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"Match Isn't Very Good"

Match is suprisingly one of few football magazines around, especially, and all of them are monthly, but this is weekly. This magazine costs £1.60. Match is a glossy magazine with many pictures.

The layout of match is all over the place. The magazine is full of pictures which shorten the written side of the magazine. The magazine is really colorful. The writing in this mag is limited a lot of it is down to bullet points or text boxes. It is reall y for children, so they don't have to read much. They try and make it as graphic as they can. There are always banner on the top and bottom of the page, stating facts and having joke and so on which is worth a look. There are a lot of poll's from this magazine so a lot of pages are made up of them.

How Popular Is It
I would say this is the most popular football magazine around
easily for under 15's . I know a number of people who buy this and they like it. A number of people buy it just for the posters inside to put on there wall. I think the reason this is popular is because the other two football magazine which are 4-4-2 and Shoot both have very complex writing in. Match gives out the news in a easy format unlike Shoot which is flooded with words. Another reason its popular is because it is cheep at £1.60 compare that to 4-4-2 hefty price tag of around £4-5 and you can see why the youngsters go for this. But i think the main reason for the good amount of fans is because there just simply isn't enough football magazine, so they all get a good share.

Quality Of Pictures
The pictures throughout this magazine are of a good high quality and are hugely clear. They need to have good quality of pictures because 90% of it are pictures. With some dodgey looking pictures the magazine will be nothing. Looking at one of the interviews now it show five pictures of the person being interviewed which is an awful lot.

Quality of Interviews
The interviews are disappointing theres just about 5 questions and the answers are always about one line long. You want to read the full story of the interview. There are around 5 pictures always of the person being interviewed so you can see why theres not much writing. But on the other hand the questions asked are good and are the ones you want to hear. The interview is color coordinated well. E.g.. if the player was playing for man city the background of the interview would be baby blue. It does suprise me that stars of this ilk give time to magazines like this but you got to give match credit for getting these people like Steven Gerrard and Thierry Henry.

Value For Money
£ 1.60 might sound really cheap but the price has steamed up since a few years ago. I remember when it use to be under a pound. It seemed more worth buying then. But then again the magazine is getting better and theres more to read now. Its around the right price but if it rises any more then i think it will lose the readers.

The Advertising
There is a great number of adverting all over the magazine. the back page is especially for advertising. In the middle of the pages there are a good amount as well. The adverts have got the right target audience like they have Nestle cereals, and they are more of a childs cereal. Also advertised in the magazine are Pro Stars which are football figures which you can buy in packs. This magazine is also a perfect match for the advert. As its about football and Pro Stars are for children

What I Think
I actually buy this weekly, i don't like it that much but it is always worth a read to catch up what s happening in the footballing world. The character of the magazine is match man and he uses slang writing and find it really babyish and think is this actually worth reading when its got things like that in. but i continue to purchase this every Tuesday. I like the posters as it makes good artwork on the walls of my bedroom. But the older i get the more board i get and i read more of 4-4-2 as it is more for adult and gives you a better perspective of hwats happening.

Front Cover
The Front cover is always the same layout. It always has the title in the same place also. The banner across the top show you the players of who the posters are of this week. So it makes you wan to look in.There are always a set of players, and they have speech marks and it shows them saying stuff and it is really phoney.

The posters are a good quality and are colorful but there is limit with how long you can keep them as the paper is really thin and if it is windy if will probly fall down and get creased. They should make more posters of teams in championship and leagues 1 and 2 and it is predominately premiership

Pages That Are Always In The Magazine
The pages that are always in the magazine are
  • always at least 2 interviews
  • always a match stats bit at the back which has all the information on the game which have been taken place in the week
  • always has a page of new products which tells you how much they are e.g.. pair of boots which they rate out of 5
  • always has a news page
  • always has around 10 posters

So overall if you are under 15 and you like football its worth a read if not don't buy it. Buy 4-4-2

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  • Playgirl27 published 07/08/2006
    Sounds ok not a fotty fan, lou xx
  • torr published 28/07/2006
    I've not seen it for a long time. As someone who used to work in magazine publishing, I think they'll be lucky to make a success of it as a weekly. Duncan
  • killiefan published 17/07/2006
    I remember this from years ago but didn't realise they still made it. Scott
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