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published 11/12/2002 | twinks5
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"Not completely naked in the bath"

Ok so how often do I wear seldom that everytime I go to put some on the tubes empty-thanks Cerise (thats my 14 year old daughter).

But I do like to have mascara in the house and must admit never really thought much about how good it was etc etc.

Until I came to Ciao that is and started reading ops on certain brand named mascaras and how good or not so good they are.

My most recent purchase of mascara was also by Maybelline-its called Jade here in Germany. Not having any eyelashes to flutter I was won over by the Jade Discovery 'One by one' advert I saw on the box....oh the power of the telly hey? The only person who looked good with this on was my boyfriend who decided to try it out for me (no dont worry it isnt something he does regularly and although we do share a few t-shirts cross dressing is a nonono!) he has these amazingly long lashes we women just dream off and yes my boys have all inherited them too-Am I jealous or what (my 3 year old has 1inch lashes-no joke we measured them)

What was I talking about? Oh yes mascara. Well even my daughter doesnt pinch that mascara-but thats for another op.

So reading through a few ops on Great Lash, I decided to give it a go......and a question here, Why dont we all buy waterproof? I personally have to cos I am such a cry baby.....I cry over films, my children and I cry from laughing so hard all the time.....

So in my local Walmart I picked up the 'famous' pink tube of Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof. This one has a black cap instead of the umm now what was it? Green ? thats the normal lid of Great Lash isnt it?

I am amazed that there is no packaging as such, I just picked it of the display stand.....I took one from the back as I couldnt help wondering just how many people had 'sampled' the ones at the front. Thats right no cardboard box....just a tube of mascara.

This is a very weird one for me as there is not very much information on the tube. There is one see through sticky strip at the front with 'GREAT LASH' waterproof on and of course the brand name JADE (maybelline). On the back is another see through sticky strip attached with the obligatory bar code and nothing else but the brand name again and the towns DUSSELDORF, NEW YORK and PARIS.....oh sorry it also says 12,5ml and shows a symbol for recycling and another symbol that I have no idea what it is-looks like an open book with a bucket in between??? Oh and yes it mentions it has been tested on eyes AUGENÄRTZLICH getestet...well come on I should hope it has, cos I am not paying to be your guinea pig.

Ingrediants are not listed so have to trust that because this product has already been tested on someone elses eyes, it didnt cause any symptons to worry about........Is there not a law that all ingrediants must be listed? Will have to look into that.

I paid 2.50 euros for a 12,5 ml tube, but guess I could pick it up cheaper if I looked in the local drugstores...but I was happy paying this.

I waited till the kids had gone to bed to try this on-about 8.30pm (I know I am very strange...especially when I had no intention of going anywhere but in the bath!!!)

The wand is 2 and a half inches long and the brush itself is only 1 and a half cms long....and on examination I truley believed I had found the SAMPLED tube!!!! There appeared to be hardly any mascara on it...but I persevered. Now again I mention my lack of lashes, but this mascara, although I did apply two coats is really good. It dried quick and the volume of my lashes appeared to increase. To say they appeared longer would be wishful thinking on my part and until I find the beauty salon that offers eyelash extensions am resigned to living quite happily with my shorties......but the overall appearence was very effective and so Great lash mascara passed the first test.

Onto test number 2......yes we are talking about a waterproof mascara and sadly at that time of night I was too tired to be reduced to tears to prove its affectiveness. So I did the next best thing...I ran a hot steamy bath.....this test always seperates the good mascaras from the bad. So naked except for my mascara I got in said bath and splashed my face with water and basically treated myself as if I had no mascara on...I did not rub my eyes though as with all mascaras this will make it run.

Have to report that Maybelline great lash waterproof passed test number 2 with flying colours-no smudges and still looked very good.

After a very disturbed nights sleep-little baby is teething at present-I noticed that the mascara had not flaked or smudged....TRUE.....I couldnt believe it myself. It was to be the next morning after a night of drinking that I first noticed the first smudging, but I was able to wipe it away with some eye cream and cotton bud. Now i have to admit one thing that I never do and that is remove mascara...YUK you may say but I have never really had the need to or have usually been able to pull the mascara off-you know the saying 'caked on'-well that describes all the mascara I have used before.

But this mascara kept working for 5 days in all until I did wash it off in the bath one night........and there was quite a substantial amount left after so much time.

Overall I would say this is a good mascara for people like me who have thin short lashes. Its staying power is excellent and like many others I have tried I did not get that out of the corner of your eye glimpse of thick lashes...the caked on effect.

Its so good that I have hidden mine so my daughter doesnt pinch time I want to use it I know it will be full.

All info about Maybelline or Jade can be found under or

After being left very unimpressed with one touch Discovery Mascara, I must now congratulate Jade for having this little tube available......i will certainly buy it again-although that will be in a few years as I really dont use it enough to buy it regularly. My daughter, I am sure, will certainly buy enough to compensate for my usual lack of interest in mascara as indeed she certainly compensates for any make up product available at the moment..............teenagers hey???

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  • zeldazog published 18/03/2003
    Good op, I would agree with everything you say. Every now and then, I try another type of mascara, and always end up back with this one. Whilst others might start out with a nice thickening effect on my lashes, they usually have an even more thickening effect in the tube and very quickly. This one never goes off before I finish it or ditch it (you should throw mascaras out quite frequently, three months (?) Mind you, I pay a lot more for mine here in the UK! I think its about £4.95, unless you can find it on offer. Oh,
  • mornev published 17/12/2002
    I don't take my mascara off either! But waterproof mascara makes my lashes feel so hard I'm sure they're going to snap off. Mornev in a 'mucky cat sleeping in her make-up' kinda way :0
  • angeelu published 16/12/2002
    I'm lost without my mascara - wear it every day even if I have no other make-up on... I've not tried this one, but will certainly look out for it and give it a try.
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