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Marvel 1985 TPB - Mark Millar

Marvel 1985 TPB - Mark Millar

Pages: 176, Paperback, Marvel Comics

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Title Marvel 1985
Author Mark Millar
Publisher Marvel Comics
EAN 9780785121589
Release Date 25.02.2009
Type Comics
ISBN 0785121587


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similar by Price (5 GBP to 9 GBP)
Storylines; the honest self indulgence; artwork and intrigue
Nothing (*)
Excellent retelling of a classic story for a new generation
Some pop culture references are already dated, Inconsistent artwork in places (*)
Likeable characters, good artwork, diary section included is helpful for new readers
The stories in this book are not as exciting as the ones that preceeded it or follow it (*)
Classic British comics at their very best
The two page episodes sometimes jolt (*)
similar by Publisher (Marvel Comics)
Great artwork, Powerful storyline utilising iconic characters
Some of the political elements distract from the action (*)
Great story, full of action, characters, villains and lively artwork
Is there a bit too much going on? (*)
A different side to some major villains
The lack of a real heroic antagonist for said villains (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (M)
Ultron's back - well, kinda...
Doesn't feel as innovative as it should be (*)
Decent artwork, amusing romantic comedy storyline.
Shizuku can be a little cold at times, Haru's antics can be a little annoying. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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