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published 16/03/2005 | scribbelle
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"Don't throw out your big one!"

.....I say this because if you've seen one of the frequent infomercials and shopping channel demos for this product, you'd be forgiven for wanting to ditch your clunking old food processor, cause this little beauty will do everything that the big processor does, but takes up a quarter of the room...WRONG! Well really doesn't take up much room at all!

I watched the demo, watched them make copius amounts of pesto from a few basil leaves, a couple of pine nuts, a lump of parmesan and a drizzle of nanoseconds! Perfect looking Guaaccomoles and hummous dips in seconds. They ground coffee, made smoothies, made soups, sorbets and salsa, in seconds. I reached straight for the phone!

The price Thane direct (the infomercial channel I saw it on) was quite high at £75, however with three easy monthly payments on offer, I knew I couldn't go wrong and ordered it.

It consisted of a power base with a footprint about the size of a large coffee cup (considerably smaller than most food processors) Two "bullet" cups...I'll explain later, four plastic mugs, and two different screw on all purpose "cross blade" and a flat blade for grinding, say coffee and whipping cream and egg whites...and as a bonus a huge plastic litre size jug, and that's not all...a juicer attachment! The plastic cups they provide two sizes, the small holds about the same capacity as a mug, and the large, I would say a large latte mug, the plastic mugs would take about a pint of liquid.

How it simply drops the ingredients into the appropriate sized bullet cup...(they're shaped like a bullet) screw on the appropriate blade...turn the bullet upside down and press onto the power base...a few small pushes later (the instruction manual refers to this as pulsing) the small onion, the three cherry tomatoes, the jalapeno pepper and the lump of cheese you've dropped in have miraculously turned into the most appetising and delicious salsa you have ever had!!! This is because the centrifugal force created inside the bullet , literally forces the ingridients away from the blades once cut, thus mizxing and chopping everything perfectly.

The reality...(The bad bit)

You pop three cherry tomatoes, a small onion, a jalapeno pepper, and a small lump of cheese into the small cup, you twist on the cross press down a huge noise of the tomatoes looks slightly pulverised, the onion looks a bit battered, the cheese well that's not been touched and the jalapeno has press can hear the blades whirring around and nothing's happening. You take the lid of to have a look, and the blade is blocked up with an indistinguishable pulp, which you have to scrape away into a separate container,and repeat the process until you have a reasonable sized bowl of salsa..and a word of will always have a piece of at least everything left over in the cup that just wont succumb to the blades!

I guess it's 200 watt motor just isn't powerful enough to cope with anything other than really tiny amounts of food.

The blender attachment..the litre jug..forget it!!!! and for heaven's sake do NOT put anything hot in it!..Imagine making an onion sauce on the stove...pouring into the blender, putting the lid on..pressing it on the powerbase and then being showered with hot onion sauce. The lid is just not secure enough, and I think not having an on and off switch and just having to press down and steady the jug at the same time is not a good idea..I have actually thrown that bit out..along with the juicer attachment..thats a hollow perforated tube that you pop fruit the demo they show carrots..all I can say is that they're using cooked baby ones..cause it doesn't touch regular carrots..not even diced ones!!!!

The good bits...and that's why I kept it

It comes with a recipe book, unfortunately it's designed for an American market so you need to look up a few conversions. The recipe book has some great ideas from using up leftovers, to making lots of yummy snacks and drinks.

It makes wicked if you want a smoothie it (You can buy it from QVC now for about £44! ggrrrr!)

If you want a coffee does a great job

It will cut up onions and garlic really finely for your bolognese..if you cut the onion up in big chunks first!

It will make a single portion of pesto with the ingredients I mentioned at the top of the will notice that the demo will not show a complete will notice breaks in the film where what has been made earlier will be sneaked into shot...hence the pesto for four made out of mouse sized quantities.

All in all..if you have a large family and need a food a food proccessor and not this. It would be great for someone living alone..and even better for someone in university digs!

It washes up an absolute dream, and is dishwasher safe..quick tip is to pulse it a few times after use with water, and it comes out almost clean enough to put away..I wouldn't though, honestly!

It can overproccess..I popped a large tin of plum tomatoes into the large bullet to chop pulsed it down but unfortunately managed to lock it onto the base for a couple of seconds..I was left with tomato juice!

It's great to lock it on for a few seconds to crush ice for smoothies, but otherwise extreme care is's a bit of a learning curve, but once you've got the's great.

I would say in all buy it, dont' pay a fortune for it..magic it is, but it isnt' a miracle!

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  • grum22 published 23/08/2005
    I was also drawn in by the demo - but now I know it won't do for me. Thank you! A very fair and well-balanced review
  • Jen599 published 10/07/2005
    We just ordered this, for £65 now, i was drawn in by the advertising! I hope it goes ok.... Good review!
  • starlight_xx published 11/05/2005
    Im swithering about buying one. Would probably use it mostly for smoothies as my big Kenwood smoothie maker proved to be a white elephant lol The infomercial is hilarious tho, nice to see a more unbiased review
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