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published 28/04/2005 | rlb3
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"Blood Sweat and Tears"

Well I thought I would give you all interesting insight into what I have been doing over the past few days. Yes, I said DAYS not WEEKS! If you've ever lived in a rented property, you will know that whenever it comes to moving everything moves very quickly and the shock of it all can often be a little over powering. Thus, here is my version of what you should do and what not to do when you are moving!


This is an easy one in most cases, the majority of us move for one of the following reasons:
a) We need a big (or even a smaller) property to live in.
b) We need to move closer to our place of work
c) We are relocating do to a new job opportunity
d) We are relocating as we start University
e) An increase or decrease in our income has caused us to move
f) The area we live in my have deteriorated.
g) We want to move closer to our families.

However, having said all that, I did not even know that I was going to move until a week ago. I know that sounds like I have just received and eviction notice or something, but no my life isn't that exciting. To make a very long story short, my reason for moving is based on a change in my transport situation. I had a car crash back in November and my car was wrote off. Since then I have had another car which has only be functional for a maximum of two months! I then took it for an MOT just over a week ago, to find out it would have cost me between £300 and £500 just to make it safe to drive and pass the test. My bank card immediately ran for cover, as that would have been almost double the price I paid for the car in January. I then discovered to my horror that without the MOT on the car my insurance would not be valid and I only had one week to sort everything out. I had already spent nearly another £100 on the car sorting out a couple of minor defects that I noticed when I bought it, so I refused to spend another penny on her! Anyway, I decided to scrap the car the following morning and thought "I've really had enough of cars for a while". This bright spark idea was all good and well, but it takes an hour and half to get to University and work no buses from where I live, so I had a simple choice of get another car or move. As you guessed I decided to move!


This can quite often be a very laborious task, but in my case it was very easy because I had already been made aware of a very nice place, that was soon to become available in the city centre. Prior to the car incident I had cast it of as a nice place to live but I was happy where I am. As soon as I found out I need to move fast, I was straight on the phone and before I had time to think about it I was viewing the property and saying "Yes, I will take it". I arranged a meeting to sort out the tenancy agreement and start paying the rent ect and I walked out of the place astounded that I was actually moving home within a couple of weeks.

I would just like to mention at this point that for those of you who are thinking of moving for whatever reason and are looking for a rented property there are a number of ways you can go about this:

a) Find out what day your area's local newspapers publish the property guides. There can often be quite a few good deals in it and if you call on the day of the papers release you can often be one of the first to view the properties.
b) Check out the property search facility on They allow you to put in the minimum and maximum amount you are willing to pay on rent. This allows you to find properties you can afford in the areas that you are looking for.
c) Also, ask in you local estate agents, they often have properties 'to let' as well as to buy!

Well, I hope that gives you a few more ideas.


This is the best part……
…..First there is the packing, yes it seems pretty obvious, but don't realise how much stuff you can accumulate over time until you have to actually try and pack it all to move. Then, it dawns on you, have beds that all have to be unscrewed and bundled into nice neat little packages and you need lots of boxes to prevent all you small items getting lost and you fragile stuff getting broken. [Hint: If you ever have a "box shortage", you local supermarket can often be quite help if you ask them nicely to give you some boxes.] Also, it always good to label all the boxes, as you pack them to make it easy to unpack at the new address.

….Secondly, there is transport to move you. I had a bit of a dilemma on my hands with this one, because without a car, I wasn't going to get very far down the road with a double bed on my shoulders! It was time for good old Yellow Pages, I decided to call for a few quotes before I made any final decisions as I know how easy it is to get 'ripped off!' The first place I called had a lovely big advert, very professional ( I should of know that all meant expensive). A nice lady answered the phone, I explained what I wanted and she told me that the minimum hire of two men and van was four hours and it would cost me a minimum of £240. I told her thank you, I will get back to them and ended the call. I thought 4hrs at £240 certainly not likely especially as I don't get paid again until after I have actually moved! I randomly range several more numbers and finally came across a man who had a large heavy goods vehicle and could move me for £180 with two men however long it too on the day. It was fantastic! The main point I am trying to make is that yes we all want good service, but make sure you only have to pay for what you actually need when you move.


This eats up so much of your money, you probably wont be going out for a while when you first move. Unless you own you home you will probably have to pay money on the rent or mortgage for the period of time that you have to give notice on the property. This is all fine and dandy, but if you have to pay a bond and a months rent in advance to secure your next property as well in this same time period it can all get a bit expensive.

Then, you have to set up the Gas, Electric and Water at the new property as well. If you are anything like me, this means paying bills at two address for awhile as you have to get the new property decorated before you can start moving in (because it is so much harder to fit a carpet when you have all you furniture in the room!). Setting up the new bills can often be rather frustrating, because you often have to phone Transco first to find out who supplies the Gas and Electric. Then, it they are supplied by the same company you have to go through the usual palaver of finding the reveal meters, with meter readings and serial numbers (if necessary). All this costs you a small fortune in calling credit, as you spend most of your time on hold listening to random music. However, the Water board seem to have got it right in my area, you simply call them up on their number. They then inform you if there is a queue, allow you to leave your name and number, so they can call you back. Completely hassle free it's wonderful.


The easiest way to make sure that you don't forget to inform anyone (who is important) about your new change of address, is to have you mail re-directed. You simply go to your nearest post office and ask for a mail re-direction form. The form is very straight forward to fill in. You need two forms of identification, one as proof of you address and one as proof of identification with signatures for every different surname being re-directed on the form. You then simply pay for the service according to whether you want the re-direction to last 3,6 or 12 month for each surname present on the form. It is important to remember that they need 5 working days, from the day that you actually hand the form back into them, in order to set up the direct debit.

For those of you who don't want to pay the extra expense or like me have friends or family who only ever meet you in person and speak to you on the phone there are some alternative methods. First write a list of all your friend, family and people who contact you by mail (eg your bank). Then, you can inform them all of you change of address in any of the following ways:

a) For friends and family you can often phone them, e-mail them or send them a postcard with your new details on.
b) If you are a member of University or certain clubs and societies, they often have have internet based accounts that allow you to change any of you personal details on-line.
c) Business like banks will often change you address for you at the branch with the relevant proof of your new address, eg the tenancy agreement or proof of house sale.
d) Many other place will simply change you address over the phone.

That is just to mention a few ways, but if you can think of any more please add any of your suggestions to the comments on this review, as I am sure other people will benefit from your help.


Well as you can see it's a real emotional roller coaster, but never loose sight of the important things "why you moved". It will help you remember why you are putting yourself through the trauma.

I hope this will be of some help to a few of you in the few and explains why I have been a little scarce on the site recently. I have no regrets though, moving is great because you get have a whole new life, new experience and most importantly new décor!

Thank you for reading and take care,

Ruth :o)

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  • Lofnorsk published 30/09/2006
    Amen about the bills!
  • AnitaM published 20/06/2005
    That was a quick move. Hope you're all settled in now. I think Transco can only give you the name of your gas supplier. MPAS have the info for electricity suppliers - the number you need can be given by any of the electricity companies.
  • peterkinxl5 published 25/05/2005
    Wow! What a review, it brings me back to a time when I had two moves. One back in 1997 when I was married and moved from a council flat to a semi and another when I was divorced and moved into a bedsit (SOB!). Fully deserving an E rating.Regards-Peter.
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