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published 19/06/2001 | student9824
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OK, so first off I would like to say this is in the wrong section. However I could not find a section it fitted into on Ciao and with all the restructuring knew it could take weeks to be submitted if I had to request a new section.

I have found a great money making scheme which actually does work. OK so it’s unlikely to make you rich but it can certainly bring in a few extra pounds a week for very little work – great for earning a bit of holiday money. (-My poor attempt at a link to holiday money. I think I’ll give up now.)

What you have to do

Basically the work advertising a company and every time you manage to generate a request for information you get paid £1.30. However this does not mean you have to knock on people’s door or phone them up. The cheapest and quickest way I have found to advertise is put up posters anywhere you can do this for free. As a student the student's union and halls of residence are idea opportunities for this and generate a lot of enquiries.

Initial cost
It costs you the price of two stamps and then a further stamp and £14.99 (refundable when they receive 40 envelopes generated by you).

Most effective way to do it (in my experience)
They advise you use the message “Work from home, Earn £130 per hundred envelopes, send SAE to…” because in their experience this generates the most enquiries.
However this is a misleading advert in my mind as the work is mainly done outdoors so I have designed my own wording which seems to work just as well. “Advertise our company. £1.30 per enquiry. Put up posters, organise letterbox drops etc. No set hours or quota. Work in your own style and time. For more information send SAE to ….” I am not recommending you use either necessarily, I am just giving you an idea of how you can generate your own poster message.

If you have the space where you are displaying the advert I have found the best way to generate customer enquiries is to put up a bright, simple clear poster, with little versions of the poster pin tacked around the edge. This way people do not have to write the address down which may take too much time, they may not have a pen and paper etc, and they have a piece of paper with what the address is for as well as just an address so will still remember what it was about later.

What address to use?

People enquire by sending an SAE. Therefore they need an address to send it to. This can either be your home address or you can choose to use a P.O.Box address the company supplies you with for free. I choose the latter option for several reasons.
1 Strangers do not end up with your address.
2 As a student I move house frequently so using my address would require new posters each time I moved.
3 There is less time and money involved. If they are sent to your address you are required to open them all to check both envelopes have stamps on, then post the envelopes to the company. If you have a P.O.Box address all you have to do is put up the posters then wait for the cheque.

Of course the disadvantage of using a P.O.Box is you don’t know if they are sending you all that you are due. However I tested this before I started by not putting any posters up and just getting a friend to send an SAE to my P.O.Box and I got paid for the one envelope they received. I would recommend you do this if you decide to work for this company as it tests you have the right P.O.Box address and that the system is working correctly for you (as a friend of mine was initially given an incorrect P.O.Box address so received no money for envelopes she generated until she did this and was able to then sort it out).

Do they actually pay???

YES! Every two weeks you receive an envelope with a cheque and a slip of paper telling you how many envelopes they received. My payments have never been late, a cheque has never bounced, and to my knowledge (as I use a P.O.Box they supply) they have been for the correct amount of envelopes.

I generally print out a few posters every few weeks and put a couple on the free notice board at my local university every few weeks. This typically generates 1-5 enquiries per week. Therefore there is huge potential as if I could be bothered to put a few posters up in halls of residence on free notice boards that could be another 5 enquiries per week per poster, which at 1.30 a time soon adds up! Therefore this is suitable if you just want to spend a few minutes every few weeks on it and get a small return or put more time and effort into it and get a substantial amount.

What does the company get out of it?

I do not know for certain how they can afford to pay £1.30 for every enquiry, however I have been doing this for about a year now and they have never had a problem paying me (unlike a few web sites I could mention). I would assume they get their money to pay you from some people paying the £14.99 for more information and then never bothering to try generating enquiries, and because with the information they send you they advertise a book they publish with all sorts of work-from-home jobs so it is a way to generate sales. (I do not know if this book is worth the money, as I did not send off for it.)

Why I would recommend this
- It pays out!
- You can do it as and when you feel like it.
- You have the freedom to create you own posters or basically advertise as you want to.
- You do not have to give your own address or phone number out if you do not want to.
- After the initial pay out to receive the information you can do this very cheaply. You can advertise in local papers, shop windows, etc, or alternatively you can simply design some posters on your home computer, print them out, and put them up in any shops which will let you do so for free, free bulletin boards, your home window if it faces on to the street, your local university message boards, etc.

How to get started

If this sounds like something you would like to do, send an SAE to:
Neath Mailing Services,
Dept RII 7VC
P.O.Box 3
SA11 3WG


There was an article recently about this company in a national paper, slating the owner for preying on the poor and vulnerable. The article’s main point was that you had to pay £14.99 to get started therefore this was a scam. However in the article it did not mention once that after you had paid this money you actually did get paid f you generate enquiries, and that you could get the initial lay out back anyway. Therefore I would say if from reading this review this sounds like something you want to do yet have sent his article do not be put off by it. It is not one of these schemes where you pay money then never hear from them again. If you put up posters, etc, believe me you will soon start receiving cheques. I have been surprised at the number of enquiries that are generated!

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Comments on this review

  • darkangelwing published 24/07/2006
    Good review(-: ...........................................................Darko
  • kleft published 25/11/2001
    Though not something that I'd pursue, I certainly don't think the op deserves an UH rating, you only stated your personal experience with a clear picture of what we'd be letting ourselves into if we decided to try the scheme. lol R :)
  • helencbradshaw published 07/11/2001
    I am cynical of these schemes, however I have rated VH, due to quality of article, Helen
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