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Bored of the same old food every day then try McCain’s micro pizzas, they come in a small rectangular box and only take 3 minutes to cook. *****WHAT FLAVOURS ARE There***** McCain’s micro pizzas come in four different flavours, ·Pepperoni ·Spicy chicken ·Ham and Mushroom ... Read review

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Community Level 4tasha164



AdvantagesQuick to cook, cheap, easy and don't make a mess


"...nutritional information, storage instructions, the McCain guarantee, the free customer care line number, barcode, best before date, which flavour pizza it is, a picture of the pizza, warnings etc. NORMAL COOKING INSTRUCTIONS (as on the pack) This product can only be cooked in the microwave and should never be left alone while cooking (well it might get lonely) * 650 Watt – 2 minutes 50 seconds * 750 Watt – 2 minutes 30 seconds * ..." Read review

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PLEEEEEEEEEASE Don't Tell Me You Buy These

AdvantagesEr... answers on a postcard please!

DisadvantagesTaste horrible, questionable ingredients, what the fork is that silver stuff?

"...Among the somethings were some McCain Micro Pizzas. And then dinner time arrived. Out came my pizzas from the freezer (along with the sister packets of McCain Micro Chips, but that's a story for another day). We had two of the cheese and tomato variety and two of the cheese, tomato AND pepperoni variety. I peered at the packets, perused the instructions, and was ready. You can recognise this McCain range from the black packaging. It's all very ..." Read review

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Community Level 5C_W_Monkey


Micro Pizza, emergency food! break glass to use

AdvantagesFast, not bad pizza

Disadvantagesdon't expect it in a top London Restaurant

"Why am I reviewing this? Well, my mum decided to cook one the other day. But instead of pressing 2 minutes 30 seconds, she put it on for 2 hours, 30 minutes. After leaving it for a while she came back to billowing smoke from our microwave. Now I was under the impression that you couldn't burn anything in a microwave. Knowing my physics it seemed like a perfectly good answer. Thanks to our stinking kitchen, I have been proved wrong. And so ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Winner


Tonys guide to instant pizza

Advantagesquick and simple

Disadvantagestasteless and not very presentable

"...who love other countries' food, McCain jumped on the Latin Bandwagon and decided to bring a new, instant concept to their pizza making. The British are Lazy. Full Stop. I admit to it and I also admit to making as little effort in the kitchen to get my desired result. I want food and I want it instantly, particularly Pizza. Until now, This meant at least a 15-30 minute wait while I either: a) Rang a Pizza Delivery company. or b)Defrosted ..." Read review

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Community Level 7wampyrii


Lazy Food At Its Best

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"McCain Micro Pizzas are certainly not going to be to everyone's taste and you can hardly call them the best pizzas around either, but they do make an excellent snack when you are feeling too lazy to cook anything else. Two and a half minutes in the microwave and its ready to eat - simple. Pizzas are great lazy food anyway, but McCain have just made them better! There are a variety of different toppings available as well as the Pepporoni one under ..." Read review

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