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published 20/01/2016 | missrarr
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Pro Creamy texture, not drying
Cons Highlights imperfections, I would prefer a more matte finish, high transference
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"Not So Confident In This Nude"

For a few months about a year ago I subscribed to Glossybox, a beauty box service which delivered a monthly selection of either trial- of fills-sized beauty products to your door. Among some of the quiet generous offerings I once found a full-size Maybelline lipstick from the Nude collection within their Color Sensational lipstick range.

Started in 1915, Maybelline now comes under the L’Oreal branch. They offer a comprehensive make up range including popular mascaras and their budget tends to be high street friendly.

If animal testing is a concern for you (and why shouldn’t it be!), as far as I believe, Maybelline claim that they do not test their products on animals.

A comprehensive range of lip colours, Color Sensational now includes micro-ranges of “Blushed Nudes” (more pink-based) and “Nudes”. Other ranges include Matte and Pearl finishes, and the base range has about twenty shades to choose from.

This micro range has five shade options:

Naked Brown - quite a sandy light brown shade
Tantalizing Taupe - a slightly darker shade than the former
Honey Beige - darkest of the five
Coffee Craze - a slightly more rounded, light brown nude
Sultry Sand - a very pale nude without a clear leading colour

These lipsticks come in a fashionable square-based twist-up tube with a silver base and a semi-transparent pull-off lid which reflects the shade of the lipstick that it guards, which is in keeping with the rest of the range.

Availability at at present is £6.99 although frequently make up products can be purchased on 3-for-2 offers or similar and you also have the advantage with many retailers of having loyalty points. I believe smaller ranges of Maybelline products are often available in some supermarket stores these days too.

Apparently these lipsticks provide a “creamy feel” with “full coverage”. “True, naked pigments for flesh-tone colours”.

The product page on is more help than the one on Maybelline’s actual website - their subheading of “For Best Results” hasn’t got any text under it at all!

As this came in a Glossybox I did not have any option on the shade that I received, and in all honesty I would probably not have gone out to buy a nude lipstick anyway had I not received it this way. However, I was not averse to the idea of trying it and was quite intrigued. I suppose i do subscribe to the idea that you shouldn’t go for too strong a look on both eyes and lips but at my age (early thirties) I do like to wear make up every day for my own confidence and sometimes I like a change - I used to wear a lot of black eyeliner for impact and I have lessened that these days as I feel that even a soft, subtle pink lipstick with heavy eye make up looks overdone on a day-to-day basis. So I hoped that this shade would suit me and perhaps give me an option for day wear which was dressy and different without being overly heavy. So here goes…

I like it. I like that it is distinctive, it has a good size therefore is easy to locate in my make up bag as it is clearly definable from everything else. Whilst the semi-transparent lid almost looks a bit flimsy, I haven’t had any problem with it cracking or coming away from the silver base at all. I also like that there is no branding on the sides, although I think it would probably look better on a more mainstream colour as the four sides of what is effectively light beige sheer plastic is a bit dull in comparison.

On opening, I found that I had a very light shade indeed. Now, I’m pretty pale - in fact very much so. I usually use a very soft pink to polish my overall look, but I thought that this would probably be the best shade for me if I were to go for a nude look deliberately.

A few words on my thoughts on the nude lipstick look - if I’m going to do it, I want it to be clear that I am making a statement of doing so. If I just want a natural, polished look, I’ll use my usually dusky soft pink. I do quite like the idea of a noticeably nude lip with stronger eye make up, so I was quite pleased to receive a shade that was clearly very light. ‘Sand’ is a good word to describe this - it is a very soft sandy beige shade with no leading tones of brown, pink or orange. So I was pleased with the shade in principle.

Another word or two on my thoughts on the nude lip look - you have to have your lips in great condition to even contemplate it. Mine are prone to dry skin and chapping, so I have to use a lot of balms. I would also advise a polish before application. You want the look to be flawless and dramatic, despite the “nude” title.

Application is where this starts to go a bit wrong. Not entirely - don’t get me wrong. However…

First of all, even with lips in good condition, this product has such a creamy texture and is so very light that it manages to highlight imperfections that you might think you would get away with.

Secondly, this is about application and shade at once. As I said, I didn’t choose this shade, but there is no way the old back of hand test would have alerted me to an issues with this one. I wear Clinique’s palest foundation shade - as I said, you can’t get much paler than me - first of all if you apply this lightly, it does a nice job of reducing the tone of the lips. But, it still lets a noticeable amount of the natural lip tone through. So, if I want a truly nude effect from it, I have to apply quite thickly - and then it is so very pale that it makes my pale foundation look plastered on and too dark, let alone my eyes.

I’m not going to knock the shade because it clearly is too pale for me, although as I said I wouldn’t have been able to anticipate how much of the natural lip tone “ghosts” through even a thick application.

Then the problem with thick application is that it makes the texture very obvious - it is very, very creamy. Whilst not shiny, I would prefer a more matte, heavy finish because this also doesn’t define the edges of the lips very well at all.

I do actually like using this is a very light neutral to pull down the natural shade of the lip, however even then I feel that I have to smooth this out with a finger tip and there’s so little left that the unfortunately high level of transference means that it just doesn’t stay in place for long - and if not applied like this I still feel it has a grainy appearance despite the creamy texture.

As I mentioned - transference is high. It is very creamy and it does come off on glasses and as for eating - well don’t get ideas of digging into a sodding great burger (which is unfortunate as that’s what I had hoped to do on the social outing I applied it for this morning!).

So unfortunately longevity is compromised as well, and you don’t get a residual stain of colour from this. It’s a definite “take me out with you” product, otherwise you might as well not bother.

I think this looks better under artificial light. In natural light, I think that it highlights more imperfections than it hides, and the strange texture - almost patchy and grainy despite feeling very soft - becomes more noticable. However, under artificial light you can get a “flatter” look from it and in that sense it is very effective at giving a bold, obviously intentional nude look - almost completely wiping out the appearance of the lips whilst strangely also making them look quite full. But in daylight this just makes my foundation look too dark for me - this might be a confidence issue with me pulling off the look, but because I know the finish isn’t flawless, I don’t feel confident in it.

A tricky one to sum up. I don’t dislike it, although clearly it has its flaws as far as I’m concerned. I think I will continue to use it lightly, then “buffing” it into the lip to reduce the natural colour tones, but I won’t be using it as a heavy full coverage lipstick unless someone invents a foundation in negative colour tones in the near future!

Because it is very unforgiving, you really can’t apply this to chapped lips - it will look horrific. But because of the consistency, you can’t really put balm on it underneath either or it will just slip off all over the place.

However it does give a bold contrast if you wanted to go for a powerful, black lined eye. Which is, let’s face it, the motivation most people have for using this sort of product. Were I to use it as part of a “natural” look, however, I wouldn’t go near it - I think it would make me look washed out and unhealthy, and I would reach for my trusty pink (L’Oreal pink nude from their actress-inspired range).

Positives - it isn't drying, it isn't expensive, and the actual shade is quite nice.

Overall I think it could do with a more matte finish and better coverage so that it would have more of an effect without having to pile it on and risk it slipping all over the place. I don’t dislike the shade - in fact it is very nice - but the appearance of the texture and the application and transference issues, and the fact that it just looks like a sheer colour put on top of your natural lip tone, is a let down. When used lightly, the last point works more in its favour because you can just “lighten” the appearance of the lip colour and still make the eyes pop, but if you want a true, full on nude coverage to make a really striking look, this might not be the product for you.

Now I’m off to wipe half of it off and go for that burger! Thanks for reading.

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