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Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

Genre: Racing/Driving, Kids/Family - Arcade Racing - Publisher: Nintendo - Developer(s): Nintendo EAD - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "Mario Kart Wii (Wii)"

published 28/01/2012 | doriee.jay
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"Mario Kart Wii (Wii)"

Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

Introduction and Objective

Mario karts like you can probably guess is a racing game where you can choose from the popular characters of past Mario games such as Luigi, peach, yoshi and more, you can race on your own against the computer or up to 4 people can play and race against your friends. The aim of the game is to come first in everything by skilled wii driving and also collecting boxes that are located around the tracks which have fire arms inside to attack the other players allowing you to get ahead, in doing all this you can win the gold, silver or bronze cup which will then unlock new characters, tracks, cars and pictures.


You can have up to 4 players on this game to resister as a player you must create a license, this will come up straight away when you start the game and to do this you select your wii mii and then a card will show up and it will have all blank achievements and as you get the gold, silver or bronze cup the squares will turn that colour so you can see what you have achieved. When starting the game you can play in single player, multiplayer, Nintendo wfc and also there is a Mario kart world and this will show all the statistics.
Single Player
You can play the Grandprix, time trials, vs race or battle
The Grandprix: Firstly to start playing the Grandprix you have to do a few settings and first off is how fast the speed of the cars go and this is either 50cc 100cc or 150cc being the rubbish driver that I am I chose to drive in 50cc because it meant that I would be slow enough for me to be able to control with ease until I got used to playing then I could change it to go faster. Next you get to choose your Character and then the vehicle which is will use, you only get to choose from 3 vehicles at first but as you win more races you unlock new cars and bikes. The cars to begin with are Standard, Nostalgia and wild wing I always go for Nostalgia because it’s the car with the most evened out speed and acceleration etc You also have to choose whether you are going to drive in automatic or manual I always drive in automatic because I struggle driving as it is never mind having to completely control the car as well.

Next is where you will choose which cup you will race on, there are 8 cups altogether but you only start off with 4 cups and as you win those races the other cups will start to unlock the first cups are 1)Shell 2)Mushroom 3)Flower 4)Banana. Each cup has 4 races with 3 laps each as the game goes on the races become harder to win. The tracks themselves in these 4 cups are fairly simply tracks easy to follow and of course there is an on screen map to help guide you. In the first 16 tracks you will face things such as strong wind which will move you around the track, strong moving water which will carry you off the track also there are things to avoid hitting such as giant ducks that chase after you, cows, moles, Gumba’s(walking mushrooms with faces) and chain chomps, these are heads on a chain that come out into the track to eat you. Also in these tracks there are canons that will fire you across the track into different areas and go faster strips that will go you a boost to go faster. On one track there is a big hole with big bouncy mushrooms which you have to jump on to bouncy across and also there are boxeslocated across the tracks all around and this you will receive a weapon, banana or something to help you go faster and these will all help you win the race.

The next 4 cups are harder 5)Star 6)leaf 7)Lightning 8)special. There are things to avoid such as cones, electric, deep sand, deep mud, boulders, bats, gaps missing in the road, lava and fire, wobbly tracks also things such as Gumba’s, moles, falling walls and thwampers (giant rocks in the air with faces that crash on top of you, they move around as well) however the water makes you go a lot faster and there are more go faster strips around the tracks, on some levels you have to drive on curvy tree branches making it difficult to stay on and the last track is in space and around the Earth and doesn’t have any sides and is very fast even on 50cc so it is very hard to control. All the cups are hard in some way and you can set the boxes to either normal, hard or frantic and if they’re on frantic this means that powerful options will always be selected so if you are first expected to get hit quite a lot, The tracks are very fun to play on and each have something quirky about them even if it’s a simple pile of leaves when you go through a banana will be thrown out or a little mushroom and these mushrooms will give you a speed boost.

For first place (gold) – 15points
For second place(silver) – 12points
For third place(bronze) – 10points

Vs race: This is verses race, where you will team up with half of the characters and be either blue or red and you will go around the same tracks described above and whichever side gets the most points wins however when you get a weapon or a banana out of a box is won’t attack anyone on your team only the opposite side.

Time Trials: This is pretty self explanatory we have all played racing games before but basically you go around the tracks again trying to beat you last racing time, when you beat your own times in 50,100 and 150 cc you can unlock which is the Mirror trials and this is the same tracks but backwards and I believe that this can only be raced with 150cc making it very fast and hard.

Battle: There are two teams, red and blue and you are on separate maps to the tracks and the aim of the game is to either collect the balloons or the coins depending which one you picked to play on. You get these by driving into them and the opposite team will crash into you and this is ‘stealing’ what you have collected so you need to crash into the other side to steal what you have. There are also boxes on this which they are all included except for the bullet bill box. By firing something at the opposite side this will cause them to drop all their balloons or coins.
You can play the Grandprix, vs race or battle
This is all exactly the same only there can be 2-4 players rather than one player, in the grandprix you will fight and compete with your friends as well as all the other characters being controlled by the computer. The VS racing you can either both play on the same side or against each other soon, playing on the same side will ensure a win every time for your team but playing against each other will be very competitive. The battle again you can either play on the same side or on opposite teams (red or blue). You can also play the battle with up to 4 player and again you can be on the same side or against each other.
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Baby peach
  • Baby Mario
  • Toad
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Donkey kong
  • Koopa troopa
  • Waluigi
  • Bowser
    These are the set Characters for the game but as you play the game and win races and cups you will unlock lots of new characters. Me and my sister has a great idea as her name is Marie and my name is Laura, she changed her license name to Marieo and my name to Laurigi and we played as Mario and luigi.

• A – Select
• B – Fire weapons
• 2 – accelerate
• 1 – reverse
• Turn the the controller to move the car
• You can use the D pad to either fire you weapons in front or behind you.

• Bullet bill – this will change you into a bullet and you will speed around the track over taking everyone.
• Banana – you can either get one of these in multiple of 3, you can throw it forward or drop it behind you and this will make other people spin around and slip.
• Green shell – this will explode on impact when hitting someone and will ping around the track it does but beware it can hit you as well.( available in multiple of 3 as well)
• Red shell - This is like a heat seeker and will aim for the person in front or behind depending which way you release it.(available in multiple of 3 as well)
• Pow – this will make everyone spin around on the track and stop.
• Bomb – this is a timed bomb but beware if your close it can get you too.
• Star – this is invincibility.
• Mushroom – This will give you a speed boost(available in multiple of 3 as well)
• Gold mushroom – this will make you go even faster than the normal boost.
• Mega mushroom – this will make you grow 3x the size and you can run over people and go faster.
• Red box – looks the same as a normal box but red and if you go into it you spin around and stop.
• Spiny blue shell – this will target whoever is number one and then strike them making them bounce and stop.
• Cloud – this is lightning and it starts over your head and you need to crash into someone to pass it on to them and it will electrocute them
• Blupper – this is a ghost that will come on the enemies screen and squirt ink on their screen so they cannot see.

There are usually 6-8 boxes across the track in any one place and every couple of seconds if this has been smashed another one will appear in its place, also there are boxes located above ramps and in hidden passage ways which you can find if your looking for them, these aren’t on the maps but they are shortcuts so if you are behind this is a great way to catch up and to find hidden boxes as this is what you rely on to win the race. On some races the boxes move around which means of course that you have to swerve around the track to attempt to get one and I swerve and still miss the boxes every time.


The graphics on Mario karts are really good, each car and character is detailed and bright as if the car was real with lights and smoke as well, also while you’re driving the car your characters arm’s are moving and when you throw something behind you it will look behind them as well to see if it has hit anyone. Skid marks are also shown on the track and boxes smash as if it was glass and shards fly out. The enemies and clear yet simple enough with no glitching as they get you every time! The backgrounds are very well designed and clear not on part of it is out of focused or blurred, all the tree’s have faces on them and are bouncing and dancing as you drive past, also the crowd in the tracks are the mii characters of the wii. A lot of the designs are very simple but they are effective.
Music & Sound effects

The music on Mario karts is extremely similar to the 8-bit music they used on the very old games of Mario, the music is the same as that only it is much better quality and easier to hear with no distortion. The music is different to each track. In the Mario tracks it is happy and bouncy where as in the castle it is a spooky slow music so the music does depend on the track. The music will get faster in the last lap making you want to go even faster, The music will go into “chipmunk” mode when you get hit by lightning and you are made small, also the voice and screams of your character will be in “chipmunk” mode as well. There are sound effects for even box, the sound of acceleration, breaking a box, going up some stairs. Also the characters cry when someone over takes them.

The best tip I can give is that when you go up over a ramp, a bump or a hill if you flick your controller, a little twinkling sound will be made and it will go you a speed boost making you go a lot faster for a few seconds. Also on the castle tracks the bricks of the walls if you go into these they will fall off so make sure you don’t go into the sides. Avoid deep much, sand and snow as it slows you down trying to get out of it, the light blue water is fine to go in but the deep blue water is deep water and you will drown and be set back on the track making you lose several places.Overall, playing on 50cc is very easy I only find one race difficult and that is the very last race which is in space, the track is see through with light colours on it, it also has no sides and is very fast as well as go faster stripes across the track that are unavoidable, annoying as it is not winning it is still good fun as I just fall off on every bend. There is a good variation in the tracks and the scenery. Controlling this at first I found really difficult because if you turn the controller too much you can turn too far and go off the track but I did get the hang of it quite fast and it then became very enjoyable even if it was just a leisurely drive by myself. I couldn’t control the game at its fastest speed of 150cc but it was still funny to watch my fall off the track all the time. The music does it job right on the last lap when it speeds up it does make you feel even more competitive and want to win even more. I have a bad habit however I am like a typical game player, one who gets annoyed when they can’t do something and this game is no exception, when I switch this on and start playing I start to resemble a teenage boy screaming and shouting at the screen because I can’t win.

This game is ideal for a lot of people, people who like to play racing games, for the full family to play or for people who used to like the old Mario games but have either lost them, completed them or they just don’t work anymore, this is a game for everyone to enjoy and one that you can easily get used to within a couple of races. You can play this with the remote on its own or with the remote in the wii wheel which I find is the most easiest to play with.

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