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Find out about prescription medicine and over the counter (OTC) medicine to make an informed decision for exactly what you need. Remember to always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking medicines. Whether it's for pain relief or for hayfever you can find the reviews you need here. We also have medicine ... more

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I Can Breathe Easier Now!

27.11.2017 Review of Bells Vapour Rub

"===***Why I Bought This Product***=== I caught a bad cold a few weeks ago and I was finding it difficult to catch my breath and to get a decent sleep at night. In the past I had used Vicks VapoRub to help open up my airways and calm me down so I thought ..."

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~ No Lighthouse needed ~ this is a good Aromatherapy product ~

05.11.2017 Review of Absolute Aromas Organic Rosemary Oil

"==Absolute Aromas Organic Rosemary Oil== Sometimes, I make my own products to use and this I have taken a few courses including two on aromatherapy and I have recently taken another diploma on the subject and this rekindled my interest in utilising anci ..."

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Great for tickly cough

29.10.2017 Review of Boots Glycerin Honey Lemon Linctus

"=== Boots Glycerin Honey Lemon Linctus === I had a tickly cough few weeks a go and I decided to give this product a go. It is Boots own production and it costs 1.99 There are two types available in the range: Honey Lemon and Blackcurrant. === Product ..."

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Cough cough...

24.10.2017 Review of Ultra Chloraseptic Spray

"I have a number of ways of coping when I'm ill with a cold. I always seem to follow the same pattern when cold hits me starting with a sore throat which then progresses to the world's loudest cough. In the day time I manage with cough sweets and paracetam ..."

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