" by Jimi Hendrix. Lead Guitarist Eddie Hazel also provides the lead vocals here and does another fantastic job with the guitar work as he's backed wonderfully by the band. This track has such a dynamic feel that it sounds like a rocking jam session. The solos from Eddie Hazel build until the final one which is truly superb whilst being backed by the dynamism of the band. The title of this song refers to a drug addict who buys the wrong drug accidentally

6.) Back in our minds

This is a soulful track with vocals from George Clinton & Tawl Ross, The album is about looking back on reconciliations with others. The track features Trombone from McKinley Jackson, Bongos from Eddie Bongo" Brown and also Jaw Harp from James W. Jackson. This track really showcases the eclectic range of the bands music and is the shortest track on the album at just two minutes and forty one seconds. A nice little track which does more than enough despite it's short time length.

7.) Wars of Armageddon

This is the final track on the album, from a time when albums were often seven tracks long. This track contains an eclectic mix of music and special effects-type sounds. The lyrics are socially conscious, as the singer demands immediate freedom from oppression, as well as "power to the people". The music is similar in style to the jam feel of Super Stupid in the way it is constructed though not so much the way it sounds. It again features fine solo work from Eddie Hazel who again showcases his guitar ability to great effect. Some superb moments on this the final track on the album and the second longest overall.


There we have it, seven tracks but don't let that put you off this magnificently crafted example of great musicianship and quirky lyrics. The standout must be the title track which is a ten minute epic with some truly outstanding guitar playing from Eddie Hazel yet the whole band are superbly musical and give the listener a clear example of their own excellent playing. This is an historic album and sounds remarkably fresh forty years on. This is without a doubt one of the best albums of the 70s and one of the best albums of all time too. George Clinton does a great job on production and not only is Maggot Brain a superb album, It's title track is truly superb.

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  • leetscram published 22/01/2012
    great review
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