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If someone said to me, what would be included in a list of things you couldn't live without it would have to be Marmite. I can't get enough of it! I'm not sure about 'bathing' in it, as the website suggests (erm, I'm sure this is meant to be hyperbole as it is RATHER thick ... Read review

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Marmite Yeast extract - 125g jar

Marmite Yeast extract - 125g jar

"Love it or hate it."

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Marmite Yeast Extract 125 g (Pack of 12)

Marmite Yeast Extract 125 g (Pack of 12)

Rich in B vitamins 100% vegetarian With extra Folic acid Suitable for vegetarians Yeast ... more

extract. Product formulations may vary and
consumers should always check the actual product

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Marmite Yeast Extract Squeezy 200g

Marmite Yeast Extract Squeezy 200g

Lovers of Marmite rejoice Marmite Squeeze Me is here The end of having to destroy your ... more

bread when spreading the lovely thick goo. The end
of travelling without your little tub of yummy
goodness. For now there is a new jar in town. It
squeezes it drizzles it doesn't make a mess and if
you hold it close you may even hear it whisper I
Love You. Marmite spread is made from yeast
extract the richest natural source of B vitamins.
It is a low fat food and is very low in sugar. Product formulations may vary
and consumers should always check the actual
product label.

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It's MYmite Review with images

AdvantagesFor me, everything

DisadvantagesErm; The simple fact it has a bad reputation

"...anyfood really but I suppose Marmite is given this because when you like it you love it and when you don't like it you hate it because the flavour is very unique. According to my mum, I used to have marmite on toast cut into soldiers as a kid whilst watching 'Postman Pat' and I would suck all the Marmite off the toast until to toast became a soggy Marmiteless mess, (lol) perhaps raising kids of Mamite makes it grow into an obssession as it has me ..." Read review

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Community Level 4simoncjones


Spooky, but I don't love or hate Marmite

AdvantagesQuite nice tasting, quick and easy, handy, long lasting, nutritionally good

DisadvantagesA bit salty, makes your breath stink

"...from The Dark Side of Marmite I've written for Halloween) Marmite divides itself with those who fall either into the 'Hate It' or 'Love It' camp. Me? Call me sit-on-the-fence awkward but I can't put myself on either side. To say that I love Marmite stretches things too far. I don't hate it either. I fall somewhere in the middle - I Quite Like It. Not very catchy as a slogan and it throws that theory out the window. But still, you must admit clever ..." Read review

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...My Mate Review with images

AdvantagesYumtastic, Cheap, Lasts a long time, Vegetarian friendly, Low calorie

DisadvantagesHas a diverse reaction to it's flavour

"...knife in to get some Marmite out, it immediately reminds me of treacle, but runnier, yet maintaining a certain sticky viscosity. It's very dark brown, so much so that it looks black. On first whiff, it smells very strong and has a salty-ness. There is almost a very strong gravyesque, beefy smell there too, whether or not I'm going crazy - I don't know. There is definitely the undeniable aroma (if you can call it that) of yeast, that gives a vague ..." Read review

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I Love Marmite! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat snack alternative if you like the taste.

Disadvantageshorrible if you're don't like it.

"...kick off this review of Marmite I would like to state that I am a 'lover' not a 'hater'. The advertisements for Marmite are famously known for their 'Love' or 'Hate' it themes, which makes Marmite rather unique just by the fact that it is a risky campaign to take on when you promote your product as being hated by half of its consumers. This has famously become known as 'The Marmite Effect' or reaction. Thankfully it is one of the English products ..." Read review

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Community Level 5whoopidoo


Marmiters Unite! Review with images

AdvantagesFull of vitamins, goodness, low in fat, flavoursom

DisadvantagesStrong smell - lack of love from partner

" and take a stand Against Marmite haters across the land The taste and texture so divine Bovril brown and tastes bovine Fear not fellow vegetarians Yeast extract ensures the taste is mighty 100% recommended by your society The texture is thick and gooey too No drips, no spills, no hullabaloo Okay yes it’s a little bit sticky Leaving lovely brown rings upon your shelf What do we care - ‘tis good for the health The curvaceous jar ..." Read review

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Type Yeast Extract
Manufacturer Marmite


Listed on Ciao since 28/10/2001

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