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Member Advice On Buying and Selling on Ebay

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Launched only around ten years ago, Ebay probably needs no introduction to most people as it has quickly grown to become the busiest online auction house on the planet. Ebay is not an auction house in the normal sense however, but merely a venue where buyers and sellers can meet and trade. ... Read review

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Robbers and Highwaymen?? Review with images

AdvantagesYou might pick up some bargains or get rid of old tat

Disadvantagesthe site is plagued with online fraudsters, many are professional and rip people off for thousands

"...I have been a member for four years, and while I have never been the most prolific buyer or seller, this review has been written to sum up my experiences good and bad, and hopefully pass on some information on how to avoid the negative aspects of Ebay. It is possible to sell "almost" anything on Ebay, providing the goods are legal to trade in the first place. You cannot sell "live" items however. With many sites, most of us join up and do not ..." Read review

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eBay - Now Even Bigger Than Hudson's Bay

Advantages You can more or less find anything for sale here

Disadvantages All the same caveats apply as they do to any 'market'. Scammers, shysters, thieves etc

"I can't claim to be either a professional eBay user, or even a semi-professional eBay user, but I have used it quite a lot, both as a buyer, and to a lesser extent as a seller, but maybe, just maybe there's some advice in here that novices might find useful. I'll also touch upon Paypal, which, although it is another organisation, being a payment processor not an auction site, just so happens to be part of the same parent company as eBay, and so ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cherwaite


Mutterings Of An Ebay Whore. Review with images

AdvantagesOccasional bargains, Sell stuff for great prices, Free, Simple To Use

DisadvantagesFees, Shillers, Fakes, Nigerian Scammers.

"...Ebay spoof filter ie eBay Member Billing Information Uptade instead of Update. - Any information that Ebay need will become apparent when you sign on to Ebay. They will have sent you an official message that will appear in your message inbox under the title Alert. If you are unsure that an email is official to log onto Ebay and check your messages. - Paypal will always address you by your full name, Not by 'Paypal Member' so if you get a message ..." Read review

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Ebay blah blah blah blah blah

AdvantagesLearn some tips

DisadvantagesIt's can be time consuming

"I'm been playing Ebay now for a year or more, and have probably bought far too much and sold too little. Still it's been fun and I've learnt a lot. I think I know the system pretty well now, to offer some advice, both to buyers and sellers. I am going to go into some detail here, so I recommend you at least understand the principle and basic workings of Ebay. Firstly, selling. 1. Take Paypal! They charge you 3.4%, plus 20p or thereabouts, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6dididave


Cornish wind for sale!

AdvantagesBargains, excitement.

DisadvantagesFraudsters, lack of advice, bidding obsession.

"Ebay, the World's Biggest Online Marketplace. Well, like any market it is full of bargains, copies, rip offs and faulty goods. As such buying and selling on ebay can be a bit of a minefield. As a registered ebayer both buyer and seller let me share my experiences and tips on what to do and look out for. Buying ******** The joy of the online auction is in the excitement of bidding, the thrill of winning and the frustration at being outbid with ..." Read review

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