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Medised Infant Cold Relief (Age 3 months+)

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... I was advised by a friend that they had used Medised, and had been very effective at relieving some of the pain that their baby had been experiencing, so after much research into the product, I decided that it seemed safe enough and so I decided to give it a go. We have been using Medised ... Read review

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Pain relief for the little ones!

AdvantagesEases pain and fever, helps with restful sleep!


"...a go. We have been using Medised for our little boy for a few months now, only in extreme circumstances mind you, and I have to say that it really has helped him to cloud out some of the pain he has been experiencing. I only tend to give him a dose during bed time, to help him get the good night sleep that he needs. I like to give him half the recommended dosage to begin with, and only give him the other half if I feel he needs it. An advantage ..." Read review

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To Parents of Bumps And Babes.

AdvantagesRelieves pain and fevers, encourages sleep, tastes nice.

DisadvantagesOver-the-counter. Cannot be used indefinately.

"...that one 5ml dose of Medised before bed ensures we all get a quiet and restful night. It seems to relieve my little one of every cold and ‘flu symptom that might otherwise keep her awake. ~How do you use it?~ With the medicine comes a clear plastic 5ml spoon for administering, although it does state on the package that the dose may be mixed with a little milk or fruit juice for convenience. Just 5ml is sufficient for babies from 3 months up ..." Read review

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Medised Infant Cold Relief (3mth +)

AdvantagesTakes effect quickly, deals with colds and teething pain

DisadvantagesNot well known brand

"...mother in law to try Medised as an alternative, and lo and behold we have had some absolutely brilliant nights sleep and Alex has had very fast and effective relief and he doesn't drool or spit it out!!! I would suggest this to anyone whose child doesn't get on with Calpol or other types of paracetamol relief. The added bonus with Medised is that it has a decongestant ingredient put in with it which does wonders for the sniffles. We bought the 100ml ..." Read review

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Better than calpol!

AdvantagesHelps stop a runny nose and unblock a stuffy one, aids sleep.can be put in milk or juice


"...from a spoon,or the flavour medised can be put in juice or milk, thus disguising the taste and hopefully getting your little one to take their medicine with a minimum amount of stress. As it contains paracetamol you use it instead of your usual paracetamol product and I have found it to be better than just plain calpol for example as it not only reduces pain and fever but aids a restful sleep too. The first time i gave this to my eldest daughter, ..." Read review

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Long Name Infant Cold Relief (Age 3 months+)
Manufacturer Medised
Type for Subname Children's Medicine


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