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Mean - Taylor Swift (Single)

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Review of "Mean - Taylor Swift (Single)"

published 25/05/2013 | tb240904
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Pro A decent song that's quite catchy
Cons Not the most original piece of music in the world
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Quality of Lyrics/Music
How does it compare to the artist's other releases?

"Mean - Taylor Swift"

Mean - Taylor Swift (Single)

Mean - Taylor Swift (Single)

I originally heard this song on Glee, before hearing the Taylor Swift version, so I thought I would review both the Glee version and the original. I've started with a review of the song itself, followed by brief reviews of each section. Hope you find it useful.


Who hasn't heard a mopey song about being bullied or dumped (basically the only two things Taylor Swift rights about, as far as I know). Well, if you haven't, you're in luck. This song is all about overcoming adversity and being the better person when others are mean. A noble sentiment, indeed, but nothing I don't here in every second song on Glee. This is certainly not the most original song I've ever heard.

Quality of Lyrics/Music

I'm quite young (I turn 20 in just a few weeks) but I've always enjoyed country music. My papa used to listen to country music all the time, in the car and at home, and although I never admitted it, I did quite enjoy it. Now, I much prefer the likes of Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts than, say, Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton (the only two older country singers I could think of) but the oldies I used to listen to with my Papa still put a smile on my face if they come on the radio. Anyway, this song won't be everyone's cup of tea. I highly doubt older people who love classic country music will particularly enjoy this song, but those who enjoy Swift's other songs will probably like this one. The lyrics, while lacking originality, are catchy and I often find myself singing along. The music is bouncy (for lack of a better word) and is solely guitars, which I believe is quite a common occurrence in Taylor Swift's songs. Overall, the music and lyrics aren't top of the line but they're pretty good and easy to sing along and dance too.

How does it compare to the artist's other releases?

I've not heard a lot of Taylor Swift's music. I didn't like much of her original work but have found a lot of her recent songs more than just tolerable (although have lost interest in all of them after a few weeks). In particular, I enjoyed "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble", and "22" wasn't too bad. I comparison to these other songs, this is rather good, although it's not the best song ever written, it's not the worst.

Taylor Swift Version


Taylor Swift's version of the song is really good. She has a great voice and is very talented. It reached number 10 in the Canadian charts, 11 in the United States and 45 in Australia, so it was rather popular. It doesn't seem to have done well here in the UK, but then 2011 was the start of the international resurgence of Brit pop, so what need would we have for a feel-good American track? I have to admit, I prefer the Glee version to the original, but I'll get into the reasons for that in the next section.

The music video is a comical one (at least I hope that was the intention, because I doubt anyone took it as a serious allegory or a piece of art) and features Swift being treated badly by a number of different people. You know, being kidnapped and tied to rail tracks, that kind of stuff. What you'd expect from the average bully. I kind of liked the video, but it wasn't the best I've ever seen. Like many of Swift's music videos I thought it was a little under-produced. Many of them (this one included) look like they've just given her a guitar and left the cameras on. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is another good example of this. Overall, it was a half decent music video.
Cover Art

Shockingly, Ciao have used the wrong cover art to illustrate the song. A one-time error, I'm sure - not something that occurs across the site. I've uploaded the cover art for both the Glee version and Taylor Swift's version. Swift's cover art shows her being tied to a train tack by a suspicious looking man. It's not the most enticing album cover but it's not dull. I wouldn't buy an album or single because the cover looked pretty (I made that mistake once, I won't be doing it again!) but I know some people might miss a good album/single if the cover doesn't jump out at them.

Glee Version

This song featured in "Props", the 20th episode of season three and the 64th episode overall.

I much prefer this version. For a start, it's a duet between Coach Beiste (Dot Marie Jones) and Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling) - I love every song Jones has featured in, and Salling has had a few good songs. I think Jones and Salling sound great together, and the guitar which is played by Salling sounds good too. They didn't butcher the song, which is a distinct possibility with every Glee cover, but made what I think is a better track.

The video isn't anything too special. The two main characters are simply walking around the stage in the school auditorium, with Puckerman playing his guitar. Both characters are sad - I can't remember exactly why Puck was down in the dumps but Coach Beiste had just left her abusive husband. It's not the best performance on Glee - no sparkly suits or fireworks, I'm afraid - but it fits in well with the song.


A decent song, with two great versions. Definitely worth the 89p it costs on Amazon, but not worth buying both. I'd suggest listening to both on YouTube and then pick your favourite if you're considering purchasing.

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