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Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack

This quality wood and aluminium hanging rack gives convenient storage of your pans, kitchen equipment and tools. It includes 16 hanging hooks, 4 of wh...

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published 17/10/2016 | sellerleygirl
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Pro An attractive and space-saving addition to any kitchen
Cons You could have in locating joists in the ceiling
Value for Money

"A Master Class in a stylish and clutter free kitchen"

Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack

Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack

*¨¨* Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack *¨¨*

*¨¨* Introduction *¨¨*

I do love cooking and have lots of cooking paraphernalia -too much some would say!! Ever since I moved into the cottage I had wanted a hanging rack for my pans and the like, but there had always been something else to spend the money on!
Finally, three years after moving into the cottage in May I decided to treat myself to a rack – after waiting for the one my husband was going to make me for the previous three years!
I purchased my Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack from E Bay for £55 which seemed to be the best price at the time and have now had it in my kitchen for almost 6 months, and so, I thought, time to write a review on it.
*¨¨* The Product *¨¨*

The Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack is a very sturdy and well-made hanging pan rack that is made from strong teak coloured natural wood with aluminium fittings and trimming.
The rack measures around 24” x 20” and the maximum drop is 24” (but this can be altered by removing some links or purchasing more to make it longer)
In the box you get a really sturdy feeling wooden rack consisting of 10 solid lathes, with two more strengthening bars on the back, 8 track hooks, 8 swivel hooks, 4 eye hooks, 4 J clips, 32 hanging links (each around 3” long) and an instruction leaflet.
All the hooks are also available to buy separately should you need any more.
The rack is the perfect way for storing pans and gives you more room in the kitchen while also looking extremely smart. It is perfect for over an island, a corner space or over a breakfast bar.

Everything needed to fit the rack is included and it is not too difficult a process, once that you have found the best location for it.


• A high-quality 65 x 51 cm (24" x 20") hanging wooden pan rack. Save space and show off your pans, pots and utensils in striking style!
• Easily adjustable height, so you can hang it almost anywhere - above a breakfast bar, in a corner, or on its own as a centrepiece
• Easy to install, with all fittings included - you get 16 moveable hooks, so there's plenty of space for tools, pans and colanders
• You can also store and organise roasting trays and baking pans on top, or even hang dried flowers from the individual bars
• Five-year guarantee

*¨¨* My Opinion *¨¨*

Our cottage is a converted cattle shippon, the dividing wall between the dining area and cooking area is one of the old wooden stall walls and we have good strong oak beams across the ceiling, consequently we had no problem in having somewhere suitable to hang the rack from. An as the ceilings are not as high as my old Victorian house the drop was just about perfect.
I chose to hang my rack over the wooden stall wall in the corner as there were beams above that were just in the right position.
For people who do not have such beams you will need to use strong eye hooks and screw them into a beam or joist behind the plaster ceiling. Remember that the rack itself weighs 6 kilos and you are going to be hanging several heavy pans on I, so it needs to be firmly fixed.
Once you've drilled the holes into the joists (or the beams in our case), you can screw the hooks that came with the pot rack into the ceiling. The young man who fitted mine used pliers to give yourself a better grip when fixing the hooks.
My son’s friend is a joiner and hit was him, with a little labouring from Jack who fitted my rack for me – it does take two people to do really, and it took them about 465 minutes. Will said if we hadn’t got the beams he would have needed to use a stud finder to locate the joists.

Once fitted I was extremely pleased with the appearance, it really looked high quality and fitted in with my kitchen design really well. I think that the colour of wood with the aluminium trim would actually fit in most kitchen colour schemes. While our beams and the stall wall are dark oak, the rest of my kitchen is white with some teak coloured cupboards, and so the pan rack fitted in perfectly. We used all of the 32 links (8 for each corner) which made the hanging depth around 24” which was a perfect length for where it was going in my kitchen. Should I have been hanging it over the breakfast bar I probably would have had to remove a couple of links from each length. However, had I been installing it in my old kitchen I would have needed to purchase some extra links as it would not have been long enough.

The 8 solid track pan hook simply drop the hook down between the bars, if you require more they are available for around £3 - £4 each ( and they are very strong and perfect for hanging pots and pans steadily in place. Each hook is around 4” long and are designed to hang heavy duty pans.

The 8 swivel rack hook have a swivel base, which rotates 360 degree; these are 4 ½ “long and are also available to buy should you need more for around £3 - £4 each ( Because they swivel it means you can easily access your equipment. All these =hooks are of excellent construction and very sturdy and will even hang away griddle pans and other heavyweight kitchen items.
I purchased three more of the swivel hooks for my pan rack – but I have got a lot of stuff hanging on it!!

As well as hanging, pans, strainers, jugs etc. from my rack I also store larger pans on the top; I sometimes hang bunches of rosemary or dried flowers from it too – it really does look very good.
It has stood up to the substantial weight that I have put on it and it helps keeping my pans looking better ad they’re not having to be knocked about as they’re put away in cupboards – pluss I have freed up a lot of cupboard space.

Anyone who visits my kitchen always comments on the pan rack, it really is very eye catching – and I wonder know, after 6 months’ use, how on earth I managed without it!

This is something which would also be very handy in a garage for storing things too I would imagine.
*¨¨* Price and Availability *¨¨*

When I was looking for a pan rack I found this model ranging from over £100 down to the £55 I paid for it off E Bay. As of the 17/10/16 it can be purchased from Amazon from £72.99 and from E Bay from £69, so I guess I got a bargain!!
I would say though that at the higher Amazon price I do think that this pan rack is worth the money as it is of an excellent quality.

*¨¨* In Conclusion *¨¨*

Should you have a kitchen that would suit this style of storage and you have the space to fit it I would really recommend the Master Class Deluxe Hanging Rack as not only a perfect storage solution but also an attractive addition to your kitchen and a talking point.

Do make sure that you can access joists easily before purchasing though.
I am deducting one point because of the problem you could have in locating joists in the ceiling for the hooks; but this really is a very high quality bit of equipment!

*¨¨* Pictures *¨¨*

• Picture 1: The heavily laden pan rack
• Picture 2: The box
• Picture 3: The Contents

*¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨* *¨¨*

Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful
*¨¨* © Sellerleygirl October 2016 *¨¨*

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