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published 05/07/2009 | kate12345
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"This is not just any review. This is a Marks and Spencer Review."

You may have your own opinion about Marks and Spencer in general, with some people still perceiving it to be a tad old fashioned and unimaginative.

However, the same cannot be said about Marks and Spencer's food department.

The reason I buy Marks and Spencers food is because of the taste and quality. I often pop into Marks and Spencers on the way home from work if I don't have much in the fridge and fancy a quick but tasty convenience meal. To be fair, I think that the ready made meals are probably the biggest attraction for most people shopping at this store. You just don't manage to get the same selection or quality of convenience meals from the larger supermarkets, such as Tescos or Asda. I know that I can stop off at Marks for 10 minutes and manage to pick up a nice meal for tea, whereas if I went elsewhere, I just wouldn't find much that would appeal. My local Marks and Spencer is a small store, but the selection of ready meals is well focused with a good selection to choose from.

My favourites which I would recommend include the Cumberland pie (which is nice and crispy on the top with a tasty mince and gravy filling), Chicken pie, Quiche and lasagne. There are many other tasty meals to choose from which can just be heated up in a short space of time. Many of the meals are genuinely delicious, unlike a lot of other supermarkets which appear to churn out bland and unappetising convenience foods.

However it is not just the ready meals that are worth a buy. Marks and Spencers also sell many other quality food products such as pasteries, fish, meats and vegetables. I reguarly buy the following items and which are always delicious - smoked mackerel, tuna pate, croissants, blueberries, mashed potato, yorkshire puddings (which taste almost homemade) and most of the cheeses. I particuarly enjoy buying the Oakham full Chicken which sometimes comes sealed in a bag and takes only 30 minutes to heat up alongside a delicious gravy and stock taste. The reason for this is that Marks have a welfare policy that they should be commended for. They will only stock certain products which endorses the positive treatment of animals, and much of the produce is organic. The Oakham chicken is exclusive to Marks and is endorsed by the RSPCA. This in my opinion, sets Marks and Spencers aside from other supermarkets.

I would also recommend the wines sold at Marks and Spencer. I am a fan of red wine, and the Italian Wine priced at £4.99 is delicious and very easy to drink!

In my local store in Newcastle staff are fairly approachable and well trained, whilst the checkout staff are also usually friendly and helpful. This might have something to do that Marks and Spencer are known to be very reputable employers and the staff rate of pay is typically higher than other supermarkets. At the end of each shift, most stores offer their staff the opportunity to purchase almost out of date goods for 'pennies' or massively discounted prices. I know this because a family member works at one of the stores.


Not everything is perfect about this food store. One of my minor irritations includes being charged 5p per carrier bag. Now I appreciate that this is controversial, and that they are apparently trying to save the environment. But the fact is that I don't shop at Marks reguarly and often pop in on a 'whim.' As a result I always end up paying for carrier bags and I can't help feeling that it's just more money in their pockets that should be in mine. If they are so concerned about the environment, why not produce paper carrier bags?

Secondly, Marks and Spencers food is not cheap. It is a luxury, and unless you are rather well off, it's good for the occassional shop / treat only. Perhaps this is why there are no large trolleys - because most people only shop with a basket and buy only a few items. Yes - you can get the 'meal deal' - 2 people can eat in for this price including a 3 course meal and bottle of wine. This is not bad. However in general the store is not cheap, and I am often close to tears when I hand over my debit card at the checkout. Everytime, I can't help thinking 'how on earth does it cost that much for only 2 or 3 items?!!'

My final gripe are the portion sizes of the convenience foods. Often a meal will claim it feeds 4 people when it clearly would struggle to feed 2! And I promise I'm not that greedy that I'm eating huge portion sizes!

The other thing to note is that Marks and Spencers stocks it's own brand food and not the usual brands which you might be able to buy at other supermarkets. However Marks has recently introduced select key other brand items into their store to make it more convenient for customers - this includes weetabix, tomato ketchup and Nescafe coffee. This is a nice touch and shows Marks is prepared to listen to customers.


A great food shop which stocks a range of convenient, tasty and quality foods. I would recommend that most people shop here occassionally for a treat. Unfortunately, it might dent your bank balance a little

Good for the occassional treat.

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  • TheHairyGodmother published 25/09/2009
    Super review, well written, informative and very helpful to the consumer.
  • hillhead published 05/07/2009
    Well reviewed!
  • brittle1906 published 05/07/2009
    Good review with lotsof information. I'm not an M&S user nowadays, budget doesn't allow and our local store closed down anyway! Linda x
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