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Lost Daughters (Mama Ruby) - Mary Monroe

Lost Daughters (Mama Ruby) - Mary Monroe

Pages: 336, Hardcover, DAFINA BOOKS

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Title Mama Ruby
Genre Fiction
Author Mary Monroe
Publisher Kensington Publishing
ISBN 0758238614
Release Date 21.07.2011
Edition Hardback
EAN 9780758238610


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similar by Price (5 GBP to 9 GBP)
Fun, easy reading, interesting, good characters, free.
A little predictable in places. (*)
An easy read with plenty of humour
It has to end (*)
Addictive, great storyline, fantastic wording, lovely characters
Nothing (*)
Great storyline - a gripping read
Not one for the cynics. (*)
very good characterisation, story holds your attention, not too predictable
How many times can you use one irritating phrase?? (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (M)
Good read, well written
Hardly picks up on the realities of war (*)
interesting plot in theory, looks pretty on the outside
bad characterisation, not particularly well written, plot is boring in practice (*)
Cracking story, brilliant characters, very funny
None for me but not everyone will like the supernatural elements (*)
Beautiful, emotional story. Shocking twists and turns.
None for me. (*)
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Good story, characters, well written
Ending a bit rushed (*)
not really my cup of tea (*)
The Best. A must-have and mnust-read for romance fans
You might lose interest in other romance books (*)
Strong Writing, Imaginative .
None to me. (*)
Light hearted, easy to read
Didn't keep my attention, predictable throughout. (*)
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