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published 01/08/2005 | katgirl
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Pro Can rub them off whenever you like, and try something new.
Cons Only last a week or so.
very helpful

"Tempted to tattoo? Try temporary tattoos."

I have made a vow to myself never to do anything to my body which is permanent, so I would never have a tattoo done. I'm also allergic to pain, so having a needle shoved under my skin in order to inject minute quantities of ink several hundred times does not appeal to me in the slightest. The only thing I've ever had done is earrings, which is socially acceptable everywhere and you don't have to drop your trousers to show them off.

So if you're like me, but you feel like sticking something on for a little while to see how it looks, there's plenty of options out there for temporary and safe tattoos.

1. Transfer Tattoos.
This is the easiest type of temporary tattoo. They come in thousands of different designs, and you can even design your own, and have them made up by a tattoo company. They come as a picture on a piece of paper, which you press onto your skin and then wet the back of the paper, and hopefully when you lift the paper away you get the tattoo on your arm.

Cheap and easy, no talent required.

Sometimes these tear when you lift off the paper, making the tattoo look really awful, and you have to do it all over again.

2. Henna Tattoos.
Henna is the leaf of the henna plant which has been crushed and dried into a powder. This is then mixed with oil to form a paste which you can squeze through a tube into delicate patterns on your skin. There are many books about henna designs, you can find ones with traditional Indian designs (Mehndi) or celtic, tribal or any other modern design.

You can make up your own designs.
You can do it yourself.
Equipment is easy to find (i.e. kitchen shops to squeezy tubes)

Making up the paste can be messy, if you spill any on your clothes it will stain.
It needs to be left to dry for quite a while before you can wash the paste off, 2 or 3 hours.
Henna "goes off" after a while, it needs to be really fresh to get the deepest colour.
Can be hard to find it, might need to order specially.
Beware of "Black" henna, this is henna with a chemical called PCP added which quite a lot of people have a terrible allergic reaction to, it can make your skin look like you have been burned and leave permanent scars.

3. Stencil Tattoos - spray on
You have a stencil with your chosen design, which you can stick on to yourself with skin-safe glue, then spray over using special tattoo inks through a spray gun.

Can look spectacular, with practice, using 2 or more colours.
Very quick to do.

Equipment costs a lot - spray gun, special inks, stencils, glue.
Have to clean out spray between each colour, unless you buy more than one spray.
Spray mist gets into the air, can go on clothes etc.
Number of designs is limited to the number of stencils you have.

4. Stencil tattoos - sponge on
You apply a stencil as above, then dab the ink over the stencil using a small sponge.

Good results, takes only a little longer than spraying.
Cleaner, as there is no spray mist.

Different kind of ink than spray, because it needs to stay wetter longer to be trasferred from sponge to body. This costs a bit more.
Number of designs is limited to the number of stencils you have.

5. Tattoo Paints
These paints are similar to 4 & 5, except you can use a brush with them to paint on your own design.

You can make up your own designs.
You can do it yourself.
No special equipment - just the paints and a brush.

Need lots of patience to make the tattoo look good!
Takes quite a while to do, depending on skill.
Paint is quite hard to find.

Well that's my 2p worth! Hope that is helpful to you! You could even use these suggestions if you do want to have a tattoo but just want to see what it looks like first before you go the whole hog. Good luck!

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Comments on this review

  • baby_uk published 24/08/2005
    Good ideas there. I have a tattoo. I don't regret it but if I ever did it is somewhere hidden anyway ;-)
  • foggy77 published 22/08/2005
    Some good suggestions there! I'll stick to having real ones done. I'm not very good at artistic stuff, i'd rather get someone else to do it for me. Fiona x
  • pinkmatchstick published 03/08/2005
    Must say I prefer the real ones meself…just as well cos once they're on, they're there to stay. My missus had a henna one done on holiday and it was quite good.
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