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Tips on Making Money Online


Can earn a full time income quite easily .

Can be a slow process .  You need to be motivated

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*********Money and Me***********

Before I went to university I was full of hope. I had it all planned out.
I would finish my education with good grades, find a perfect job that was highly enjoyable (if there is such a thing), buy a house, have a nice car and be able to spend money when I needed to.
I just wanted to be comfortable really.

Five years down the line, I have a decent paid job that’s not in the area of work that I wanted, a house that costs me the earth and a car that gets me from A to B.
As my mum tells me “Your very lucky, your on the property ladder at 25 and a you have a car. I never had this at your age. I would sometimes have to hide from the milkman because I couldn’t pay him”. I tell her that she brought it on herself by having me at 25 when she was skint. I only say it to get back at her because I know she’s right and you shouldn’t really let money be the reason for not having kids.
As my friends with children say “You find a way”.

I know that I’m very lucky but what’s the harm in wanting more.
Did Bill Gates retire when he made his first 5 million? He could afford to retire but he enjoyed his work and wanted more out of life.

So this is what I’ve been doing for the last 3-4 years.
I’ve made it my hobby to investigate ways of earning money through websites.

*******Paid Surveys********

I have been completing paid surveys for nearly a year now and you will be please to know that Ciao is the best site for surveys.
Ciao is the only site that I have made an adequate amount of cash from. The others use a points system to total their payment or pay pennies per survey, which takes ages to add up. In my opinion these sites are not worth mentioning.

However if I do find one I will update this review and let you know.

******Pay to read e-mails*******

I have been using a site called E-mail Pays U for about 6 months now.
The earning is very small ($0.01 per click) but you receive approx 3 e-mails a day.
Once you receive the link scroll to the bottom and click on the e-mail.
You will see lots of work from home ads, which may interest you, if you are like me.
If you are not interested, wait until the sentence at the tops says ‘You have been paid for reading this’ and then delete the e-mail.
It’s virtually free money.
You may also be interested in advertising your Internet site (if you have one) with E-mail Pays U but I haven’t done this so I can’t say how much it costs.

If you would like to sign up to this please use the link below.
This link gets you straight to the page needed.

*******Paid Reviews***************

I don’t need to tell anyone reading this how good Ciao is for paid reviews.
I have found Ciao to be the best in rewarding paid reviews.
Stick with Ciao.

*******Work from Home Opportunities/ Network Marketing********

Most of my experience has been with Network Marketing or affiliate work.
I have been a Herbalife distributor (Large American Herbal Vitamin Company) for over two years now.
I won’t tell you all about this company or my work as this review is about making money using the Internet in general and you will not benefit from my advice if I ramble on about my own business.
Instead I will give you some tips and insider info about Network Marketing.

I find that Network Marketing has a bad wrap about it.
A lot of people call it ‘Get rich quick’ which is completely false.
So what’s true?
You can earn a massive salary? I personally know someone on £60,000 a month. My sponsor earns £7000 a month. They have been working very hard to promote their products and business for 4 years now.

The business is simple?
Many Network Marketing companies tell you this, and its true. The business is very simple to duplicate.
The sponsor will tell you how they did it and you will then be able to copy their route to success using their tools and the companies web sites that are set up for you.

So it’s very easy to earn money?
WRONG. The business strategy maybe easy to duplicate but it requires a lot of motivation and hard work.
Many people fail because they give up. They stop attending meetings (which are very good for motivation) and let the business slip.
It’s easily done although promotion is becoming easier due to the growth of the Internet. Some businesses have great systems and I will tell you about the best business I have come across towards the end of my review.

It’s Expensive?
Many are and many aren’t.
If you do pay a fee to start make sure that you are getting something in return e.g. Promotional and training tools and stock if you are selling something tangible.
If you are asked to buy stock in bulk make sure you are committed and have the money. Do not let anyone bully you into making a decision and do not pay for stock on credit card.
I never ask people this although some like to say that the interest rate motivates you to clear your stock and make money. I disagree with this statement.
It’s too risky.

*******How do people advertise?**********

Now you’ve all seen the ads in the paper:

Work from Home
Earn £1000-£50000 a month
Call ***** ******
Or go to www.******.com

Many people will look at this and think scam but if you’re a non sceptic like me you will probably check out the website and see what its got to offer.

99% of the time the websites will tell you everything there is to know, except for the information about the company, the product, how to earn the money and what to pay for the privilege.
There is a reason for this.
The main reason is to sort the serious from the curious.
If you are serious then you will provide contact details and will receive information.
If you are curious then you will probably find this website extremely frustrating and leave without requesting more information. This frustrated person will also avoid entering their details. They may think that a hard-hitting sales person will call.
In my experience, this has never happened.

My advice to someone listing and reading the information is to look at the product.
Will the product last long and if it doesn’t will the customer need to order it again?

Look at the information with an open mind but be careful when reaching for the chequebook.
There will always be a fee and you will always need to spend to accumulate. That’s just business.
The fee should always be affordable and provide something tangible. Don’t pay it if its for an admin fee etc…

**********A New Online business is now on the Scene*************

I have recently discovered a new online business, which is very cheap to run, does not require a lot of time and has a very popular product.

The company is called ‘Global Domains International’.
It’s a new American company (1 year old) and it’d doing really well on the business ladder.
GDI provides domains and e-mails, which end in ws. E.g. www.****.ws
I can actually get my full name .ws which is impossible to get when using .com and .co.uk.

For $10 (approx £6.00) a month you can get a website and 10 e-mail addresses. You will also get a website building package included.
This is what you will be selling although you can sell the $10 package to people who just want a site for private use e.g. family site or perhaps another business with a GDI banner attached to the site. It’s up to you because you don’t need to use the site for GDI business.

It runs like an affiliate programme but you do not need to sign up more than 10 people.
These 10 people will cover the cost of your site ($10, $1 per sign up), which is ongoing every month.
Once you have your 10 people you can either find more or help your team help their team.
This will obviously benefit you.
If the thought of 10 people puts you off then maybe 6 will be easier to obtain.
GDI has its own radio station which can be found on there member website. I heard a testimonial of a guy who’s been a member for 6 months. He earned $11,000 in his 6 month just from signing 6 people. He obviously has a good team who look after their teams etc…

The best thing about GDI is that everyone gets a 7 day free trial. They will not take payment until you have reached the end of the 7 day trial.
When they do take payment you will pay $10 for a GDI website, 10 e-mail addresses and a website building package.
The GDI members site also provides lots of help for promoting your site, a radio station, and a comments site where you can ask for help, give help or just read for information. It’s a bit like a chat room.
You will also receive lots of helpful e-mails from your uplines.

In my opinion this is the best Internet business I have come across in years.
It has a cheap and popular product, it’s automated which means less work for you and the chance to earn money while you sleep.
It also has a 7 day trial period.
This is the first business I have seen with a trial period.
It is very encouraging because they are guaranteeing their product and letting you see everything, which also tells me that there is no catch.
It’s also good for the not so motivated as you may not need to work so hard to find 10 people. They could be in your circle of friends or just work colleagues.

If you are interested or would like to read more information please visit


I hope some if not all of this information has been helpful to you.
The most important points when starting a business on line would be:
· Look at the information with an open mind but only purchase or sign up to a company, which offers an affordable fee, which is not too difficult to get back.
· Only pay if you are receiving something for your money. It is wise to walk away if they want money for high admin fees.
· Make sure the product is long lasting or re-usable. If the customer can only use once then you not going to get repeat customers, which means more time and money spent fining more customers.
· Enjoy what you are doing.
· You may want to read motivational material to keep you focused on your goal.

I hope me advice has helped.

Good Luck.

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purplehaze13 03.05.2011 16:39

really useful, thanks x

TheChosen1 17.11.2008 22:45

Nice review!

suelr13 01.08.2007 18:48

Very helpful review, thanks. I only use this sight for a bit of fun and creative writing but will give Global test Market a go- might as well earn a bit at the same time! x

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