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Making Monsters - Combichrist

1 CD(s) - Electronic - Label: Out of Line - Distributor: Plastic Head - Released: 06/09/2010 - 4260158834209, 4260158834278

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Review of "Making Monsters - Combichrist"

published 02/06/2015 | RobWK
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Pro rhythm, passionate lyrics, effective post-industrial drums to drive that natural aggressive sound
Cons Not for Fans of vintage Combichrist or haters of anything slightly commercial.
very helpful
Quality and consistency of tracks
Cover / Inlay Design and Content
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""We're making monsters, Inject adrenalin, Fuel up with gasoline""

Making Monsters - Combichrist

Making Monsters - Combichrist

Making Monsters
is the fifth album released on September 28, 2010 by American based Aggrotech band Combichrist.

Combichrist’s sound has evolved over a decade so bizarrely and fantastically to incorporate the speed, aggression and noise that the youth of today crave so much. This album was the last truly balanced release encompassing rhythm, passionate lyrics, and effective post-industrial percussion to drive that natural aggressive sound.

Declamation. The first track and an intro track. Incorporating vocal samples taken from popular media as Combichrist are known to do generously. This track is dark, eerie but not without a beat you can bop too. It lays the groundwork for what is to come.

Follow The Trail of blood. The second track features guest vocalist Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through, an odd pairing certainly, but one that makes this track one of my favourites on this album. It kicks in with the signature Combi’ drum line, hard, unrelenting and fist pumping. Andy La Plagua begins but on the second set of verses Brandon takes over and shows his talent for gruff, dirty vocals that was the hallmark of the Hardcore Metal band he started ‘Bleeding Through.’ The sound throughout is not for the chaste or the mellow. It’s power hungry, ruthless, its havoc and chaos, it’s Combichrist at its finest.

Never Surrender is the third track on the album. It doesn't mess around as it fades in and pummels your head with grinding synthesised noise riding a gallop of percussion. Building the wall of sound with symbols crashing, then quiet for the verses; “Self-medicating, craving punishment” and the wall hits you again. This song is very kick drum heavy with a simplistic structure until the chorus where the straight-lined tempo is mangled and ravaged with more layers of grinding noise and the lyrics “I will suffer
I will burn
Let the hate prevail”
This track is again not for a vanilla audience. As Andy introduced it to us when I saw them live just before this album was released, he said “This is for you when something inside you won’t let you lay down, won’t let you sleep, won’t let you bleed, never surrender”
The louder this is played the better it is, it’s definitely something to be pumped through earphones during a workout.

Throat Full of Glass brings a total change in feeling now. This track brings more rhythm, style and lyrics worth singing along too. A real toe tapper with a groovy feel that lightens the tone, something more reminiscent to Andy’s first band ‘Icon Of Coil’ which is thoroughly enjoyable.

F**kmachine. This crass, ugly, vulgar piece is simplistic on the verge of an instrumental. It bares plain lyrics but not without image and thought. It's sound is grim, dark and filthy and to that end it’s aptly entitled. I like this song for starters; its covered in an X-rated shroud that has been with Combichrist since the beginning and in comparison with then and now it shows how Combi’s sound has evolved organically over the years without much struggle.

Forgotten is the sixth track and it keeps the lowdown, dank feel in sound but keeping the mechanised Industrial edge. It’s not filler, it’s an instrumental, its 4 minutes long and it does go on abit if I’m honest. But as it maintains the atmosphere created by the previous track I welcome it very much as an important piece of the whole album.

Just Like Me. I don’t know what is happening with this track. It starts with a low quality girl singing a nursery rhyme and dives into a steady, swinging beat with lyrics yelled with minimal talent until the chorus which does make it more enjoyable. This track is quite slow in beat but there’s still a lot going on. This reminds me of ‘Cant Change the Beat’ from the previous album. It has a very pop like chorus that is predictable. It’s only when the backing tracks kick in half way through can I really enjoy it as it adds depth and really brings out the potential of this song.

Slave To Machine is the eighth track that sinks the tone back down where it belongs in the shadows with dim vocals and a progressive nature. This track develops into abit of a rave when the chorus shines through with no messing around. “Slave to machine
I'll let this darkness last forever
Destroy this world of dreams”
Bouncy, sharp, smart, and you’d find me dancing along if you played it loud enough.

Through These Eyes of Pain is the ninth track and a bit of a spoken word sort of deal. This is the slow track of the album, full of thought and inspiration and not much ‘oomph’ to it compared to the rest of the disc.

Monster:Murder:Kill is the tenth track and we’re back to vintage Combichrist here. EBM inspired beat with an Industrial Chorus and the ever evolving electronica after taste. Another track I’m not guilty to admit I’d rock to this at my local club/pub/garage/church/post office.

They is the eleventh track and we can tell this album is starting to wrap up with this being the longest track on the album and in those 6 minutes we touch on the main theme of the album, Monsters, machines, assimilation, domination, extinction. I’m not one to look up possible speculations on song meanings, I’m a big boy I’ll think of my own. So this track and the overall theme of the album I think is that; we the humans create a monster that creates a billion other monsters and we must become machines to fell them, and in the end we are just another monster. Themes already touched on in other Andy Laplegua projects.

Reclamation is the final track and is the continuance of the intro track. Now bearing a more sinister tone with the concepts and themes we've experienced in the last ten tracks. Making this album not just an opus of songs with a ballad here and an anthem there, this is more, deeper and it does what albums should; from the mind of one person to us all, it relays a story.

  1. Declamation
  2. Follow The Trail of Blood
  3. Never Surrender
  4. Throat Full of Glass
  5. F**kmachine
  6. Forgotten
  7. Just Like Me
  8. Slave To Machine
  9. Through These Eyes of Pain
  10. Monster:Murder:Kill
  11. They
  12. Reclamation

To Sum Up
Making Monsters is the last release from Combichrist to feature a journey, track by track and is my joint favourite album paired with previous album ‘Today We Are All Demons’
Combichrist is not for the faint of heart or the easily rattled. It’s dark, harsh, dirty, macabre, sounds amazing and appeals to a wide audience. (in the alternative scene)

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