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Review of "Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation"

published 15/03/2005 | AimeeLouise18
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Pro Covers for an exceptionally long time,feels really light while on
Cons not really for dry skin,easily comes off,not waterproof
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"A Dream Come True?"

When it comes to being different, maybelline's new dream matte mousse definitely deserves a reward. With it's unique little glass bottle packaging and it's strange mousse texture, this is a foundation that is set to be huge worldwide.

*** What It Promises ***

This revolutionary new product promises to have:

1) A lighter Than Air Texture
2) 8 Different Shades To Match Every Skin Tone
3) To Be Matte Perfect
4) Breakthrough technology that stops creasing and caking.
5) Effortless blending
6) The effectiveness to not block pores

But does it really live up to it's promises?

*** My Opinion On... ***

Here you will find my opinion on everything from the texture to the results. Hopefully this will give you the best idea whether or not this product is for you.

1) The Packaging

An odd start for me but the packaging I feel definitely deserves a mention for a number of reasons. The first is that it is completely different to other foundations I've used in the past. Most foundations come in a plastic tube which you have to squeeze in order to get the foundation out. However, this one comes in a little glass tub with a screw on top. Why is that so important? Because with the plastic tubes they can be a pain at giving you the exact amount you want. A lot of the time I end up with far too much on my finger, even when I haven't squeezed that hard. With this you don't get that because of the screw off lid. You can choose exactly how much you want to get and you can also see clearly how much of the product you have left.

The second reason is that you can use ALL of the product. Now that may seem like a fairly obvious thing to say but how many of you have actually tried squeezing out every last drop from a plastic tube? It is almost impossible to get every last drop out, and therefore you aren't getting your full money's worth are you.

And the third and final thing about the packaging is it's size. Now it may be heavier than your average foundation, but it's definitely a better size. It fits perfectly snuggly into the palm of my hand and I have really small hands so trust me that's a good thing! Definitely ideal for taking with you in your handbag!

The packaging definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

2) The Texture

I'll tell you what the texture reminds me of, A chocolate mousse pudding I had a while back. When you first open the lid, the foundation just looks like a pot of cream eyeshadow. However, it's when you touch it that you realise how different it is. It feels extremely light to touch and almost powdery. It really is like sticking your finger in a nice smooth, chocolate mousse pudding. I absolutely love the feel of it! Once you have touched it, it changes it's appearance from the smooth look to a kind of bubbly look. It's a little hard to explain but you can see why it's so light from the way the foundation seems to have separate layers. You'll see what I mean when you buy it trust me!

This is definitely different and feels as light as air to touch but what about when you put it on your face? Does it still feel light then?

3) Applying It

In order to apply it you need either a sponge applicator or your fingers. I personally apply things with my fingers as a sponge applicator seems to soak up most of the product when I use one. Mind you that's with liquid foundations, a mousse one may be different.

So when you have your desired applicator you then need to decide how much you are going to use. Now this is where I found that a little goes a long way. I really only need to dip my finger in two times to cover my whole face, but it all depends on how much you use. It is extremely easy to blend in and so that's another reason why you don't need a lot to cover the face. It takes less than a minute to apply so it's great to use if you are in a rush.

4) How It Feels

When the foundation meets the skin you will notice how smooth it actually is. It feels extremely light and again almost powdery. It does feel like it has some moisture in it too so it doesn't dry out your skin which is great news for me as I do tend to get bad dry skin quite a lot.

After applying it really feels comfortable and not like any other foundation I've tried. With a liquid, they tend to stick to any lines or faults I have and I can really feel them clogging up my skin. Now I thought I'd got rid of that feeling when I started using Maybelline 'Wonder Finish' but after using this I realise it was still clogging my face up quite a bit. It's a really nice feeling when you know your skin can actually breathe. I don't even realise I have any foundation on after I've applied this and that makes me really at ease with myself because theres nothing worse than feeling your foundation and worrying whether you have lines or tell tale signs that it's there.

I definitely think this is the best foundation I have tried that hasn't blocked up my pores. It has made me feel extra confident while wearing it too which is a big plus for me!

5) It's Coverage

What I usually look for in a foundation is something that will hide my little vein that runs down just below my left eye and all of my little imperfections I seem to have. I also look for a darker shade than my natural colour because I hate my pale skin so I try to cover it up as much as possible. All liquid foundations seem to do the job perfectly so I was shocked to discover that this foundation didn't cover up my little vein or give me a brighter colour! However, what was more shocking was the fact that I didn't mind! This is because although it didn't cover up my imperfections, it made the best of them. For once I am looking in the mirror and not minding my natural look. Things it does cover though are dark circles under the eyes and redness. It just makes the most of what you have.

So although it doesn't cover up that much for me, it does shade it a little and give a kind of natural glow. It makes my skin look healthy and natural and these days natural is definitely better! But what about dry skin? Sadly it does stick a little to dry skin so do be wary of this when applying. I have noticed on myself that although it sticks I don't care because it feels really light and moisturised and I aren't aware of the little patches all day so it doesn't affect my confidence at all. It is worth mentioning though but I really wouldn't let it put you off trying it as it doesn't show up as much as most liquid foundations.

6) How It Blends

Another thing I have to really give praise for with this is how well it blends in. Now when I first tried this shade out in Tesco on the tester section, I noticed that it looked darker at first until you had blended it in. The colour seems to get lighter and lighter until you are left with your natural shade with a slight healthy glow to it. It really is extremely easy to blend in and as I mentioned earlier, this allows you to apply quicker than some other foundations.

7) Suitable skin types

Because this is a matte foundation it is able to easily soak up any oily areas you may have on your face. Now personally this isn't a problem for me as, as I mentioned I have quite dry skin. I do have the occasional oily patch and through that I can say it did seem to work quite well in getting rid of it. As I also mentioned earlier, it does stick to dry skin so if you constantly have dry skin this may not be for you!

8) How Long It Lasts

I am extremely pleased with how long this foundation stays put. I put it on at just gone 9:00am and I admit I was worried at around 2:00pm that it would probably have wiped off or something because other foundations I have used usually do. I didn't reapply though as I wasn't going out so I wasn't too worried about what I looked like, and I was pleasantly surprised when my fiance told me at 6:00pm that he loved my new foundation and thought it looked really natural and it had a slight glow to it. At first I thought it must have come off and that's why it looked so natural but again I didn't think nothing of it. Then at 9:30pm it came time to remove my make up. Now this is where I realised just how long the foundation had stayed on for.

With my usual foundations, when I apply my cleanser at night, if I haven't reapplied my foundation at night, there is nothing on the cotton wool. So I was extremely shocked when it took five cotton wool balls to remove my foundation completely! I hadn't touched it up at all and put it on at 9:00am. That is twelve and a half hours! That is by far a record for me and I really can't believe it lasts that long! This is also great news for how long the product will last as you don't need to use much and you don't need to reapply!

9) Any Negatives?

Although I absolutely love this foundation it does still have a few flaws. The first main one being that it does stick to dry skin. I would love it if this was more adaptable to more skin types and hopefully one day they will redesign it to be but for now if you have oily skin you're ok if not you may need a trial run first!

Another negative is the feel of the foundation when you touch it. It actually feels like it is being wiped off and I really don't think it would take much to take it off your face. In one way that is great when you actually want to take it off but less great if you are out in the rain and it starts running down your face!

It also leaves your hands quite messy too so I'd advise you to wash them after applying this. You can't notice how messy your hands are until you touch something slightly wet such as a glass of water, that's when you really get to see it and it's not a pretty site!

Apart from those though I haven't noticed anything else and in my view the positive aspects far outweigh the negative!

10) Price And Availability

At the moment you should be able to find this for a reduced price of around five to six pounds in places such as superdrug and Tesco. When it goes back to normal price it will be just under seven pounds which I feel isn't too bad! My only problem is with the availability. Now it all depends on what shade you want but the one that seems to be the most popular is 'Nude' and Tesco have always sold out of that when I go. My fiance went into town the other day to get my tub of it and he said they didn't sell it hardly anywhere and the places that did sell it didn't have any on the shelves so he ended up asking a member of staff in superdrug and they got him one from the back. Don't be afraid to ask if they don't have your shade as they may have some hiding away somewhere! You can also buy this from online sites such as Ebay for a knocked down price but obviously you'll need to know what shade you need first.

11) Shades Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse comes in eight different shades and you should find one that is best for you. The shades are:
  • Ivory - A light shade that will suit fair skin
  • Cameo - A medium shade
  • Nude - The one I have and it suits pale skin
  • Sand - A slightly darker shade that will still suit medium skin
  • Fawn - A shade best suitable for tanned skin probably
  • Sun Beige - Quite a dark shade
  • Caramel - The second darkest shade that will also compliment nice tanned skin
  • Cocoa - the darkest shade that will suit very dark skin.

If you aren't sure which one to go for it's always best to try a tester like I did at Tesco. *** A Tip ***

My tip to make sure you have the best colour for your face is to use a tester on the back of your hand. The skin on the back of your hand is the best match to the one on your face. Probably a tip you all know but worth mentioning anyway!

*** My Overall Opinion ***

I really love this foundation even though it isn't perfect. It gives me a lot of confidence and stays on for an amazing amount of time. I've never had a foundation that feels as light as this one does and I really can say it's the best one I've ever tried. I highly recommend it and think it's a great new invention from maybelline. It's a foundation I will be sticking with for quite a long time!

Aimee xxx

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  • economistrobinson published 16/07/2008
    Really informative precise review, thanks!
  • lozzy_lou178 published 18/09/2007
    This is a brilliant review and has helped me with my choice of my next foundation! I agree with your opinion about the tubes - you never know how much you have left! Thanks for being so imformative! xx
  • kneeshka123 published 26/08/2007
    This foundation feels exactly as it says just like mousse dont you think?
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