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published 03/02/2011 | azana
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"Maxi by name, maxi by price....but well worth it!"

Maxi Micro Scooter

Maxi Micro Scooter

What is a Micro Scooter?

For a while now "Micro Scooters" - as in the brand - have been appearing in ever increasing numbers, parked in the playground at the end of the day in our Primary School - in their varying forms and wheel numbers they seem to be THE accessory du jour on the dreaded "school run", the one that is, that is undertaken by those of us going to school by foot rather than by car.

Micro Scooters produce a number of scooters, in two and three wheeled versions, and quite a few months ago now we joined the craze and bought the smaller version of the scooter I am going to talk about here, the excellent mini-micro, which costs £35-50 and is for the 3-5 age range, and which I have previously reviewed elsewhere, and which I really wished I'd bought a couple of years ago.

Having two children however, it was perhaps inevitable that we would acquire a scooter for our elder child who is somewhat too tall and heavy for the mini-micro, and this is why we we were drawn to the maxi-micro, which is the similar, next stage scooter as far as three wheelers go.

This particular scooter, the maxi micro has been designed for age 6-12 and is a bigger, adjustable, and sturdier version of the mini scooter and is, I believe, a new addition to the range.

Is it any good?

The first thing to say about this scooter is that it is undeniably expensive. At £89 when we bought it (and now £94.50) it is quite an investment - we bought ours from John Lewis, and offset some of the cost with vouchers and a raid of our child's christmas relative fund, but, for the reasons I shall give, I think it is a worth while buy, even though for that price you could conceivably buy about 9 cheaper two wheeled scooters of lesser quality.

It's some consolation that as soon as you open the box it is obvious that this is a quality, branded item. Assembly is minimal (just a matter of putting the t-bar into the holder), and everything is superbly built.

On this scooter, unlike the smaller version, the handle bars are height adjustable, this can be done with ease via a small clip bar and a bit of pulling, and it means that the scooter is able to accomodate children up to age 12, (the upper weight limit is 50kg) as the manufacturer claims - my child's cousin has tried this out, as have a number of her friends and they have all loved it too. As you can alter the height of the t-bar quite extensively, I have seen some younger children using this scooter directly rather than having the smaller one, however this isn't particularly recommended by the manufacturer, but if your child is comfortable with it I can't see why it wouldn't be totally fine for a taller four or five year old in all honesty, though you should be aware that it is heavier and wider than the micro.

Looking at the rest of this item, the scooter has a solid metal brake pedal on the back which goes over the smaller back wheel that you can see on the photos. There are also very comfortable, well made pads on the handle- I've included close up photos of them below so that you can get an idea of the build quality, the ends are rounded so you don't damage anything you bump into, and if the scooter does topple over it bounces back.

The child uses this scooter by putting one foot on the footplate and pushing with the other - my child seems equally happy with both, the foot you use for pushing is then the one you put on the brake to slow down. This scooter, isn't designed for doing tricks on like the razr scooter or similar, but just for getting around on. At speed!

Like the smaller version the child steers this scooter by making the handle bar lean left and right, rather than by twisting or turning the handlebars. This, it seems, is intuitive and fun - my daughter built up a fair bit of speed the very first time she got on it, and actually, I often find it hard to keep up with her, especially as I am normally on foot and clutching a school bag or two, and she is very proficient at weaving in an out of obstacles and not bumping into things.

As the wheels are of a quality plastic (PU) they grip well and seem to wear really well too, though as they are black they do show up dirt fairly badly - as you can hopefully see on the photos below which show the scooter after some considerable use. The dirt showing up is not too much of a concern on an outdoor toy though in my opinion, and the wheels are solid and easily cleaned.

In terms of using the scooter, the low wheel base really makes all the difference, a child can glide along with this - it's far, far better than a cheaper scooter she previously owned and on which she was hopelessly outclassed by her younger sibling on her mini-micro (my husband who takes little interest in these things generally said the difference between the micro scooter and a cheap one is like that between a rolls royce and a 2cv, to give you an idea). The scooter doesn't fare particularly well with pot holes and the like, and can tilt forward if you encounter one, but overall it's pretty stable and certainly I have no safety worries about my child using it.

Talking of safety, the instructions and guidance that came with this item (which was all in a smallish box with a carry handly), are clear and very comprehensive. The only thing that bemuses me slightly about this scooter is the safety instruction not to let your child exceed 5km an hour on it - I have no idea how I would measure this or stop my daughter in all honesty; we do take a few precautions and she wears a helmet as she can build up quite a speed but so far she has had no spills on this, and is a proficient braker. As I have already mentioned, the scooter is best on smooth surfaces and just seems to glide along with total ease, and without rattling or making a noise, thanks to the great design.

Whilst there's no skill needed in terms of balancing - the two front wheels mean that you don't have to - the scooter does seem to be enjoyable to ride and certainly more fun than walking! More often than not the girls both want to use these on the walk to school, and from my point of view it certainly makes the whole event a quicker and less frustrating experience, especially when they are tired at the end of the day. Should I wish to, there are bags available that can be fitted onto this scooter, and I may also investigate fitting a "frog" bike light, the micro scooter site boasts a range of multi-coloured flashing ones, as I think this would improve visibility on dark mornings.

As far as overall build quality goes, again, I can not fault this scooter at all. The foot plate on this item is very solid, and quite wide, with good grips, so does accomodate larger feet than the smaller version - basically they have upgraded everything on the scooter from the smaller version (including the price), but have come up with a scooter that is a thing of beauty and practicality design and use wise.

Useful to Know:

All the parts on the scooter are fully replaceable and serviceable, on the manufacturer's website (to which I will put the link below, and where you can also buy the scooter itself and other accessories), there are full and comprehensive instructions as to how to proceed, and also lots of glowing testimonials about the products. You can also order a scooter directly from this site and see a video of one in action, which gives you some idea of how easy it is to use. If you (or more accurately your child, as I don't know about you but I can't quite manage the 50kg weight limit) want to try one out before purchase I would recommend having a go in any John Lewis store, as we did. They seem to have this scooter in huge numbers in black, where the purple is a little harder to track down.


In a way, I don't want to recommend this scooter, as, due to it's price I never really intended to buy it and was convinced she could make do with her £9.99 jobby - but actually I would have to hold my hands up and say that I was wrong, and this has been a worthwhile, much loved and highly useful purchase.

Apart from the price there is nothing at all I can criticise about this scooter, my daughter loves it and it's a great way of getting her moving and huge fun on the walk to school and back. Though you can't fold this scooter, which may be an issue for some, I do find at 2.5kg I can carry it (and her sister's), and it can be put in the boot of a car fairly easily.

Though this is, undeniably, an expensive scooter, which costs about the same as a bike would do, I can't help but recommend it as it's really very, very good, and will I think have years of use - though I have taken off a star for the eyewatering price.

Should you like this item, it comes in a number of other colours, including some "limited edition" colours,some of which are starting to appear in our playground at school, and it can also be bought with a stick rather than t-bar handle. You can also change the colour of the handlebars if you wish to.

When all is said and done, this scooter is, without doubt, the porsche of scooters....but we love it! There's a reason why more and more of these are appearing on the pavements and in the parks of the area I live in, everyone I know who has one thinks it is a great scooter, so on that basis I would have to say that it's a worthwhile buy, and not money wasted as far as we are concerned. Recommended, albeit being a bit of an investment, it's a good one.


NB the age range is 6-12, which the ciao bar does not allow for

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    Scooters weren't nearly so technical in my day!
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    Very posh scooter - sounds a toy that will last.
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