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published 07/04/2005 | BadCompany
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Oh My God Is That The Balance !!!

I really am only writing this for one reason and its because I read a review about it and I just didn’t like a comment that someone left. Its just so easy for some people to just be so arrogant about debt and blame the person that has got themselves into the debt.

So lets take a look at debt first, it’s a lot of money owed by someone that has decided to spend someone elses money. And yes I hear that wise young 25 year old saying “ Its all your own fault, its all your own fault, you should have read the small print”. He was such a smart lad and he didn’t take that loan and let me think why, this is a hard one so give me a few seconds. Could it be you are living at home with your parents or could it be you have no children.

Let me be the first to admit as someone that also was in debt, we know that the person responsible for being in that debt is oneself. As for the small print, off course the small print is read but when you are deep in debt then you need the money and you need it right away.

Yet another argument is if you really want something that badly then save up for it rather than take out credit. I think you will find that just doesn’t happen in this day and age. There are more people in debt now than there ever was at any other time in the last 50 years.

Even television freely advertises loans that will just clear everything you owe, it’s a great theory. You are paying debts of say £200 a month and these lovely people will not only clear your debt but leave you enough for a nice holiday in the sun. And not only that you will only be paying £100 a month instead of £200, these people are just so nice. Surely there must be some mistake and you bet your house there is and that is exactly what you are doing. These people prey on people in debt and are no better than a vulture flying over a dead carcass. They will bleed you for the rest of your life and make sure that you pay at least £15,000 for a measly loan of £5,000. I think these loan adverts should be banned from television and if you happen to work for one of those loan sharks please stop reading my review now and go hide your head in shame.

People are influenced by televison and also peer pressure and more so if they have children. Everyone wants their family to have the best, and most people I work with have a car out on credit. Its nice to have that shiny new car instead of that old banger isnt it, don’t want the neighbours seeing you pull up in some old relic.

It’s the weekend and its near the end of the month and friends are calling round for a drink. But no money until I get paid again so I will use my credit card and pay it off at the end of the month but then another bill falls through the door, sure I will clear it next month.

And that basically is the disease called DEBT, it just sneaks up on you and bites you so hard that it can be fatal. So can we beat debt, well I have and I know you can as well.

First off is that the credit card people are human and most are really nice people, not like those long term loan people. Avoid them at all costs !! If you cant pay the monthly amount of your credit card then phone them and explain your situation. They will send you a form out to list all your outgoings and what money you have coming in and they will set you a lower monthly amount to pay and some even freeze the interest for a period of time. If you cant do this yourself then see Citizens Advice or go to uk and just type in “debt” and you will get loads of advice.

The worst thing to say to a person that is in debt is “Did you not realise at the time that there would be all those extra charges”. A person in debt is someone that owes money, do not confuse the person in debt for a complete idiot. Maybe a little foolish for getting into a bad situation but I work with 24 other people and out of that 24 I know that at least 17 are paying a car off monthly. Over three quarters of them have a credit card and they use it to pay for a holiday abroad or to have a good Xmas.

Are you in debt, off course I am not I hear you shout. So you have the money in the bank for your Electricity bill, or your car insurance that’s due next month. What about your car tax or the Council Tax or did you remember to set aside money for the telephone bill or the heating oil. Sure its ok you have a good job and you don’t have to worry until they are due, according to statistics we are all only three wages away from being on the street. We don’t allow for the fact that we just might lose our job, nothing in life is ever total secure so do remember that when you think that you don’t have to worry about debt.

That old saying that money isnt everything was coined by the poor because it makes one hell of a difference to your life. And as for the Beatles and their Money cant buy me Love, I think Peter Stringfellow and his 22 year old girlfriend defeats that argument. Money talks and it also destroys lives.

My advice on debt after all my ranting, just live your life and set aside a small amount of money each month if you can. Life will always throw something at you, like your washing machine breaking or the car needing some repair. If you cant afford that holiday abroad then don’t go on it, you will survive without it. Don’t take out a credit card and if you have try to pay back more than just the interest and never and I mean ever take one of those loans that promise you a Happy Ever After, as it will make your life HELL !!

Basically just live a simple life within your means, let the neighbours pay off that car monthly. It may look all shiny and new but as Led Zeppelin once said “ All that glitters is not Gold”. They may look all happy and they may look as if they are leading a better life than you but once they close their door behind them they have a friend waiting for them and his name is “DEBT”. Hes not much of a friend and you are best not inviting him into your home.

I thank you for dropping by, I am taking a break from writing for a week but do drop by if you want a chat or a review read.

Stay Lucky. Ian.

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  • alabony published 06/05/2005
    Great op. Sound advice, and not as much of rant as you maybe thought when you wrote it! More by luck than judgement, I managed to keep my head above water money-wise through my 20s. It was almost exactly as I turned 30 that I actually thought 'Hang on a minute, all these leaflets and ads about credit cards - they're not doing it for the good of their health! They do it to make money out of ME!' Maybe that makes me an idiot too. Thankfully, I've managed to avoid any serious debt problems so far. Cheers, Andy.
  • sallysmith1973 published 05/05/2005
    My brother is in serious debt, I can't believe that these credit card and loan companies keep lending to people that already owe lots of money - if they don't get it back, it's their own tough luck as far as I'm concerned - no pity from me!!!! We're always getting letters from loan companies, wanting to lend us thousands - drives me mad! Sal x
  • xalala published 05/05/2005
    I think it's a shame that in the UK generally people seem to have forgotton about saving up for the things they want - for me, that just increases the anticipation of getting it. I'm not saying I don't put things on credit cards (cos I do), but learning to use them to your advantage, rather than the credit card company's advantage, is hard!
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