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Find out about prescription medicine and over the counter (OTC) medicine to make an informed decision for exactly what you need. Remember to always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking medicines. Whether it's for pain relief or for hayfever you can find the reviews you need here. We also have medicine ... more

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Effective pain relief

16.06.2017 Review of Nurofen Express Liquid Capsules

"'''Introduction''' I am one of those unlucky people who suffer from relatively frequent headaches. I imagine that this is not an uncommon occurrence in the modern world though, what with all the stress and unhealthy lifestyles that most of us lead. Person ..."

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Ovex get to the bottom of an itchy situation!

13.06.2017 Review of Ovex Family Pack

"== Ovex Family Pack == === Introduction === I apologise if you are eating a sandwich while reading this review as it does not cover the most pleasant of subjects; it is though a review on a product that will really help if you are in the same position a ..."

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Helping me to hear

09.06.2017 Review of Boots Dual Action Ear Wax Remover

"For no apparent reason and quite suddenly, my right ear completely blocked up, causing real discomfort. A visit to the pharmacist assured me that it was wax but when I phoned the doctor, they told me I had to have applied drops for three weeks before they ..."

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good as compared to another sleeping drugs.

29.05.2017 Review of Nytol Herbal Sleep Aid

"Well to be honest i give you advice for this product If you are searching for a remedy to problems with quality, duration or capacity to sleep. The more ingredients, the more synergistic and beneficial solution you've got for your personal sleep problem a ..."

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