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Member Advice on Crossword Puzzle

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Whilst contemplating Jill Murphy’s request to write about a favourite thing, I toyed with many ideas. I wanted to write about a hobby but couldn’t choose between my beloved Formula 1, Internet Reward Sites and Crosswords. F1 is my passion so I went with that, but have now decided to talk about ... Read review

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Community Level 6whitbybunny


Rock slab at roundabout - 6 letters but no clues

AdvantagesKeeps the old brain active, cheap entertainment

DisadvantagesCan be very frustrating

"...group also encourage a friendly member involvement. They have prize puzzles, as many magazines do, but they also encourage us to spot errors and feedback our quirks. If you haven’t tried their crossword books then try the samples at www.lovatts.uk.com. FINAL SUMMARY I love crossword books! I think they keep my mind active and they also provide me with hours of fun (though not as much fun as the internet gives me!) PS The answer ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Schmutzie


ICE RIOT A GAS anagram

AdvantagesSharpen your wits, win prizes

DisadvantagesMay take up a lot of time

"Sorry, got the Lovatts site slightly wrong. Have put it right now. Do you enjoy doing online crosswords where you stand a chance of winning a prize? I have found three sites of varying difficulty, and I have won money from all of them. Rather than write a very detailed op on just one, which would have only limited interest, I've tried to find something for everyone who enjoys crosswords. www.puzzler.co.uk This is a very attractive site, easy ..." Read review

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Never A Cross Word

AdvantagesKeeps your brain on its toes when you're getting the clues

DisadvantagesMakes you feel stupid when you don't

"I read somewhere that crossword addicts are sexually frustrated, rather like people whose doodles are decidedly jagged. Well, all I can say is that I must be the biggest w****r in town because I luv ‘em! Maybe that motorist who “waved” at me the other day was right after all! Crosswords tend to fall into two categories, straightforward and cryptic. That’s not to say that straightforward ones are easy, it’s just that they ask you a question ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leeann



Advantagesit keeps you busy and on your toes

Disadvantagesit can get you frustrated

"i tend to come home after a long day at work still lively and upbeat. crossword puzzles help me to relaze, unwind and take my mind off of any housework that needs to be done or the kids. it is enjoyable for all the family except for the little kids. it is fun to read, and to do. it keeps you going, and is entertaining on long and tideous journeys. it is easy to understand and the launguage used is also easy to read and understand. they are lodgical ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gaynor50


brain fodder

AdvantagesYou find words that you have never heard of and have to look them up to see what they mean!

Disadvantagesyou have to be able to spell!!!!!

"the only time I seem to have the time to do the crosswords, is when I am away on holiday. My mam who is sevenry two years old is much better at the crosswords in the daily news papers than me, I tend to go for the code words puzzle books for an easier option. I think that people of all ages should try to do crossword puzzles because you do get a wider sense of the english language by doing them, there are always a few suspicious looking words for ..." Read review

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